Voter Fraud Sting Op is Legit

Voter Fraud Sting Op is Legit.

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Pinned by Black Conservative PatriotBlack Conservative Patriot7 hours ago*IF THE VOLUME IN THIS VERSION IS TOO LOW FOR YOU, I HAVE UPLOADED A VERSION WITH THE VOLUME INCREASED: * 53 replies

Sergio Valenti

Sergio Valenti20 hours ago (edited)If Trump wins I hope that he starts arresting people right away. No more talking about it and no more Q stories, just start arresting people immediately.2KREPLYView 385 replies

Laura Clotworthy

Laura Clotworthy4 hours agoRemember President Trump’s famous words “you’re fired “, we need to tell the fake media, we don’t listen to liars, and traitors, you’re fired!68REPLYView 3 replies

H Grimes

H Grimes8 hours agoIt appears the dems have just chosen treason and war.219REPLYView 4 replies

Eric Clifford

Eric Clifford7 hours agoTrump will not concede ever and we the patriots need to keep waking people up! Thanks BCP!142REPLYView 4 replies

Peggy Rannick

Peggy Rannick8 hours agoThis is unbelievable…this is a coup, disguised as a election! We need justice done. BCP❤️113REPLY

Charles Horn

Charles Horn20 hours agoExposing the corrupt establishment is one of the main themes of the Trump movement. OF COURSE he would use marked ballots to catch them in the act. So good1.5KREPLYView 274 replies

Sal Morales

Sal Morales7 hours agoHe hasn’t won anything yet we’re going to take this to the supreme Court and we all stand behind president Trump!!🇺🇲💪192REPLYView 2 replies

Stephanie Belfie

Stephanie Belfie5 hours ago (edited)It’s gonna be awkward when he (Biden) has to concede like Gore had to in 2000.51REPLYView 3 replies

Anthony Sodaro

Anthony Sodaro5 hours ago“Bust them stealing votes”, no, bust them committing TREASON !!!!91REPLY

Marcos J Benson

Marcos J Benson5 hours agoThe greatest fraud in history deserves the greatest sting operation in history 😉 Art of War !30REPLYView reply

Patricia c

Patricia c15 hours agoMedia ..Trump is a head.. Let’s all stop counting votes, Send everyone to bed and by morning know one will remember a thing. 👎don’t think so MSM367REPLYView 16 replies


superbee19697 hours agoThat’s why we’ve been told to “Trust the Plan”. It makes sense now.57REPLYView 2 replies


Greg7 hours agoNo justice has been served in the past 4 years. So hopefully something gets done. If not that our Republic is lost.85REPLYView 7 replies

Nina Rines

Nina Rines7 hours agoTRUMP WILL WIN WHEN ALL IS SAID AND DONE❤🇺🇸❤141REPLYView 7 replies

Shaina Weathersby

Shaina Weathersby4 hours agoCalifornians demand a recount‼️ There are so many of us RED PATRIOTS here no way they called that demon 15 minutes after polls closed 🤬 we want our democracy back👊🏽💙🇺🇸❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽50REPLYView 7 replies

Daughter of The Most High GOD

Daughter of The Most High GOD19 hours ago (edited)Trust the Lord Jesus Christ he’s exposing the wicked and the evil wicked plans🙏🙏🙏244REPLYView 6 replies

Wendy North

Wendy North7 hours agoThe problem: Getting in there and recounting/checking ballots before they try and destroy them.11REPLYView reply


MrCenturion4426 hours agoThis is a coup plain and simple “The die is cast” time to cross the Rubicon fellow patriots!29REPLY

Frank Bailey

Frank Bailey6 hours agoYou see all over that there was a ” glitch” in the voting machines. Besides the fraudulent votes, Hammer/ Scorecard software was implemented also to flip 3% of the vote.40REPLYView 2 replies


E T4 hours ago# walk away from Fox News Do it today. Fox news thinks y’all , as Ainsley Earhardt says, are stupid.37REPLYView 3 replies

John Tafoya

John Tafoya13 hours ago (edited)Joe Biden is a career Criminal. He taught his son Hunter to be a career Criminal. America wants President Trump back in the White House. Freedom forever today I357REPLYView 5 replies

Tony Dean

Tony Dean6 hours agoAnyone heard of Mark Taylor. He said they are going to be caught and expect lots of suicides38REPLYView 5 replies

Jamie Myers

Jamie Myers4 hours agoEphesians— Everything Done in the Darkness will Be Brought To The Light — LUKE 8:1739REPLY

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