What We Know About Gen. Flynn

What We Know About Gen. Flynn

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SHADOW PRESIDENCY. SHADOW GOVERNMENT. It took this long for a reason.

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Show Notes:

SHADOW PRESIDENCY. SHADOW GOVERNMENT. It took this long for a reason.

Show Notes: https://www.one-tab.com/page/ScGLVSY6SNatzq1c55q0qQhttps://www.one-tab.com/page/xFZQbT3VQcKX7cY_aJnePA

Timeline PDF: https://bit.ly/HookSetUpPDF

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Elisa Lenz
1 day agoWho from the Obama admin arranged for the Russian ambassador to call General Flynn?30REPLYView 5 replies

mungkeygp1 day ago (edited)Isn’t it curious that Adam Schiff attends Aspen Security Forum in Aspen in June of 2016 AND James Corney attends the Apsen Security Forum: Global 21-23 April of 2016 which took place in London. Corney in London just a few days prior to the infamous George PapaD bar meeting? Aspen Security Forum is operated by The Aspen Institute which is in kahutes with Blue Star Strategies which is in deep doo-doo over the Ukraine Barista dealings. Very curious indeed read more31REPLYView reply

Dan Bates1 day agoIt is Sooooooo disrespectful to not to address OUR President as President Trump. If anyone had to address President Obama as Mr. Obama there would have been such an uproar. Double standard !!!!!!!4


Heather1 day ago (edited)The people in every state need to start being proactive to get governors out of the states that are still closed! We are proactive in Ca to get Newsom and Pelosi out. We are on our second attempt but believe me we will succeed because the democratic party whose been running Ca for decades have destroyed this beautiful state!27REPLYView 2 replies

Thor1 day agoLOL Traitors lying under oath Yates clapper and the rest of BO administration . Ok arrest soon please🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼16REPLY

joe wood1 day agoBaby eaters scared, their own adrenochrome starting to flow.5REPLY

Steve Cuz1 day agoI feel like we have been taking a “live” college level political science course for the past 3 years…and YOU are one of the key instructors Katie G. Thank you for this amazing education on SAVING OUR REPUBLIC !!!41

REPLYView reply

Shannon Stoermer1 day agoTreason and sedition! Hanging is too good for them!19REPLYView reply

Bass River1 day agoHi Kate, Rabbit Hole for ya…….How many people, that tested Positive for either Active V or ATB; had a FLU Shot in the past 18 Months. The answer, if asked, 96%. WHO/UN/RC blitz in 2018 2019. So, how does a nonviable pathogen find its way to 189 countries in 60 days. It did not spread, it was already there. It was a 2005 Vector of SaRs, with an RNA insertion, in short, the Seasonal Flu Bug, with a tiny flashing light, designed to be found. This was in fact, an attack on the entire planet, using a Weapon of Mass Destruction. by Pharma Mafia, using the NGO’s as useful fools.Read more35REPLYView 9 replies

Linda Catz1 day ago“The ones that cry the loudest!” I’ll bet $hitty $chiff is in this deeper than we know!3REPLY

Michael Ray1 day ago (edited)Are the FISC/FISA Judges and Justice Roberts going to go down in this mess? I have a feeling Obama started spying on Trump back when Trump questioned Obama’s Birth Certificate, and it continued from there. It goes way back to 2011, or earlier.20REPLYView 7 replies

Elizabeth Sisney1 day ago (edited)WOOP! WOOP! Katie G is in the house!! 👏👏👏👑🤗23


AbleDelta1 day agoRemember when Vindeman got all bent about his light Col. rank being dropped and was addressed as “Mr. Vindeman”? He seemed to take that as a serious offense.. titles REALLY matter to the insecure with small winers. Our President could care less what they call him. He’s gonna win and they’re going to gitmo!38REPLYView 11 replies from Citizens Investigative Report and others

Alma Loretto1 day agoBrennan, Clapper & Comey must be extremely demented, cos they sure don’t have the smarts to pull this off. Their depravity must have had the rank & file looking at the ground at all times.7REPLY

K S1 day agoLike any dirty cop framing an innocent person by planting a murder weapon, then Attorney General Loretta Lynch granted a rare “visa parole” to Natalya Veselnitskaya for the express purpose of painting their target: Donald Trump Jr. Veselnitskaya — who did not speak a word of English — was then able to enter the U.S. just long enough to lure the Trump campaign into taking a meeting — under false pretenses — in Trump Tower. During more than 30 hours of testimony, Donald Jr. revealed that he left that meeting after only 10 minutes, when it became apparent she was not there to deliver on her opposition research on Hillary Clinton. The real mission accomplished was painting the target with “Russia Collusion.” Nancy Pelosi laid it all out very nicely, when she bragged about the Democrat’s favorite dirty trick “THE WRAP-UP SMEAR.” The Wrap-Up Smear cannot succeed without a complicit media. There is a very special place for “people” like this. We The People will soon send them there.Read more10REPLY

Robert Waxman1 day agoHannigan wanted to spend some time with his family before he goes to prison!3REPLY

Eden Novak1 day ago (edited)Bongino definitely has a narrative he is pushing. He’s spot on a lot, but hes certainly biased. He uses MSM language, the “everything you need to know in an hour” line makes me twitch.4REPLYView reply

Sondra Otter-Killian23 hours agoWhen they lie it’s always aha and ums3REPLY

Tammy Eaton1 day agoAnd a year and a half later, our friend Rudy accepted the coerced guilty play from Michael Flynn for whom he signed the FISA warrant—isn’t that special??!!4REPLY

Anita Roosen1 day agoSchiff was trying to convince the world there was evidence. Didn’t work to well. He in the meantime was trying hard to create it. CIA


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