What We Need For Easter Mr President

What We Need For Easter Mr President

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Kathy Chaffin

Pinned by Black Conservative PatriotKathy Chaffin14 hours ago (edited)BCP, I worked for unemployment in the State of Ohio. Unemployment doesn’t work that way. These individuals are separated due to a lack of work at this time. If the employer recalls their employees, the claimant has to return to work. They don’t have the option to choose. If they don’t, they will lose their unemployment benefits. If the employers fold, it will be looked at as a lack of work. The employer is not functioning, then the claimant doesn’t have a job to return too. Therefore their benefits will continue until either they exhaust their claim (ex: 26 weeks at $800.00 per week = a total benefit payable of $20,800.00. The additional 13 weeks that has already been approved would have a total benefits payable of $10,400.00. In our state claimants typically have a waiting week to serve before their claim begins to pay. That has also been waived. Just wanted to explain this to you and your listeners so they don’t make the wrong decision.Read more195

Black Conservative Patriot

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Gerry Cooney

Gerry Cooney11 hours agoThe lethal injection man at Gitmo wants to give Bill Gates his vaccination.84REPLYView 7 replies

Miss Kathy

Miss Kathy14 hours ago (edited)I heard from hospital nurse that “corona virus” was being put on death certificates of flu and pneumonia deaths. Anyone else hear this ?72REPLYView 14 replies

Freddie Munoz

Freddie Munoz14 hours agoBCP Dr. Shiva is saying that Fauci is part of the deep state. Doctor Shiva is recommending solutions such as build your immune system taking Vitamin A, C and D.53REPLYView 6 replies

Roger Gibbs

Roger Gibbs14 hours ago (edited)Sir, you have just confirmed what I have been trying to tell people around me. The hype in this export is far worse than the actual disease. Australia as of yesterday; 28 deaths from CV-19, 350 from the flu and pneumonia. 2019 total deaths from the flu, 6000 yet there was no panic. PS I am in the at risk group 76, cancer and lung problems, yet I still call BS on this MSM based panic.Read more48REPLY

Gracefully Aging

Gracefully Aging14 hours ago (edited)God has not given us the Spirit of Fear but of power, love and sound mind! In Jesus name! I agreed with you.51REPLYView reply

Sugar Watchers

Sugar Watchers10 hours agoC’mon people, don’t we know the lockdown isn’t about a virus????44REPLYView 3 replies


Stingwray14 hours agoDan Bongino I think has all this figured out… Should watch him as well…35REPLYView 2 replies

Gwendolyn Swartz

Gwendolyn Swartz14 hours agoYour wife made a great decision when she chose to marry you! I watch you and find you very attractive in many ways. And it’s very attractive to see a man be a real man and be truly focused on his family. May you enjoy a long happy life together. Amen28

Black Conservative Patriot

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William Rule

William Rule14 hours agoBCP I have your picture in my desk, it reminds me of being a good man like you, thank you for all that you do !25

Black Conservative Patriot

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Jennifer London

Jennifer London8 hours agoI eould even go as far and say those ‘death’ numbers are over-inflated.41REPLYView reply

Jerald Mitchell


Tracy Branch

Tracy Branch14 hours agoNurse friends tell me hospitals in Fort Worth Texas==ghost towns17REPLYView reply

Tracey Bonner

Tracey Bonner14 hours agoFauci and Birx need to go they’re working against the president. Shame on Pence for appointing them.24

Black Conservative Patriot

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AS Tzfat

AS Tzfat8 hours agoI believe there is something far greater behind this shut down “than meets the eye,” for the greater good! Your work revealing “facts” is an important part of “The Big Picture.”20REPLY

Milos Poetsch

Milos Poetsch13 hours agothe globalists want to ruin Trumps economy, so he loses the election….10REPLY

Milk Dud

Milk Dud14 hours ago👌👍TRUMP MAGA 202021REPLY

Victor Sperandeo

Victor Sperandeo6 hours agoYou should know that Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” is the largest selling book in US history second to the Bible .6REPLY

Dennis Loiselle

Dennis Loiselle13 hours agoYou talk like my wife, took 38minutes to get to the point. And yes you still need to watch the Q posts.18REPLY


d14 hours agoyou are right, people will have health problems and other if the shut down of the economy continues.9

