What is The Weighted Voting?

What is The Weighted Voting?, New Flynn Documents.

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A basic flaw in voting software could cause votes to be weighed instead of all counted evenly.

Also, new documents released in the Flynn case.


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ALWAYS EMANON3 hours agoThat weighted system is illegal. The size of where you live is not relevant to the voting laws. If that where the case then farmers with large areas of land an many buildings could also vote very many times. Stick that fraudulent way of cheating the system out.10REPLY

The Good Painters

The Good Painters1 hour agoThe arrests of law abiding citizens just proves how deep George Soros communist plot goes. Right to the heart of small American towns. In Palm Beach Florida the community served the city council members with law suits for treason for violating the constitution by shutting down the city and mandating, unlawfully, masks.4REPLY

Michael Whittle

Michael Whittle3 hours agoDurham takes over from Huber probe into the Clinton Foundation 4494 >>> Paper >>> Voter Ballots ( USA ) … printed worldwide >>> fire’s ? . Pigin English language >>> Code Communication . WWG1WGA …….m (1)7REPLY

Michelle Christofferson

Michelle Christofferson2 hours agoFlorida is the community state. Weighted presidential votes are messed up!2REPLY

Frank Licary

Frank Licary1 hour agoI like Dr Shiva. He knows how to cure cv also.2REPLY


StormLover33 hours agoGood morning Deb! Have a beautiful day! Things are heating up! 😀6REPLY

Robin Galey

Robin Galey1 hour agoFunny how joes answer is always to say well let’s look at Trumps family.. well how can he even say that. Trumps family is looked at everyday!2REPLY

Michael Kuhl

Michael Kuhl1 hour agoWeighted ballots are NEVER legal–the basic tenet of our voting system is ONE person, ONE vote.1REPLY

Michael Kuhl

Michael Kuhl1 hour agoThe simplest vote tally method is still the best, even if it takes longer… One person, one vote. Count them ALL by hand, three times if needed. Vote in person, only exceptions are absentee ballots, which can be obtained only for valid reasons. Voter ID, with a picture, required, for ALL ballots.Read more1REPLY

David Burton

David Burton1 hour agoManipulation of the popular vote is the key. Their smug conceited talk is what curses them. The tsunami is coming.2REPLY


IVA BIGGUN1 hour agoIt’s all documented , now it’s being dripped out to let it sink into the less aware.1REPLY


zorea2 hours agoI have to show my id. Vote on paper ballot, scan it for count myself, drop it in safe and they keep it 5 years. Our county is 89% red.3REPLYView reply

Rick Gonzales

Rick Gonzales2 hours agoHey Deb, have a great weekend 😎👍6REPLY


planeflyer213 hours agoHowdy Deb!5REPLY

Mary McLean

Mary McLean1 hour agoThere is a Canadian lady who explained this very well. Bev is her name I think. She had a video about 30 mins long that I saw before the 2016 election. I think this rigging has been going on for maybe 30 plus years. I hope that guy challenges this result and takes it all the way to the Supreme Court. It needs to be told and solved.1REPLY

Joyce Poe

Joyce Poe1 hour agoDeb, I’m glad we have you and other honest reports to guide us. Thank you.2REPLY

Deborah Reynolds

Deborah Reynolds13 minutes agoIt’s called fraction magic. After total everything to the right of the decimal is dropped.REPLY

Robin Galey

Robin Galey1 hour ago (edited)I hate Dr Shiva lost. He’s so awesome!1REPLY

Liv madd

Liv madd2 hours agoI can’t wait for your LIVE Stream!2REPLY

Michael Perrin

Michael Perrin1 hour agoVoting reforms are desperately needed ?2REPLY

Liz E

Liz E1 hour agoIf anybody is the comments from District 41 in California please help us retire representative Mark takano and replace him with Aja Smith.1REPLY

Cylant Justice

Cylant Justice29 minutes agoSoros machines left that feature in there. That’s why.REPLY

Dolores Anderson

Dolores Anderson59 minutes agoWHAT A BUNCH OF CROOKS..1REPLY

Samuel Spell

Samuel Spell40 minutes agoUnless this man gets this to the Pres &Barr/ DOJ. I’m so 😠 we’ve been Ripped offREPLY

Samuel Spell

Samuel Spell45 minutes agoShare these videos .Deb is so fantastic She works hard for us. The kindest and Opinions are of wisdom. Share everywhere. 🙏 ers1REPLY

Lizz Barnett

Lizz Barnett44 minutes agoI’ve never worn a mask throughout this show. Funny thing is I didn’t even finish 10th grade, until in my thirties lol. Gotta love intelligence! Trump Team ColoradoREPLY


mungkeygp16 minutes agoArrested for singing hymns. This should make for an interesting holiday season with peaceful door to door Christmas Caroling.REPLY

Rick Gonzales

Rick Gonzales2 hours agoI just read an opinion piece on the New York Slimes “How to debate someone who lies”. I’m telling you, it’s like it was written by satan himself, coaching one of his minions, as if lying joe needed any coaching. The days are evil indeed, come Quickly Lord Jesus1REPLY

Billy Whyte

Billy Whyte31 minutes agoThe degree of corruption, biased laws, injustice & media misinformation (aka LIES) is frightingly EVIL …. & I’m only talking about Scotland, UK. 😡REPLY

chris batchelder

chris batchelder1 hour agoEveryone needs to watch Lindsay Williams things you must do before November 3rdREPLY

Cassandra Bernstein

Cassandra Bernstein2 hours agoGood luck tonight. Praying everything goes wellREPLY

Richard Broome

Richard Broome55 minutes agoMorning Deb 🍿😃REPLY

Robin Galey

Robin Galey1 hour agoDo you follow Coreys Dig ? Look on her videos Dig it. Such awesome reporting by her the Speaker and sharp edge. They do amazing work! Worth watching their videos and following Coreys website. On her website she has a video digging into vaccines and covid. For sure worth watching. Amazing analogy!REPLY

Biph Kreimier

Biph Kreimier46 minutes agoDeb. You started my day with EPIC AWESOMENESS!!! What also makes this day even better is the fact that Black Lives Splatter, oops, I meant matter, are going to be coming to a town in our county!! BAD IDEA FOR THEM. WE ARE SMALL AND WE HAVE GUNS!! I told my husband that it’s date night which means out to dinner and it just so happens that I want to go to a restaurant in the exact same town where those idiots will be.. So can’t wait for date night!!Read moreREPLY

Dustin Hayes

Dustin Hayes1 hour agoGreat clip today1REPLY

Nadine Janssen

Nadine Janssen1 hour agoHow do you have a schumer ad at intro?REPLYView reply

Randi Ginder

Randi Ginder39 minutes agoIt is an abomination the people were arrested for singing. Maybe the “problem” was they didn’t throw anything destroy anything. Not that they should have but that is apparently a requirement to do something in public.REPLY

Maiden MassaQsetts

Maiden MassaQsetts44 minutes agoI haven’t watched Dr. Shiva’s video yet but he has a very valid point. I live in The People’s Republic of MassaQsetts and I never once heard the the guy who won the GOP Senate primary. Never did I see an ad or a flyer in my mailbox. Unlike the D’s who literally filled my mailbox for 2 months straight and reached out via texts until I told them I’d rather be dead than vote for a Democrat. Anyway, like I said,

Read More.

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