Whats Really Going On

Whats Really Going On

Dr. Joe Dispenza & Dr Bruce Lipton SHARE THE TRUTH!

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Pinned by Manifest YourselfManifest Yourself2 weeks agoWatch This Next https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fo1kAUTbkPs12REPLY

disgustapated2 weeks agoPeople absolutely need to STOP watching and listening to corporate psychopaths and their MSM propaganda.484

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K Hilgers2 weeks agoStop watching TV. It’s been 4 years for me. Starve the beast. You’ll feel better after you do.164REPLYView 13 replies

Erika K2 weeks agoThis is great information! The media is spreading fear.. Become aware of the content you’re consuming, let go of worries and have faith that everything’s going to be ok ❀233

REPLYView 13 repliesanny struggia2 weeks agoSince this virus started, and all media was only talking about this, I deduced this must be the world elite, now what do they want? Our freedom46REPLYView 2 repliesNutriție Sportivă2 weeks ago (edited)Im happy that there are still people spreading wisdom and understanding!318

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Chris Shupe2 weeks agoExactly. The problem is 2% virus and 98% hype. Is it worth all the depression, anxiety, suicides, sickness, domestic violence, job losses, business failures, alcoholism, drug addiction, overdose, crime, poverty, starvation, etc. caused by shutting down the economy and taking away people’s basic human rights?263

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George K2 weeks agoIf you watch this video every hour on the hour instead of watching the media every hour on the hour you will realize that its just another great day on this planet…God bless and take everyone…64REPLYView 3 replies

G G1 week agoThe media are to blame for many things in today’s society.88REPLYView 19 replies

The Stretch Space2 weeks agoThe “virus” is how we’ve been living. With worried and stressed minds, out of harmony with Mother Earth, chasing money, running around consuming things we don’t need, not moving our bodies, attaching ourselves to screens, factory farms, etc etc etc… We need to change the way we are living, thinking and feeling in order to heal as a collective. Mother Earth is sick. The virus is her telling us to get our shit together. Living in fear will indeed weaken us more. We cant just hide away in our homes, further weakening our immune systems. Get out in nature, be strong, have a voice, stand up for your right to be free on this planet. Thank you Dr Joe and Dr Bruce for your work. I hope we can together be part of the change.Read more194REPLYView 11 replies

Clint Beastwood2 weeks agoI cant wait to achieve my dream of opening holistic hospitals and these 2 men are fully responsible for my path to success in this..πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ’ͺ151

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Mass Adam2 weeks agoThe point is that the government use the Covid-19 as a weapon to continue their political goals … and people pay for it with their health and freedom.89REPLYView 3 replies

God Spark2 weeks agoI am…what I think I am. Healthy, positive, compassionate, aware, evolving and joyfully happy…:-)187

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KEVIN HIGGINS2 weeks agoEloquently put and true, stop believing the media Hype227

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Never Give Up2 weeks agoThats the real thruth! We are the creators of our lives. Stronger than ever! πŸ™‚118

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greg michaelides2 weeks agoThe mass majority aren’t watching this, they are stuck in front of CNN being fed spoon fulls of lies. The people watching this already know the truth. Everyone has their own karma76

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EatAtTheDanglingDiner2 weeks agoEveryone seems willing to do the easy things like washing and scrubbing everything yet most people don’t work on proper diet, sufficient sleep, and everyday exercise. That takes work and they don’t want that.42REPLYView 3 replies

Use Full1 week agoStop watching the news! And raise your energy! Watch how fast this whole thing blows over. Bill Gates and his data can suck it!16REPLY

Lisa Marie2 weeks ago (edited)The universe has your back! Trust in that πŸ§‘πŸŒ€πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’™ Affirm I AM HEALTHY with feeling. πŸ’―63

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ESTHER ESTHER2 weeks agoAnd, I still ask what is really going on? Answer….we will never truly know.29REPLY

Beryl Ackermann2 weeks ago (edited)“As you think, so it shall be”. Simple. There are different flu’s every year. Some mild and some not so mild. Stay in peace and listen to relaxing music. Be hygienic, eat healthily (no junk food) moderate exercise, good sleep, enjoy the outdoors (sunlight – vit D) and have a positive outlook.81