Black Conservative Patriot


Chad Dixon

Chad Dixon14 hours agoRock-on, Brother! Big hugs to all. Time to shake off the hysteria.9REPLY

1 JetGator

1 JetGator13 hours ago🤔 one of my observations : the LEFTIST governors seem to ‘glow with pride’ (demonic) 👹 when they do their little ‘press conferences’ … Think CaliFKDupFornia .. NY .. etc.. These demonRATS are feeding on OUR economic demise 😡 I have hoped since the 80’s that DJT would one day become President. I have GREAT trust in his strategy. Let’s all stand tall as WE are American people! A nation of MANY nations. WE The People will prevail 🇺🇸😎🚬Read more8REPLY

Clare Logue


Glenn Howden

Glenn Howden14 hours agoSlackers are going to slack. Those that are willing to work have a chance to thrive. I know, some jobs suck, but that is why they pay you to do it.7REPLY


Drock7014 hours agoC.Owens would get my vote13

Black Conservative Patriot


Randy Scherer

Randy Scherer14 hours agoThe Deep State Demo-rats are salivating over the very thought of a major recession!!!14REPLY

Gerry Cooney

Gerry Cooney11 hours ago (edited)The delay at reopening the economy is part of the mission plan. Won’t be much longer. Military needs the delay to finish their work. Be patient, BCP.4REPLY

Sheri Ferber

Sheri Ferber14 hours agoCitizen Free Press is a great replacement for Drudge4

Black Conservative Patriot


Brandon Spencer

Brandon Spencer12 hours agoIt’s not “easter” the Holy day is called “Pass Over“ (easter is a pagan fertility cult of ishtar that the bail/vatican’t started in 325 a.d.) and it is on April 8…. if trump/trudo (up north) let this go on tell July then the past 3 years and 17 has be a big pacifier for everyone that would actually put up a fight against ha’satian and him minions…. regardless this has all been planned from before the Earth’s foundation stones where laid,, after the great sign on Sept 23 2017 the clock has been ticking it seem good Christian’s are falling before the eyes of the world for what was for told in Matthew 24-25. Yashua didn’t come only to fulfil the Law but He came too be/give us an example of what the Law truly is and how too follow it! Because the pharisees had been filling the beautiful Law with a bunch of what you would call “pork” (as in the way you talked about all the crap that was added too the stimulus bill;;; as a “give,take). I may not be worthy but I know,, or I can feel in my heart that there are hundreds of millions of my brothers and sisters stuck in today’s churchianity and teaches with so much “pork” that it is leading astray so many that my heart aches… I Love you all and pray for the wool to be lifted from the eyes of so many of you , especially in the USA… up here in Canada we are so far from the faith but in some sort of a different way. We must remember His Word and keep watch (sept 23 2017). Look at how much of the world was in an uprising trying too regain control of the country,,, I think the USA would have been the same is it wasn’t for the number that no one is supposed too talk about….q,,, the great pacifier??? Love and Prayers ❤️🙏🏼❤️Read more3REPLY

Steve Paquette

Steve Paquette10 hours agoAny correlation between receiving a recent 2019/2020 “flu shot” versus those who have not?8REPLYView 3 replies

will Robinson

will Robinson14 hours agoBCP IS IN THE HOUSE5

Black Conservative Patriot


Gerry Cooney

Gerry Cooney11 hours agoWill Pelosi still run her mouth when she is strapped to the lethal injection gurney?13REPLYView 4 replies

Linda Ward

Linda Ward14 hours agoPeople are reacting to the media’s report of doom.. This could bring our nation to financial ruin. I feel the same way we need to go back to work.28REPLYView reply


BlackStorm667 hours ago (edited)This is Exaggeration for popular TV. I was admitted to the hospital for an serious infection. a nurse told me most people that came in was just sick from regular cold and no one is even covid-19 positive, however the news said otherwise in our area. What pisses me off is where are the nurses and doctors telling us whats the truth on TV and or internet. This is BS scam.5REPLY


broom@google.com7 hours agoWe MUST question everything. Especially EXPERTS. Especially CHINESE EXPERTS and various CHINESE puppets. Such as GOOGLE 😉2REPLY

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