Wear Masks at Your Own Risk

Wear Masks at Your Own Risk. Masks of Deceit.

Masks of Deceit

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What if everything the so-called “experts” at the WHO, CDC, NIH, and others were telling us were all wrong? This video explores that very real possibility.

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: This video in no way is intended to diagnose, treat, or cure Coronavirus or Covid-19 or any other infectious disease or virus. It is simply a well resourced, fact-based alternative opinion on why wearing a face mask is not a smart decision for the vast majority of American Citizens.

Please consult your doctor or physician for medical advice. Please, folks, I have lost A LOT of Patrons due to this crisis. I understand people’s financial situations have changed but if you can please support my efforts at www.patreon.com/joshbernstein I depend on your support to do what I do which is to bring you the raw uncensored and unapologetic TRUTH each & every day. God bless you all and please be safe! Also please add “The Josh Bernstein Show” on your ROKU device for free!


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Yvonne Baur3 hours agoAs a lifetime nurse, all these facts are true. Even worse, a child should not use a facemask for any prolonged period. It can be deadlier within a shorter period of time.90

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Larris Kathy3 hours agoPlandemic from the start to take down America136

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Roger Erickson3 hours agoWearing a mask to stop a virus is like using chain link fence to stop mosquitos.89REPLYView 6 replies

CitifiedCowgirl3 hours agoStill health and still refusing to wear a mask or remain at home. My rights are being violated by the political leaders of our government U. S. And state. I control my health not them.66REPLYView 2 replies

Kathy Purington3 hours ago (edited)I agree with you 100%, masks are harmful to your health. You are rebreathing your C02, causing your oxygen level to plummet, that will activate dormant RNA viruses. For people with breathing or heart problems, this is deadly. People who are healthy will get sick. The masks, even the heavy duty ones do not protect against the “pathogens” associated with this bio weapon scam. I’m in a blue state and refuse to do as told. My town council passed an ordinance that everyone must wear a mask outside. The fine was 300.00 – I walked around without wearing one, just waiting to get a ticket as I was willing to go to court . Our police refused to enforce it, they understood how ridiculous this was. I go where I want to go without a mask, if I’m refused entry (hasn’t happened) I will file a complaint with my Attorney General. I refuse to be a lemming!Read more84REPLYView 4 replies

Amanda SusAnne3 hours agoMy mom’s Dr also confirmed that masks are not going to protect you.. if you’re not being exposed to viruses, your immune system slows down and gradually stops working.. exposure to viruses keeps our immunity strong!72REPLYView 11 replies

Wayne Tanski3 hours ago (edited)A friend of my wife’s was told by her doctor either she retires or suffer the consequences for wearing a mask most of the time at work…she couldn’t breath and had to use a inhaler on going after using a mask for a couple months. He also told her you ONLY wear a mask if YOU are sick and only for a short period of time not to prevent you for being sick when you are not.29REPLY

Eddy Gomes3 hours agoMichael Savage was right we live in a world of red diaper doper babies and now there is proof they are wearing it 😷👈☮️36


soylentdean3 hours ago (edited)This is no longer about controlling the virus. It’s about controlling the people. Likely it was from the very beginning.36REPLY

Farhad Azari3 hours agoMask or no mask , the goal was to destroy the America’s economy and the global economy ! Mission is accomplished by deep state31REPLY

Rich Edvon3 hours ago (edited)Just start asking random people wearing masks, why they are wearing them, they say to PROTECT THEMSELVES from the virus…. I asked at least 20 people the last time I went to the grocery store, not a single one of them knew or believed me that the mask is for SICK people to help THEIR sickness from spreading to OTHERS. Each one of them quickly walked away when I pointed out the truth. They don’t believe it. Sad truth is , people are generally selfish, they wear the mask for themselves and since it makes sense to them they will not listen to anyone or acknowledge the evidence. “I feel safer so I will just ignore science and logic.”Read more45REPLYView 6 replies

Liberty and Justice3 hours agoWorld Hell Organization35

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Cinde Poore-Murphy3 hours agoPeople don’t realize that the Asian’s have been wearing masks for how long?? They still got sick!! I will not wear a mask either.18REPLY

Choyce Wellington3 hours agoHard to breath – uncomfortable, and disorienting – with a tight.mask on your face.14REPLYView reply

Leah Brown3 hours agoNot to mention the carbon you are re-breathing take the mask off21REPLY

James kovacs3 hours agoJosh ! Totally agree , most people I see wearing masks dont realise for them to be effective against a virus they should be sealed around the face , not like the many people walking around with what is little more than a contractors dust mask ! the couldn’t stop a covid microbe if they are air born !😖😖20REPLY

Sue Rosser3 hours agoThere doesn’t seem to be any good news. I have some. My granddaughter and I adopted a baby kitten and she named him Dewey. What a joy he is to us. God bless Americans. Stay strong and live your life.15REPLY

Spyinthesky 7773 hours agoI dont wear a mask ever

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