Your Body and Soul

The Vaccine is not about protecting our good Health. It is about owning your body and soul.

by Kevin Boyle

Your body and soul are being taken. The viral vector/mRNA new (non)-vaccines are designed to edit our genes. In some of the same ways, GM corn and soy have been genetically modified. Viral vectors can enter our cells and, via their constituent RNA. Replace a snippet of the DNA in our own genome. It can be no accident that one of the strands of RNA “identified” as a constituent part of Sars-Cov-2. Is an exact replica of part of Chromosome 8something that exists in its DIVINE form in EVERY HUMAN BEING.

Chromosome 8 is associated with brain function and many associated disorders (this list is horrifying), also with infertility and cancers.
As with GM foods. A human being that has been genetically adapted by a Corporation. Can (theoretically at least) be claimed to be OWNED by that Corporation.

Though if the brain changes are successfully transcribed within human cells. One wonders what kind of Corporation would be interested in owning the probable Zombies they have created. This is all beyond insanity. We can expect that the entering of the gene-editing RNA into the nucleus of the cells of the vaccinated. Now in the bodies of millions of people and lying dormant within cells protected by a lipid coating. Will be triggered at some date in the near future by a blast of 5G. That will release the RNA from its lipid coating. Causing many (but probably not all of the vaccinated) the intended harm.

Maybe Large Numbers Will Die

 The rage such events are likely to produce. Will probably be the greatest threat to life on earth since the flood.
Loyalists to the State will be encouraged to blame the unvaccinated. 
We need to find every possible means to expose the insanity of our rulers. And those who choose to serve them.

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