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Undercover Footage It’s Time to Make This Public




Dr. Rashid Buttar (NEW)

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Dr. Rashid Buttar (NEW)

Dr. Buttar Shares Undercover Footage about Secrets which the media won’t talk about!

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Special Thanks to Dr Rashid Buttar, and London real

🔊SPEAKER: Dr.Rashid Buttar Dr. Buttar now serves as the Medical Director for the Centers for Advanced Medicine with clinics on the east and west coast. The Centers specialize in the treatment and needs of patients refractory to conventional treatments and who have failed the standard approach to their disease process.

If you’re a Follower of Dr. Rashid Buttar’s work: YT – https://www.youtube.com/user/drbuttar Website – https://www.advancedmedicine.com/

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►Dr. Rashid Buttar is a former US Military Brigade Surgeon, Chief of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Moncrief Army Community Hospital, and the founder of the Center For Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research. Here are other videos we believe you’ll enjoy just as much:

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Easy Kitchen Lifestyle

Easy Kitchen Lifestyle1 week ago17 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child, I was having some contractions at 32 weeks. My doctor at that time prescribed me a medication that was supposed to stop the contractions. I was young and didn’t know much so I took one pill. I remember the medication not being cheap. Right away I felt my heart beat extremely fast, I got shaky and my baby started to move more than normal in my womb. I got worried and started doing some research and found out that the medication she had prescribed me was an asthma medication. I called the doctor to let her know what was happening and to ask her why she would prescribe me an asthma medication. She told me it was OK even though it was for asthma bc it had worked on other pregnant women before. I was furious and I told her I was not taking that crap anymore and she said “do what you gotta do, if your baby is born before time it’s not like I didn’t try to stop it”. I told her if God wanted my child to be born before 40 weeks so be it I completely lost the trust I had for her. My child was born healthy at 39 weeks praise the Lord. When my son was almost 2 years old he had allergies, A specialist ran a lot of tests and came back with nothing, however, she prescribed three different medications. I told her “why are you prescribing a medication if you cannot even tell me what he’s allergic to and not even one by three different meds”, her answer to me was “ just in case if one doesn’t work the other ones might”. I was puzzled and I asked her WTF was wrong with her that she could not find a source but she was quickly able to find medication for a source that was never found ? That to me that made no sense. I can go on with other incidents bottom line is trust your gut and ASK questions!!! You are entitled to know the truth!! YOU owe it to yourselfRead more77REPLYView 5 replies

Rain Cloud

Rain Cloud1 week agoLove this. We need more and more doctors coming out like Dr Rashid Buttar.48REPLYView 6 replies


JMJ ROSARY1 week agoDr.Fauci Indicted and many calling for Gates to be arrested for Crimes against humanity, medical malpractice. So many little children are now paralyzed and many of them died after receiving vaccines connected with Bill Gates. I congratulate the African nation and the president for taking God’s healing herbs for their healing of Corona virus. Let’s hope that you in Africa can be a shining light to the rest of the world so that God’s Word can be fulfilled and “The healing of the nations will be with My herbs says the Lord.” Revelations 2:22 Also keep in mind this TRUTH. “The prudent man will not neglect the medicines that grow out of the ground for the service of mankind.” Ecclesiasticus 38:4 Those things that are done in the dark will come out into the light. So they will be exposed because people deserve the TRUTH. Besides the dear Lord said in His Word, “Vengeance is Mine I will repay.”Read more49REPLYView 7 replies

Stephanie Limongelli

Stephanie Limongelli1 week agoThank you Dr. Buttar. May God continue to bless you with strength and wisdom to help mankind! ❤️25REPLY

K Alexander

K Alexander1 week agoMy Son was the heathiest baby at that hospital in YEARS. AFTER the vaccine all that change Yes what this man say is true.19REPLY

Gene Williams

Gene Williams1 week agoHere in the USA we Harbor criminals who has been found guilty have a crime against humanity such as Bill Gates gangster fake22REPLY

Angelique Cooper

Angelique Cooper1 week agoI wish you could speak directly to Trump. I had no Idea this is what vaccines were. I never would have allowed my children to take them. Thank you!25REPLYView 9 replies

Bonnie Lee

Bonnie Lee1 week agoI’ve practiced herd Immunity all 55 years of my life.when young I had to stop getting vaccinated, My reactions were so serious the doctor wrote on my vaccine record in big letters no more vaccines. Because of that I didnt get my measles shot.Every drug I had to take I have a reaction. I’ve pissed alot of doctors off,because I refuse drugs and vaccines. I’m health at 55.I practice natural medicine. Its workingRead more13REPLY


