Unmasked and Uncovered

Unmasked: Have we uncovered the truth about the 2020 election?

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  • MAGYNC, 1 week agoWhat a scam these so-called leaders of our country has done! But Trump will win in the end! These corrupt individuals will be taken down by Trump as he knows who they are, and he is one hell of a fighter!!!REPLY204 rumbles
    • LadySi, 1 week ago I’m sure that Trump and his team have all the information on all this and that’s why he has made the comment that he got them all, referring to every single corrupt and crooked, thieving, lying, and manipulating, back stabbing and two faced Dems, Rinos, and their trolls (anyone whose betrayed this country in any form) and will have them all by their balls soon enough. I have Faith in God and Trump.REPLY131 rumbles
      • BubbaBlue1, 1 week agoThe TRUMP sham impeachment #2 lawyer, CASTOR, was so pathetic, they should just play this RUMBLE, Mike Lindell’s ABSOLUTE PROOF, CLIPS FROM GUILIANI & ELLIS’S hearings, include vivafrei’s time magazine rumble, Pulizter’s rumble https://rumble.com/vckhud-exclusive-tgp-interview-with-jovan-hutton-pulitzer-the-man-who-can-save-ame.html and Pintons evidence of FRAUD over the 16 hours they have for the trial instead of talking!! Do it!!! TREASON WAS COMMITTED on 11.3.2020!! Then play ANTIFA burning and lives & businesses lost from their VIOLENCE 😡😡😡😡Do it! The world 🌎 is watching 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸TRUMP WON! We-the-people have compiled this for you, DJT❣️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸REPLY91 rumbles
        • GodFirstAmerica, 1 week ago☝🏽don’t forget to add the 20m video proving 1/6 was ALL COMPLETELY STAGED60 rumbles
        • bfrankg1, 5 days agoDoesn’t it bother you that Trump let this go or listened to his closest advisors who told him to do that? Feels like they are trying to make us all insane. And I’m not sure which enemy is worse, the democrats or the anti-Trump republicans. Then they make it taboo to discuss election fraud in the impeachment trial. I don’t care if Trump wins in 2024, I only want admission from the criminals that they committed these crimes and have taken power by brute force. At least it would wake up those around us. We’d all understand the enemy we are dealing with. I realize that can never happen but its the spell they have so many Americans under which bugs me the most. What will it take to wake people up?11 rumbles
        • tradintdon, 5 days agoI almost feel like any one of us on this site probably could have done a better job of defending POTUS.8 rumbles
  • NotDivulged, 1 week ago[Show low scored comment]-4 rumbles
        • kmgood329, 1 week agoPlease tell me nothing!?!?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! We’re friggin doomed until the Dems are out of office and our lives all together. 8 rumbles.

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  • Deee34, 1 week agoYou forgot ‘ugly’ but every adjective was spot on :)REPLY16 rumbles
      • Thomasbuckingham7, 1 week agoSo do I…just a Matter of timeREPLY7 rumbles
      • OnionSauce, 1 week agoWhen did trump comment that he had them all?REPLY4 rumbles
        • Suprgrmma, 1 week agoIm not sure when PDJT SUH’S IT, but I heard Robert Steele say he has them all by the balls, and they know it and they are terrified😁11 rumbles
        • CoreyEnterprises, 6 days agoWhen President Trump did a lot of public visits and spoke about this – He made reference many times of this. I cannot remember if he actually said “by the balls” or not. BUT RSBN (Right Side Broadcast Network and Golden State Times) both broadcast live when he did. And he made it very clear “they had them.” So one would have to go back through their archives and watch the last ones. The Alamo in TX may be one. Our President also spoke very succinctly about this china crap and dropped hints all over the place BUT you’d have to watch the livestreams that were being broadcast when he was speaking at these numerous engagements. That’s when you hear Pres. Trump tell more clues/facts. He always did. Lots could not read between the lines with him nor understand his humor. Shame – because Pres. Trump always told the truth – not necessarily his belief. Like the vax – he never claimed it was good – only that we had it done in record time. At least I never heard him say take it – And I won’t for it is NOT a vax by definition – nor are the two cited companies vax companies. One has to listen very closely and be smart of his use of words. Which is why he got acquitted and rightly so – THEY craft his words. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWXPkK02j6MHW-4xCJzgMuw8 rumbles
