Video May Save Your Life This Weekend

Video May Save Your Life This Weekend Or That of a Loved One

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Debra Gouchenour
2 hours agoSince when does a mayor get to override the President? She should be arrested.276REPLYView 23 replies


varanid92 hours agoTrump knows this; if there’s a major violent incident this weekend in DC, guess who gets the blame? The mayor who kicked out the Guard.163

Black Conservative Patriot

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Denzil Lee

Denzil Lee2 hours agoThe Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and Soros is trying to dominate the US government by world order. Everybody better wake up or they’ll lose their freedom200REPLYView 15 replies

puttesla intxtbks

puttesla intxtbks2 hours agoI think the DC Mayor’s speech about Wht. House was code to bad actors.66REPLY


68beefy2 hours agoIt is obvious that the DC mayor is trying to pave the way for Antifa to storm the white house!129REPLYView 6 replies

Randal Saunders

Randal Saunders2 hours agoDC Mayor is under federal authority. She’s are going out of her job description52

Black Conservative Patriot

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Tina bowbina

Tina bowbina2 hours agoThe black ppl in England called the fake protesters out.228

Black Conservative Patriot

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Tom Armah

Tom Armah2 hours agoThis demon black woman is owned by George Soros68REPLYView 6 replies

T- Bird

T- Bird2 hours agoSomething I didn’t hear: “There are racists and bigots of every race.”126REPLYView 6 replies

Bobby Edmands

Bobby Edmands2 hours agoOK, let me get this straight she wants the white house to be wide open ? I would love a tour of her house at 9:00 at night. Can you pull any strings? Rorrnow50REPLYView reply

Linda Hayes

Linda Hayes2 hours agoWhy the hell doesn’t he take his citizenship away from him32REPLY

Rugby ladice

Rugby ladice2 hours agoAbsolutely no federal funds for DC. Let them pay for everything themselves.42REPLYView 2 replies

Falcon Guy

Falcon Guy2 hours agoThis is a Marxist Saul Alinsky revolution born in the hearts of DemoncRATS. Wake Up America28REPLYView reply

Robert Emmons

Robert Emmons2 hours ago (edited)If people have heard upper level military officers talking about refusing the orders of the Commander-in-chief, they should say so PUBLICLY. Where are the whistleblowers?54REPLYView 2 replies

gerry gunn

gerry gunn2 hours agoWhen everyone is responsible, for wrongdoing, no one is responsible.48

Black Conservative Patriot

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gerry gunn

gerry gunn2 hours agoEsper and Wray can easily be replaced, Flynn and Grenell come to mind.31REPLY

Itiswhatitis yaknow

Itiswhatitis yaknow2 hours agoBowser should open her house up first because she is expendable,the POTUS is in a secure residence for a reason.Bowser needs to be replaced as a threat to the POTUS,nobody has the right to access the WH except the POTUS etc.32REPLY

santansa raj

santansa raj2 hours ago (edited)This is definitely a coup. This is well organised by the Marxists left and the entire deep state are behind this. This is mutiny. Share this video.47REPLYView 2 replies

Christine Holloway

Christine Holloway2 hours agoThe SF District Atty. is Chessa Boudin offspring of key Weather underground figures See IPOT for an in depth look.32REPLYView reply

Kyoto Ben

Kyoto Ben2 hours agoif the DC mayor wants the National Guard out, what she’ll get is the US Army and Marine Corps who do not listen to mayors or governors but the Commander in Chief.47REPLYView reply


kingqwcole2 hours agodefunding the police is the stupidest thing i have ever heard of. Do they understand what will happen to innocent people!!?

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