Why Contact Tracing?

Why Contact Tracing?

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Arliss Beabout
31 minutes ago Obviously Trump has made a dent in their child farming, ahhh poor pervs no more andrinchrone for you !15


Patricia Hagler39 minutes agoIsn’t Massachusetts where most of the witches live and practice? Salem comes to mind.20

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Wyona Magee23 minutes agoThis is a spiritual battle and we need every Christian prayer warrior in this battle. Our prayers are a powerful weapon against Satan’s kingdom of darkness our prayers bind the enemy and loose God’s Warrior angels to fight. This battle is real so please keep praying in the mighty name of Jesus and take authority over the demons that God is exposing11

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Darrell Clark29 minutes ago (edited)A state has no authourity to overide a citizens constitutional rights… According to the US Suprem Court.. So stromtroopers beware, you are the oppressor our constitution gives us the right to over throw! #StateLawsDontOvrideTheConstitution9

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cindy dudeck29 minutes agoChelsea Clinton is now on the board of PIH……very interesting……..what evil13REPLY

Manuel Gomez36 minutes agoLet find Bill and send him over there in chains…lol10REPLY


Carol Raccio15 minutes agoThis is why people shouldn’t VOTE DEMOCRATS ! If they were awake this wouldn’t happen ! Danial this is disgusting !2REPLY

Angela Burton24 minutes agoWho exactly in government are passing this disgusting behavior to implement into the school ? Our children do not need to be subjected to this . Names? They must be exposed.7REPLYView reply

Frank 52231 minutes agoTrace and track Schiff, Pelosi and unmask them like they did to Flynn. We need to know what they are doing, when they are doing it and with whom.10REPLYView reply

Al B34 minutes agoLock these criminals up ! Stop this madness !!!7REPLY


Mixchii -Chan32 minutes agoMy kids will have a combination of virtual private school and home schooling.1REPLY

Jan D29 minutes agoWe all know how greedy Bill and Hillary are; I was thinking they could make quite a bit of money for top-grade, children-harvesting adrenochrome…Hollywood would climb over each other to buy it, and they would spend unreal amounts of money for the real stuff. How much do ya wanna bet that they sell it? Under strict hush-hush, of course. There is nothing beneath these people….they have no humanity in them at all; pure evil and liable to do literally ANYTHING.Read more5REPLY

Michael Clarady20 minutes agoItaly should simply send agents to the USA to capture Gates and move him to Italy for judgement.6REPLYView reply

Kevin Callahan12 minutes agoAbsolute filth running the system, CAPITOL PUNISHMENT is definitely on the agenda, for these crimes against humanity, …. Your research is much appreciated, Thank-you !3REPLY

Barbie W12 minutes agoHomeschooling is the only safe way to go… keep your kids safe, folks. Those people are sick1REPLY

Claudia Villarreal17 minutes agoBeautiful background. I’m jealous but thank you for a through report there’s a lot to think on! Oops! There is dark cloud coming up behind you. God bless.1REPLY

CC Bean17 minutes agoThat’s the sex Ed curriculum put forward by the UN and the WHO!1REPLY

joe wood40 minutes agoGlad Italy calling for Gates arrest, lord knows Barr will never do it.25REPLYView 4 replies

Ria Timmermans18 minutes agowow amazing view of the ice field, yes planned parenthood needs to be investigated. Thanks for share.2


Bud Abbot Lane41 minutes agoI knew Mass. was a sick state ,but I never thought they were that sick! Fraud and corruption are rampant in that state and yes the CPS and DOR are crooked And want to steal your kids but I guess I was a little naieve,in not thinking they were capable of blatently putting that in our faces!

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