Vaccine Update Dr. Buttar

Vaccine Update Dr. Buttar

Vaccine Update Dr. Buttar Dr. Buttar CANCER FACTS ! CULT AGENDA 2020 –

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The Truth About Law Enforcement, Military and Our Freedom – Dr Rashid A Buttar ——————————————————————

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Rashid A. Buttar, DO, FAAPM, FACAM, FAAIM: Dr. Rashid A. Buttar received his undergraduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis with a double major in Biology and Theology at age 21, and then attended medical school at the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery in Des Moines, Iowa, graduating with his medical degree at age 25. He trained in General Surgery and Emergency Medicine and served as Brigade Surgeon for 2nd Infantry Division, Republic of South Korea, and later as Chief of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Moncrief Army Community Hospital at Ft. Jackson in Columbia, South Carolina while serving in the US Army.

Dr. Buttar became an Eagle Scout at the age of 14, becoming the youngest person in the US to get his Eagle that year, and made the list for promotion to Major in the US Army at the age of 28, becoming the youngest person to make the list for Major that year in the US Army just prior to finishing his service in the Armed Forces. During his military career, Dr. Buttar had the privilege of serving with and being attached to the 2nd Infantry Division, the 101st Air Assault Division and the 5th Special Forces Group. Dr. Buttar is board certified and a Diplomate in Clinical Metal Toxicology and Preventive Medicine, is board eligible in Emergency Medicine and has achieved fellowship status in three separate medical organizations (Fellow of the American College for Advancement in Medicine, Fellow of the American Academy of Preventive Medicine, and Fellow of the American Association of Integrative Medicine).

Dr. Buttar now serves as the Medical Director for the Centers for Advanced Medicine with clinics on the east and west coast. The Centers specialize in the treatment and needs of patients refractory to conventional treatments and who have failed the standard approach to their disease process. With a special emphasis on the interrelationship between environmental toxicity and the insidious disease processes and the “up-regulation” of the immune system, the Center has attracted patients from 89 different countries suffering from autism, cancer, heart disease, stroke and many other conditions too numerous to list.




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The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away: Simple Actions to Shift your Body and Mind to Optimum Health for Greater Longevity – by Rashid A. Buttar, DO, FAAPM, FACAM, FAAIM Best Selling Author of the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Amazon Best Selling Book, now an International Best Seller, translated into multiple languages and recipient of the Eric Hoffer Book Award and the AMESPA Book of the Year Award.

Sheila Long
2 hours agoDr R, why can’t President Trump stop this or does he even know about it?52REPLYView 37 replies

Anthony Moreno

Anthony Moreno2 hours agoI have always believed that corona virus is a smokescreen for something much larger planned event by the deep state group of people. Every since President Trump won the election there has been some national event, why? Throughout history the Democrats have always used the Marxist-Lenin manual to gain control of the people by any means available.80REPLYView 10 replies


J D1 hour agoEthical doctors should follow Dr Buttar’s lead. Their oath is pro life not death by pharmaceuticals.66REPLY

Sandra Martha T

Sandra Martha T37 minutes agoIt’s unbelievable why Kill Gates was not arrested yet. A “simulation” sounding like a murderer’s confession.7REPLY

Pedro De Matos

Pedro De Matos48 minutes agoI would like to see more Drs around the globe like Dr Rashid Buttar9REPLYView 2 replies

Narc Free Formula

Narc Free Formula2 hours agoDr Buttar – The paid trolls are actually paid shills. They are paid to pretend to be “average Joe” on the internet. But in reality they are on the payroll. Its a huge disinformation campaign. They KNOW you are right! Be well my friend.25REPLYView 4 replies

Ceil Constante

Ceil Constante2 hours agoI just caught the last part of this. I never get notified for certain people on YouTube. What I saw was really well done. More people need to see this.27REPLYView 3 replies

Trump 2020

Trump 20202 hours agoCome on SHEEP wake up…listen to this doc…45REPLYView 5 replies

Michael Pinette

Michael Pinette1 hour agoThe cartoon at the end was perfect it really puts things into perspective look forward to seeing more like it32REPLYView reply

Robert Lyons

Robert Lyons3 hours agoMake you wear that mask Today Force you to take the Biometric tracking implanted Chip Vaccine Monitored all day every day Wireless Control Restrictions Tomorrow , Total Control before Depopulation , ..58REPLYView 18 replies

Ruth Morris

Ruth Morris2 hours ago (edited)I’m awake! I refuse to take the vaccine and a mask makes my O2 levels go into the high 70’s!! I have MS and I really think that because I’m a downwinder and was given vaccines during childhood, I know that’s why I have MS!!39REPLYView 4 replies

Bruce Glivar

Bruce Glivar2 hours agoHave you seen Global material Research’s videos on Parler, on probiotics? The research says the bacteria and enzymes missing in the body could be the cause of many illnesses.14REPLYView 2 replies