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Shelter2 weeks agoIf you have a contract to die from this then you will, people decide all of this before coming into the body. This is a wake up call for humans to coexist with Gaia and our animal world. We can’t keep taking and taking and not giving back. Also those in power want us to live in fear because it feeds them and they keep control over us all.19REPLYView reply

earnest owens1 week agoFacts facts facts I said this day one when it started they’re trying to get us out of alignment by spreading negativity and fear5


OU812 i4got2 weeks agoIf people only knew how much the media is actually purposely spreading the fear they would be astounded.22

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Dolly Grace2 weeks agoThank you so much for this. The media is using fear tactics for a reason – to stay relevant and push their one sided agenda47

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William Heinsinger2 weeks agoNever hurry, Never worry.22


vicki campbell2 weeks ago (edited)We all have our own personal ways of handling this situation. Blessings to all no matter where you are in your life. I would love to see a healthy, happy, joyful, caring, loving world. Much gratitude for all the information you impart. If it helps even one person, to me, that is paramount. πŸ˜€76


Super Sleuth2 weeks agoMeditate and visualize being in a setting that’s so perfect and you are whole. Feeling deep and positive emotions such as love, gratitude, appreciation and compassion trigger a healing response. I tried it after hearing Gregg Braden give several lectures on the Lost Mode of Prayer, the Feeling is the Prayer and others like it and it caused the spontaneous healing of a 60% heart blockage. If it can do that, a virus, or he fear of one is nothing. We are so much more and so much greater than the media wants you to know!Read more23


Wise Owl Intuitive Services2 weeks agoWhat has happened to the flu this year? It seems all the flu cases have disappeared and have been replaced by this virus. No more flu? Look around in your area, who is getting the flu around you? No one, the flu has disappeared! To me that feels very strange.61

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VictoriaV2 weeks agoI have never believe this oficial version. This is a manipulation of the masses! We are so easily controlled by fear! Let’s stop this insanity! Thank you!!!!15REPLY

LuAna Matthews2 weeks ago (edited)We will all be well. The worst that can happen is that we pass away and leave this illusion or timeline. The best that can happen is that we awake and become our true creator. Both are beautiful. All will be well πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ15REPLY

Wendy Lynne2 weeks agoI appreciate this so much!!! I love you Dr. Bruce Lipton & Dr. Joe Dispenza, you guys changed my life in a positive way!!!! Blessings to you two!!!πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•34

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Mishel Sk2 weeks agoI have been listening this kind of videos, and motivational video for three years that have been prepared me for today’s situation. I dont have fear and anxiety from this situation we are living for. Im at peace with my self, and i believe in positive thinking.47


9NINE MONTHS2 weeks agoFirst the micro change then the macro. First the inner change then the outer. It is Done ! Just smile πŸ˜πŸŒ€24


formalfehler2 weeks agopretty much what they tell us here in austria: “doesn’t affect most people in a bad way. but stay at home to protect the people with a weak immune system.” that’s what mass media and all of the sane politicians are spreading here. not too bad i guess. Our president gave a speech yesterday and it was obvious that his only agenda was to calm down the people – only positive messages out of his mouth.76REPLYView 14 replies

kami KM2 weeks agoI started visualizing my healing, healing of nature and humanity rather than bombarding my brain with this issue. Thank you.15


Louise G.2 weeks ago (edited)First comment! Thank you both for this video – particularly under the current circumstances. I really appreciate you both and what you teach πŸ™β€οΈ I’ve been rewatching videos from the both of you during the past few weeks and taking care to mostly avoid the news reports…particularly in the morning and evening where subconscious mind is most susceptible to suggestion. Thank you for everything you both have taught me, it’s proving to be especially valuable during these times! Iim listening to guided meditations each night to ensure I dial down my nervous system and ensure good rest πŸ™πŸ’“Read more34

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Gravefri Have1 week agoFrom what I have heard some people get better when having a cold if they drink herbal chamomille tea. They feel sick for just one week, where other are in bed for 7 days πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

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