Why Are They Censoring This?

Why Are They Censoring This? The Truth About Vaccines. Did you miss an episode (or three)? Want to watch your favorite ones again? Then you’re in luck, because we’re making all 9 Episodes available for you to watch right now through the end of day Sunday…

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The History of Vaccines, Smallpox, Vaccine Safety & the Current CDC Schedule

What’s in a Vaccine? Are Vaccines Effective? … and … What About Polio?

In Depth Analysis of the MMR and DTaP Vaccines & Vaccinating for the Greater Good

Examining Influenza, the HIB and Pneumococcal Vaccines & Herd Immunity

Considering the HPV and Hepatitis B Vaccines, SIDS & Shaken Baby Syndrome

A Closer Look at the CDC, Chicken Pox and Rotavirus Vaccines & Retroviruses

Natural Immunization, Homeoprophylaxis & Fundamental Freedom of Choice

Censorship & Suppression

W.H.O.’s Not Telling the Truth?

TTAV2020 “Vaccine Roundtable” (Part 1) – Live at NOON ET on Saturday 5/2!

TTAV2020 “Vaccine Roundtable” (Part 2) – Live at NOON ET on Sunday 5/3!

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Ana WillisThank you so much for all you guys do!! We’ve learned so much!Like · Reply · 1 · 10h

Stephanie AnnThey were all so good but especially episodes 4, 8, and 9.Like · Reply · 2 · 9h

Michele VermeirFor some reason, got only 1, 2, 3 and no links at all for the rest of them.
Not in spam either.
Weird.Like · Reply · 4hShow 2 more replies in this thread

Liz EllieEach and every episode was so informative. At times, I was so angry at what I was hearing that I had to shut down. Thanks for the replays and for the opportunity to watch again. Even though we are all on lockdown, I still had things to do and take care of so I missed a few. However, I was so happy to hear that all episodes were available on cd’s and books for sale thereby supporting your cause. I purchase 2 copies each and will give it to a family member who is so blind that they refused to register or watch with me. It is unfortunate that they vaccinated both thier children and we are only now begining to see some of the side effects in both thier children. The 4 year old is starting to digress and the two year old just recently started to walk and still can not ever speak. This infuriates me as the doctors are telling them that these happenings are due to genes. Hopefully, I can get them to listen, watch and learn and stop vacinating their children. Thank you.Like · Reply · 5 · 10h

Patrick HaydenI want to watch all of them..i only watched 6 and 7…i will catch up this weekend. Thank you for all you do…Everyone of you..Patrick HaydenLike · Reply · 10h

Randy RobinsonThank you for this brilliant, comprehensive, compelling docuseries! I’ve ordered copies for my adult kids since I cannot imagine anyone I love not being informed of urgently important medical and political issues affecting the course of humanity.Like · Reply · 2 · 9h

Rose HerreraThank you for sharing this. I am from Ausralia and I have a grandson who is 18mths old. She has been told he cannot go to daycare and her gov payments will be stopped, if she does not vaccine him. I have been very aware of the poison through vaccines, pestcides and perservatives in our food build up toxins in our body and keep us sick. I had home births in USA with my two daghter, 1984 and they were not vaccinated. They live a healthy life. If you can please help me with case of my grandson, we do not want him to be vaccinated.Like · Reply · 3 · 9h

Lani SaraswatiHi Rose. I am also from Australia and I chose not to follow the vaccination schedule for my son as my intuition said it was too rigorous for a young immune system. Initially I was able to submit a “conscientious Objection” but now that right has been taken away and the government has added the consequence of denying us the Family Tax Benefit part B. However, I did the math and this adds up to around $700 a year which I decided was worth forfeiting rather than inject my child with multiple unsafe vaccines. So the financial ‘punishment’ sounds more threatening than it actually is. The part that …See MoreLike · Reply · 14 · 8h · Edited

Rose HerreraLani Saraswati 🙏🙏 so much for what you share. I see during this lockdown there has been a lot exposed. What’s being done behind closed doors is now coming out to the light. The same as the corruption behind the Roman Catholic. I know about the Government entities, & whose really behind all this corruption. I have been awakened to their poison for many yrs. 🙏🙏🦅🕊❤️Like · Reply · 1 · 8h

Rose HerreraHey also the Aus MP is a member of the Masonic Lodge!!!!Like · Reply · 8hShow 1 more reply in this thread

Brittany BradshawThank you so much for doing this! I missed a few because life gets busy but excited to share this with others this weekend and we just bought the complete set to have.Like · Reply · 1 · 9h

Noah GauthierIs there a list of all the sources of all these claims made in the film? Where can I find it?Like · Reply · 4 · 9h

Ivan HawkesI do not simply believe any form of information unless I find numerous informative back ups for that information. Finding plentiful back up is easy, there are MANY people speaking out with truth and fact, versus the so called main stream con job. Seek and ye shall find man!!! Skepticism is a good thing.Like · Reply · 1 · 1h

Peet LouwThank you very much Ty and Team!!!Like · Reply · 8h

Elaine LewisThanks for the replay weekend! I’m going to post on facebook again and give my friends another chance at watching this thing!Like · Reply · 1 · 8h

Pamela IgweThanks so much for the replays. I purchased the series the first time but was especially delighed/horrified with episode 8 and 9. Thank you for all your campaigning, Vaccinations are manatory in France, and they get seven vacines at once, but at least we can wait until they are 2, if the parents can avoid the pressure and guilt that they are given!!!Like · Reply · 2 · 7h


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