        • bfrankg1, 5 days agoI remember him saying something to the effect on the call leaked by Raffensperger. They’d have this chance to make this right and they are going to wish they had. But is that just a belief he had at that time? Why did he stand down after that, not pursuing the Flynn plan, never publicly supporting Sidney or mentioning the Italy affidavits? Why not pound on the podium to any reporter who dares ask him, asking why haven’t they turned over the dominion machines in Maricopa county? Or why hasn’t the FBI investigated the missing Truck. Kaley could’ve held press daily press conferences to ask reporters a handful of questions like this every day for weeks. Why hasn’t anyone on his team produced a video like this and demanded it be presented to congress? Why did he make some vague call for patriots to be in DC on the 6th and then give a lame campaign rally? If there is a bigger plan to be revealed I’ll certainly rejoice to see it unfold but for now he’s just making us look like idiots to hang waiting on something that seems like far fetched fantasy. Even Mike Lindell’s video is really weak compared to this one and its 6 times longer. He spends last half hour teaching us about an internet attack which you would see on many days for a random firewall on the internet but never connects any dots to show how these attacks, some successful led to Trump losing votes. He hyped it as absolute proof when it was possibly meaningless common attacks that happen from bots probing the internet for vulnerable connections.6 rumbles
        • CoreyEnterprises, 5 days ago@bfrankg1 THAT is definitely the flies in the ointment! I totally agree. His use of language is very compelling for those that discern, however, this whole thing is always a “dog and pony show.” Which is typical of courts/laws etc. There has been no real stand or backbone on declaring this “truth” to any degree before the masses. He had the power to bring it forth front and center and he did not. I also know from my own involvement that most voters/Republicans, here especially, lay dormant as well. Don’t get it, really! My biggest complaint here in NC locally is GET UP & DO SOMETHING! This whole talk of “we’ll have to do better next time…..blah, blah blah is ‘over the top’ ridiculous to me. So many obvious signs I witnessed and ?? even to report to our lawyers and their comment was: “We’ll be lucky if anything gets done about it!” It’s just ridiculous – the dummy effect is atrocious. Yep – when in the world was anyone going to really take a stand – unless the threat(s) are too alarming. ? The movie “Free State of Jones” is very compelling on this whole repeat of history. I enjoyed your comment BTW1 rumble
        • GandC, 1 week agoHe has what? I’m lost0 rumbles
    • Jlnazer0, 1 week agoYes! The problem is that they ARE NOT our LEADERS but merely our REPRESENTATIVES. We have to stop calling them leaders and giving them powers that do not belong to them. Its time we stand and get loud about the illegal actions and take our country, constitution, liberty back. BRING BACK TRUMP!!!REPLY47 rumbles
      • billyreb1, 1 week agoIt is also time we stop calling the Representatives. They don’t represent the people. So I suppose they represent themselves as the “insider” or domestic enemy .. uhhh, team. And of course, they represent the foreign enemy … I mean team. But you and I are on our own – at least for the time being. But stay tuned!REPLY29 rumbles
        • jksthu, 4 days agoI suggest the term “overlords”. They already think they are deities, and that they have the right and the obligation to tell the unwashed masses how they must live.4 rumbles
      • KennethFleming, 1 week agoSho-nuff they campaigned to be elected as representatives to represent.REPLY8 rumbles
        • OnionSauce, 1 week agoIts us, we as americans have to stop electing the Dumbest Among Us!14 rumbles
        • kmgood329, 1 week agoI think at this point it’s pretty safe to say most of these fraudsters have not been elected! They are clearly stealing not only votes, but our country too.8 rumbles
    • jackhuddle, 1 week agoGod, let’ hope so…..right now we’ve been told to hold the line for the plan. Next we’re told there is no plan and why in the world Trump did not enact the Insurrection Act and now we are the ones being faced with the insurrection by the Dems and they are using our military to bring us to our knees. How is the world did all this happen? Granted if there is a plan of action to bring these treasonous individuals to justice we damn sure won’t be told the time and date here on the internet, does that make sense? Meanwhile, as it is we sit and wait while our jets are cooling and in a month or two we will supposedly let it go that we were robbed of our rightful president. That’s the Plan!!!REPLY4 rumbles
    • HadaNuf, 6 days agoWe have to help. Talk the talk walk the walk. I can start right here in my USAREPLY2 rumbles
    • Seguin, 1 week ago[Show low scored comment]REPLY-6 rumbles
  • SemperFidelis007, 1 week agoDrip Drip Drip, that’s what Noah felt before he was given his confirmation from God. We are all captains of our ships, build them strong and sturdy to withstand any STORM! God Bless and Semper FidelisREPLY75 rumbles
  • Kmsnow, 1 week agoEverything Biden and the dems are doing should be null and void. They should be cuffed and escorted to prison. Put our RIGHTFUL AND LEGALLY ELECTED POTUS TRUMP back in the White House.REPLY72 rumbles