Deana From Chicago

Deana From Chicago2 hours ago (edited)2Q2Q and Agenda ‘21 are REAL, and its way. ✝️17REPLY


SaintTrinianz37 minutes ago (edited)Can’t wait for the class action lawsuits against mandatory facemasks begin9REPLYView 3 replies


vortexrider12 hours ago@3:05 “she had a mercury toxicity” is written as She had American toxicity”. Who the hell is writing the captions? This is the kind of under the radar censorship that happens and when all that is left is the written transcripts, we will have lost the message by changing a word here and there. George Orwell warned of this.14REPLYView 4 replies

Kanesha Dennis

Kanesha Dennis1 hour ago (edited)I saw an announcement where Boris Johnson said those opposing the vaccine are “IGNORING SCIENCE”😞 Many are doing their part to teach and awaken one at a time but there are still many. “OSIE THE BORN CHILD” HAS SOME VERY EYE OPENING VIDEOS ON HIS CHANNEL🇲🇼 I’m starting to believe those that are stopping the awakening are not reading or they are being paid to stop it because of how aggressive they are. God save us and strength those that are struggling to believe ❤️Read more6REPLY

Tara Lyman

Tara Lyman2 hours agoWatch out New Zealand, Bill Gates is dangerous!!37REPLYView 3 replies

pammy mustang

pammy mustang2 hours agoThe cartoon at the end sums it all up13REPLY

Realist 1801

Realist 18011 hour agoIt’s going to well in New Zealand with no cases, maybe he’s trying to restart it over there4REPLY

Marfoogle Q-laid

Marfoogle Q-laid1 hour agoYour depiction of Gates is Spot ON !!! And as soon as the world realizes how dangerous his rhetoric is , the better off WE WILL BE !!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL 🙏 IN JESUS NAME 🙏 AMEN !!!!4REPLY

Jennie McClintock

Jennie McClintock45 minutes ago (edited)Wonder how many “new cases” are simply side effects of wearing masks.3REPLY


2Hearts32 hours agoDear Dr Buttar– THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I’ve been listening to you for ten years now (cancer info, nutrition, etc) and know you are RIGHT!!! This scam– and trying to make sense of it with my family– is ripping and tearing at my family! They are so oblivious to The Truth. But you keep The Truth coming on youtube, and I greatly appreciate you– your expertise, your successful medical practice, your honesty, your integrity. Please, all you doctors and medical community– get behind this great man, Dr Buttar, and try to talk sense to the sleeping, following-the-“news” public. May God continue to bless you and your efforts.Read more10REPLY

adam Hawes

adam Hawes2 hours agoRevelation chapter 13 is their agenda5REPLY

Leslie Abram

Leslie Abram2 hours agoPraise the the most high for truth people need to wake up !!!!!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏6REPLY

Lizz Barnett

Lizz Barnett2 hours agoI’m a survivor of assault . The first thing he did was Cover my mouth! Please tell me I’m not crazy31REPLYView 3 replies

David Street

David Street2 hours agoFasting heals everything, just as God intended.57REPLYView 9 replies

Sandra Ash

Sandra Ash2 hours agoSubtitles are not always transcribed accurately, I’ve noticed this a lot.3REPLYView reply


WindRider51 hour agoNew Zealand hardly had any C19 cases! Why would he be there? 🤔5REPLYView 4 replies

yvette johnson

yvette johnson2 hours agoThe sad thing about this a lot of people will not believe this I don’t know what’s wrong with them, may almighty watch over you bless thanks and 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜2REPLY

Verna Brown

Verna Brown2 hours agoThe blessings of the day be with you13REPLY


GJL1 hour agoI”m against 5G, using a mask, vaccines and world order! Thank you a lot Dr. Rashid blessings11REPLY

David Ramirez

David Ramirez2 hours agoGod bless you Dr. Buttar for speaking out with the truth. I watch all your videos. Thank you for the education in these things. Blessings to you and your family.32REPLY

David Rosas

David Rosas2 hours agoHumanity needs to wake up22REPLY

Daniel channel

Daniel channel2 hours agoShare for awareness thank you and God bless Dr buttar and all the good people ✌👍16REPLY

Linda Puccio

Linda Puccio2 hours agoDr Buttar thank you so much for doing these vids! They are so informative & great! I’m an RN for 35 yrs! Never had vaccines nor colds & was continuously exposed to infections etc! God gave us a beautiful Immune system & common sense to care for our bodies! God bless you !🙏🙏🙏10REPLY

Blessed One

Blessed One2 hours agoi feel like am in med school. final year! God bless you doc30REPLY


tubamirum0072 hours agoLike livestock…where have we heard that term before, and who has used it over and over again, and again?2REPLY

Sharon Terrelli

Sharon Terrelli48 minutes agoThat’s what the Pharisees said about Jesus when he made the blind man see. John 92REPLY