Edward1 week ago (edited)UN started promoting New World Order and Agenda 21. We need more people to wake up and fight against it.17REPLYView 2 replies

kamel koroghli

kamel koroghli1 week ago (edited)Thank you so much Dr.Rashid to do all what you are greatly achieving to save our children future . You are most appreciated god will protect you forever 🙏❤️❤️❤️19REPLYView reply

Charlie Johnson

Charlie Johnson1 week agoThis is a battle of good vs. evil. And Dr. Buttar is on the side of good. My dear friend is a modern day martyr. GOD BLESS….18REPLYView 6 replies

Ds Mr

Ds Mr1 week agoI did get my sons vaccinated. Sadly. There was a reaction. I stopped vaccinating and home schooled. My job is to protect my children and nurture them into loving beings. Vaccines hurt them and school teachers and students bullied them. I look at my sons everyday and wish to high waters I had guidance about vaccinations. I trusted in my government. As far as school, I’m now retraining one son that he is worthy and there are copious amounts of wealth without public education and my other son just flew into self education and far passed his old school buddies in knowledge.Read more10REPLYView reply

Sara Jane Kotowski Mabe

Sara Jane Kotowski Mabe1 week agoWhen you share you are flagged by FB the share is blocked by facts checkers. You are correct13REPLYView 2 replies


IWANNAbeFREE RIGHT now1 week agoPrayers And Blessings To Dr Rashid Buttar For Uncovering What need To be Known To the 🌎 Thank you7REPLY

UpsideDown World

UpsideDown World1 week agoGod bless selfless & brave Dr Bhuttar!!💞🤝5REPLY

William Self

William Self1 week agoResponding to a common claim that reminds of a choir of parrots: I have been asking some Doctors via the YouTube comment section: When I hear you saying Vaccines are Proven to be Absolutely Safe, I think these are just words out of your mouth. My Biggest Question: What specific proof are you talking about? Where is it? What have you seen in terms of “proof”. Point to it? You sound like you know everything, and that might be a handicap. In my 69 year old Curious Creator Mind: Words are just words, and Claims from folks claiming to be Experts, Do NOT FLY as God’s Honest Truth in our era of right vs left propaganda, especially when the Big Pharma has been Bankrupting America while using our government to funnel up even more outrageous profits. I would like to hear you justifying your claims “It is been Proven that Vaccines are Absolutely Safe (all 27 or so of them scheduled for the newborns now a days). What proof are your beliefs based on. Are you just trusting someone else’s word for that belief? Where is the Proof?Read more6REPLYView reply


novahina1 week agoThank you soo much Dr. Buttar! You are the one of the best physicians I have ever seen ! 🥰 I am grateful for the opportunity you had given me.6REPLY

Betty Queen

Betty Queen1 week agoAlways look forward to these videos that are very informative as to what is truly going on this world! Thank you, Dr. Buttar, we need more people like you who are strong enough to stand for truth no matter what! I am standing with you and sharing these videos everywhere I can. God bless you sir, your family, staff, and everyone who comes to this channel. Place the whole of your confidence in God as He can do what no person can do. Actually, He does what the whole world and every generation all together can not do. Bible says, ‘apart from Me ye can do nothing.’ Love, love, love these educational, compassionate, passionate videos!!Read more6REPLY

Wise Force

Wise Force1 week agoWhy did you not show the undercover footage? Can we all ask this question and get an answer as to why. Thanks.7REPLYView 4 replies

Roman Winter

Roman Winter1 week agoThank you again. I would like to know who are” they “ ?1REPLY

Allison Malacaria

Allison Malacaria1 week agoWhere is the undercover footage? I hate when a title says we’re going to see this and it’s not there.3REPLY

Vitality Massage

Vitality Massage6 days agoWhat happened to the “undercover footage” though.REPLY

agnes bartolo

agnes bartolo1 week agoI am grateful for these doctors and genuine scientists who are showing up and explain THE TRUTH about so many health abuses.May they be protected from on High. Amen.2REPLY


ambeseat1 week agoThank you, Dr. Buttar.4REPLY

Linden Sheffield

Linden Sheffield3 days agoDr Buttar, I’m so very, very glad I found you. Keep on doing what you’re doing, you have so much support out here.REPLY

Tracy Page

Tracy Page5 days agoThank you Dr Buttar I found you early on saying what I was saying. My friends and family think i’m crazy. I don’t care. You got people to listen, I didn’t stop either. I went on a platform in my small town. I didn’t care what anyone thought. I didn’t care about anything except people just thinking about it. People sent me private messages. I sent links. I said, just listen…listen then do some critical thinking.Read moreREPLY

Ilona Piatek

Ilona Piatek1 week agoGod bless you Dr Buttar for stand up and fight for us. Thank you 🙏

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