    • LadySi, 1 week agoHe (Trump) will be back in office real soon and everything that Biden has done will be null and voided. Have Faith and wait and see. It’s coming here in the very near future. By March 2021 Trump will be our rightful President again!REPLY52 rumbles
      • bkp26, 1 week agoThis has been my prayer every day since this disaster began! 🙏🇺🇲❤ God’s got this!REPLY26 rumbles
      • jackhuddle, 1 week agoIf not, what then? Wait some more? Don’t get me wrong, I am all in for Trump but we are looking like Custer’s last stand here. Where is the Calvary?REPLY12 rumbles
      • kmgood329, 1 week agoAs much as I would LOVE to see this happen, explain how you think it will come about? There is Trump, about 150 – 200 DC politicians and about 80 million voters that would love to see this, but problem is WE DO NOT SEEM TO HOLD THE REIGNS OF POWER! Unless and until we can flip that, we have to start locally by recalling local and state politicians and work our way up from there. We have to force it on them. Also, forcing state representatives to do forensic audits in EVERY state would go a long way to fix this. Maybe with that you might get your wish, but even then someone will have to enforce it….REPLY3 rumbles
  • Pensingo, 1 week agoWhy don’t each and every Trump supporter start a CLASS ACTION against these double standard DIRTY DEMOCRATS! Wouldn’t that be something.REPLY67 rumbles
    • Jane2021, 1 week agoI am in…REPLY15 rumbles
      • Popsinpa, 1 week agoPopsinpa60 I’m in Biden and the Democrats are going to ruin our Country. We need to take the Republican party. Get rid of the rhinos. Make America Great Again. I can’t believe that anyone is taking this asshole seriously. He is a Puppet I don’t even think he knows what he is doing.REPLY19 rumbles
        • Pensingo, 1 week agoYep, it’ going from bad to worse under his so called “leadership”. I can’t bring myself to say President because he is not…..he’s a cheat. Something has to give. It has to give soon before there truly is an uprising. What do they expect. As Donald Trump Jnr said yesterday, “if the Democrats didn’t have double standards, they would have no standards at all.” He is 100% correct.19 rumbles
    • Tsingy_Pangea, 1 week agoHow does one make that happen?REPLY4 rumbles
      • Pensingo, 1 week agoIf someone knows a good lawyer???REPLY3 rumbles
    • NotDivulged, 1 week agoNo attorney would take the case.REPLY0 rumbles
      • Pensingo, 1 week agoProbably not…but why not. Wouldn’t it be something?REPLY1 rumble
  • 1117MCM, 1 week agoThank you, may this be shared and shared again. Bless you.REPLY42 rumbles
  • donhack5351, 1 week agoUntil the 2020 election is fixed there will be no reason to vote ever again. FIX THE 2020 ELECTIONREPLY39 rumbles
  • GreyGhostGravy, 1 week agoImpeach the entire Cabinet. We don’t ‘think’ WE KNOW. I see the proof, why is no judge willing to??? Insanity. I will NOT accept comrade biden as president..he is a resident in the white house, through what has always been his way, to lie, cheat and steal. Never could stand him or the rest of his lot. Sorry bout that.REPLY39 rumbles
  • danceintherain, 1 week agoPraise God For ALL Things!!! RUMBLE SOME LOVE WITH PHOENIX… CLICK THAT + … PLUS SIGN …MAKE IT TURN GREEN…. HAVE A TERRIFIC TUESDAY!!! ALWAYS KNOW … God is In Control!!!REPLY37 rumbles
  • ArmyNavyVet, 1 week agoToday in the Capital building history is being made. The Dems in their hate have opened the gates for their own defeat. The flood is coming. No more Drips.REPLY34 rumbles
  • Bravearrow, 1 week ago…On November 3, we went to bed in America. On November 4, we woke up in Venezuela…REPLY32 rumbles
  • RealSidneyPowell, 1 week agoUnmasked is on Rumble here!REPLY30 rumbles
    • EZduzzit, 1 week agoGod bless you Sidney!REPLY26 rumbles
    • VaSpursFan, 1 week agoGod Bless Sidney…you are in my prayers from Virginia.REPLY16 rumbles
  • Keanewst, 1 week ago#HereIsTheEvidence. Armed Americans of the military do your due diligence. And save America before it’s too late.REPLY25 rumbles
  • LadySi, 1 week agoThank you so much for showing and sharing this. We all know that Trump won this 2020 election 🗳 by a huge landslide and that it was stolen from him as well as from everyone who voted 🗳 for him. We will have our President Trump back here in the very near future though. I have much faith that Trump will be our 19th President of the US Republic.REPLY24 rumbles
  • RightWinger203, 1 week agoNO, WE CAN’T LET IT HAPPEN THIS TIME OR WE WILL NEVER WIN AGAIN & EVERYONE KNOWS IT!!! #StopThisSteel #FightBack #FightLikeChristiansREPLY23 rumbles
  • RoamingArtist, 1 week agoThis makes me physically sick. I am so upset about this election fraud. Our rightful President is President Trump, not POS biden*REPLY23 rumbles
    • Keanewst, 1 week agoYou are exactly right !! roaming artist. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸America first not China 🇨🇳 first.REPLY10 rumbles
  • BronzeBombshell, 1 week agoI am all about sharing this. As well as informing and showing anyone I know that believes this was a legit election BUT how are there to be any consequences if the DOJ DOD FBI CIA are all corrupt??!!

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