Mark Rose

Mark Rose2 hours agoMore prayers and positivity for you Dr4REPLY


Annie1 hour ago9:46 GATES …. simply brilliant! 👌 Wish I could source that on its own somewhere. THANKS DOC and YES! we are sending you and everyone (except the creators and monsters behind this GLOBAL Covid MESS / devastation!!!) LOVE 💞 and LIGHT! 🌞 🙏 God bless!3REPLY

Elaine Luddy

Elaine Luddy1 hour agoI want to thank you Dr.Buttar for taking time out of your busy life to warn all of us about what’s going on.If it weren’t for you,I would be a sitting duck for these awful people that are trying to control our lives.thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!! GOD bless you 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼3REPLY

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones1 hour agoHe probably went to NZ cos cases are under control… scared 😱 of his own medicine. Has anyone read about Dr Stoian Alexov? He confirms what Dr Buttar has said since the start!2REPLY

Premnath Hurhangee

Premnath Hurhangee1 hour agoyou got a massive followers and it’s increasing like the covid virus in a positive way.So beautiful to watch and know genuine true grit fearless honest human being exist in this new world. Thanks God.2REPLY

Debra Butler

Debra Butler1 hour agoSo grateful for your insight!!! I have been in healthcare for 40 years and everything you say resonates …..we are here to be the voices of truth…..thank you.3REPLY

Missy2 hours agoDr Buttar, you are one of a kind. Thank you for helping humanity this way ❤5REPLYView reply

Myron Tucker2 hours agoAlkaline your body and you will never get virus or cancer it can’t survive in an alkaline environment35REPLYView 7 replies

Living 2Day2 hours agoMy mother had Multiple myeloma (MM) and the Drs told her to have chemo if she wanted to have a chance to live. Chemo killed her, not the MM. In my research not one person with MM has ever been cured by chemo. It destroyed her immune system and for 2 years, she would spend her time in bed sick from the monthly chemo. When she developed the waisting disease they continued chemo. Her last treatment they sent her home to die. She starved to death and was severly dehydrated. They refused to give her an IV and the home nurses said all they were allowed to do was change her diaper, bathe her, and give her pain meds. She suffered horribly the last 2 months of her life. The doctors knew chemo doesn’t work for MM. They just wanted her money. The cancer treatment centers make you feel loved and important while they steal your money.Read more42REPLYView 11 replies

Jose Pineda1 hour ago“Hold the line Dr. Love”…no matter what we luv u and ur loved one’s…💓💓💓👊👍🙏2REPLY

ingrid roldan1 hour agoIm fron Cosya Rica and I am one of the prayer for peo0le as you to vome with the thruth. May the Almighty protect you2REPLY

Instink876Media31 minutes ago (edited)On behalf of the entire earth, i specially want to say a huge THANK YOU for all your doing in this great awakening Mr Buttar. You have awaken thousands who were blinded by the main stream media propaganda and lies🙏🏾2REPLY

Sandy Walker44 minutes agoThere is a lady in my town, her 19 year old daughter worked at a grocery store and ended up with an upper respiratory infection because of wearing a mask per her doctor. I hate the mask, get stressed and can’t breathe! I now wear the mask below my nose and waiting for someone to say something, so far, I get the look but nobody says a word! I pray for you and your safety, keep the truth coming!2REPLYView reply

Hilda Wilson2 hours agoThank you so much Dr Buttar for your bravery!14REPLY

Janice Hoover Scott2 hours agoThank Dr Buttar for being such a loud voice for reality and for freedom! <35REPLY

Daniel Brown51 minutes agoThat Gates bit came out of nowhere 🤣 Love it, you guys nailed the voice and true motives😉 You’re doing great work Dr. Buttar. Between you and Mr. Icke, the world might not actually be as bad as I thoughtRead more2REPLY

Jay Allen1 hour agoIt’s nice to see Bill Gates finally admitting his wrongdoings at the end of this video 😏1REPLY

jojo bach1 hour agoThank you Dr Rashid Buttar. I’m surprised YT even lets you post video’s at this stage in the game. Thank God for Dr’s like you.!!2REPLY

ANIL KUMAR2 hours agoMay U be Blessed by All The Buddhas, the Enlightened Ones❗🙏🙏🙏🌷💗❣️🌹👍🆓💊💉👹☠️🆘🆘🆘🆓🆓🆓👌 Waiting for Facts about Cancer, Sir3REPLYView reply

underdog2 hours agoBless You, Good Doctor.3REPLY

CANNALADY RV LIFE1 hour agoI was diagnosed with colon cancer last February 18.. I using full extract cannabis oil (high THC) THC causes apoptosis. I’m also juicing and totally organic vegan3REPLYView 2 replies

Lindasue2 hours agobless you. keep going.4REPLYSHOW CHAT REPLAYActive PKAd lcrhealthactivepk.comNEXT STEPUp nextAUTOPLAYNOW PLAYINGLive: Florida Gov DeSantis to discuss state COVID-19 numbersFox News7.3K watching

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