Two Letters and Ted Cruz

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Ted Cruz signed two letters on September 11 that are important to our country.


Ted Cruz letter to AG Barr about Cuties…

The Federalist article on Cuties…

Congress’ letter to Walt Disney Company…

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Silver Love

Silver Love1 hour ago (edited)Mark Z will turn around and say, See- I told you censorship was bad… Nancy P / Diane F – see, I told you insider trading was bad Hill – see, I told you treason was bad. I pray Netflix gets taken down fully.Read more5

Truthification Chronicles


Gypsynurse Cathy

Gypsynurse Cathy1 hour agoI heard today’s the big day! Don’t panic just be ready!6

Truthification Chronicles


B.B. Girl

B.B. Girl1 hour agoMy question exactly. Where are the parents. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️4

Truthification Chronicles


Thad Nipper

Thad Nipper1 hour agoI cancelled Netflix on the day I learned of the Obumphuck’s involvement in their programming, I saw this coming.5REPLY

Chris Belvedere

Chris Belvedere1 hour ago (edited)I don’t need to watch even 30 seconds of that Netflix cuties to know that I’m having the wife send a nasty email and canceling our Netflix. But I heard a good point the other day by woodwardtv they get to claim mission accomplished. They’re getting what they want by getting the image of those little girls that I’ve now seen a thousand times on people’s thumbnails and Twitter and everywhere else. That’s the way they do things those images are being repeated over and over again by outraged although rightfully so content creators by keeping that image of those little girls dressed as strippers all of the internet. Just thought that was a very good point.Read more1REPLY


zorea1 hour agoWe cancled netflex before cuties came out. We saw them pushing the line and knew they would just get worse and worse.2REPLY

sahara alfie

sahara alfie1 hour ago**..Thanks a lot Deb .. 😘💕.. Bless your heart ..**2

Truthification Chronicles


Tim Ballentine

Tim Ballentine1 hour agoWhatever happened about Nancy tearing up POTUS’ state of the union speech? I thought she was supposed to be in trouble for that felony she committed.1REPLY

Lisa Barnes

Lisa Barnes1 hour ago (edited)The Parents got some money. They sold their kids bodies for money. Making them their Childrens pimps. Disney = James Gunn2REPLY


scm1 hour agoExcellent! Let’s set the dogs on ‘em!1REPLY


S O2 hours agoMorning all5

Truthification Chronicles

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StrangeCrew1 hour agoThe real problem is most pay for Netflix or get streaming license thru phone which takes up space Why? NETFLIX IS WAR BOOTY FROM OBAMA ADMINISTRATION1REPLY

G 513

G 5132 hours agoDeeeb….. good morning3

Truthification Chronicles

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C. Bray

C. Bray9 minutes agoI’m happy to say I don’t have a subscription to that awful company! I have 4 grandsons, one granddaughter and 6 great grandsons all under the age of 7. It’s very aggravating to think of anyone taking advantage of the sweet innocence of children! THANK YOU! Deb for exposing them!! ❣🥳👍REPLY

perry white

perry white1 hour agoThe girls should be first to be interviewed along with their parents. This movie is not normal and to assume that the average person will accept this is ludicrous. Those young girls should be playing with dolls and puppies, not sexualizing themselves on video.2REPLY

Nadine Janssen

Nadine Janssen43 minutes ago….the parents of these girls are culpable. Just sick!1REPLY

Nadine Janssen

Nadine Janssen44 minutes agoI don’t need to see it. (Cuties)1REPLY

BestNaunie Ever

BestNaunie Ever1 hour agoGreat reporting. So now we know Disney approves of slavery and human rights abuse. Netficks approves of sexual exploiting of children. Also let’s not forget LeBron James believes in both. These people are evil and sick. Thanks Deb1REPLY

Jon Arnott

Jon Arnott32 minutes agoIt’s not illegal if Obama does it! Hes half black you know!1REPLYView reply


Autojohn20001 hour ago🤮🤮🤮1REPLY

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