Trump Team To Release The Kraken

Trump Team To Release The Kraken.

Sidney Powell gives details about the election fraud Kraken

By Andrea Widburg

A few days ago, Sidney Powell said the Trump team would release the Kraken (a mythical giant squid that shatters sailing ships) against the election results that claim that Biden won.  On Sunday, Powell spelled out what this Trump Kraken looks like — and she vouches for its existence.  Based on the details she imparted, the Biden dinghy (for it’s certainly not a ship of state) isn’t just going to take on water; it’s going to a long-deserved rendezvous with Davy Jones’s locker.

Powell, who has been working to save General Flynn from the morass his first attorneys, who were compromised, led him into, is now part of President Trump’s post-election team.  On Friday, she appeared on the Lou Dobbs show and memorably said, “I’m going to release the Kraken.”

The problem is that we Trump-supporters have been hearing many promises to expose election fraud.  And yes, there has been a lot of fraud shown: in myriad jurisdictions, people are testifying about absentee ballot dumps, banned poll-watchers, cemetery votes, etc.  But there’s always been the worry that these actions, while true, may not convince a judge (or nine justices) to overturn the election.

Then word started leaking out that statistics could prove that the enormous Biden surges after the polls shut down were statistical impossibilities.  American Thinker authors have written about some of those problems before, so I won’t rehash them.  If you’re curious, you can find some examples herehereherehere, and here, all of which are written in easy-to-understand English rather than statistician or programmer English.  Nevertheless, it was not entirely clear that the Trump team understood the immensity of what happened.

On Sunday morning, however, Sidney Powell appeared on Maria Bartiromo’s show and revealed that the Trump team understands exactly what happened.  The statistical analyses are right on the money, and Powell claims she has detailed evidence about the people who committed election fraud and how they did it.  According to her, the evidence is ready to be shown before the certification date, and it may mandate an entirely new election — only one without fraud.

The culprits are Dominion Voting Systems, which makes election software, and Smartmatic, which makes the voting machines on which the software runs.  Neither company is American, so our elections are being run through Europe, not America.

You’ve already heard a lot about problems with Dominion.  It’s so unreliable that Texas refused to certify it, and there may be evidence that one of Dominion’s vice presidents is a Trump-hater and Antifa-supporter.

Meanwhile, over at Smartmatic, which three Venezuelan engineers created, there are all sorts of questionable connections.  First, the company is incredibly cagey about its overseas ownership — and it may still be tied to Venezuela (that would be Maduro’s Venezuela).  In 2014, Smartmatic became a subsidiary of SGO Corp. Ltd., a London-based holding company, with Lord Mark Malloch-Brown as chairman of the board.  Brown, who came up through the British Labor Party’s ranks, has close ties to George Soros.

There are also questions about Peter Neffenger, chairman of the Board at Smartmatic.  He’s a retired admiral who worked as the head of the TSA under Obama.  Since the election, Neffenger has joined the Biden transition team!  Yes, the man from the company whose computers were at the heart of fraud allegations in the allegation is helping Biden move into the White House.

Powell alleges that these companies designed the software and machinery specifically to support voter fraud, that they’re in league with corrupt American politicians, and that they switched hundreds of thousands, even millions, of votes away from Trump in the various contested states (and, one assumes, in others as well).  Moreover, Powell says she has firsthand testimony about the fraud and that there’s a veritable “fire hose” of corroborative evidence coming in.

The most crucial line in the entire interview (I think) is what Powell said what Bartiromo asked if she could prove any of this: “I never say anything I can’t prove.”

Here’s the interview, and you’ll want to hear every word:

Additionally, after the interview, Powell tweeted that Trump has given her team the go-ahead to expose the fraud:

Do you hear the sound of Biden and Co. running for the lifeboats?  I’d like to think I do.

Image: Trump Kraken.  Public domain image edited by Andrea Widburg.

Lee650FollowFull ProfileLee65017m

Forgive my skepticism, but “The
problem is that we Trump-supporters have been hearing many promises to
expose election fraud.  And yes, there has been a lot of fraud shown: in
myriad jurisdictions, people are testifying about absentee ballot
dumps, banned poll-watchers, cemetery votes, etc.  But there’s always
been the worry that these actions, while true, may not convince a judge
(or nine justices) to overturn the election.
” says it all.

The fact that Sidney Powell, Rudy Guliani, Jay Valentine, et al are staking their reputations on this is encouraging although I can’t say I’ll hold my breath.ShareReply

Jim MullinFollowFull ProfileJim Mullin28m

Think the enormity of what is on the line for the perpetrators: enormous wealth + enormous power to see their ideology remake America. Anyone think they’ll go easily? I pray for the SAFETY of Ms Powell and everyone on her team.1ShareReplyBertieFollowFull ProfileBertie49m

Stock up on popcorn. Let the games begin. In one corner we have a builder of cities on an international scale, a mulit-national entrepreneur, seasoned CEO… And in the other we have Joe Biden. The question everyone should be asking is since Biden is obviously senile, who is/will be pulling his strings? We are about to see if God still loves America. Pray incessantly.edited3ShareReplyKansasFollowFull ProfileKansas52m

If a Kraken falls in the forest and everyone not in the forest doesn’t hear it, did it make a sound? Dust in the wind.ShareReplyHeseesFollowFull ProfileHesees55m

Sydney Powell brings a lot of credibility to the Trump election
challenge not only in fortitude but in competence. Let us pray she does
not have an Andrew Breitbart incident.ShareReplySkiddle DeDeFollowFull ProfileSkiddle DeDe57m

I have heard for years that voting machines belong to Soros. Now it’s finally being acknowledged? That must mean everyone in Washington didn’t care.ShareReply

CoffeePleaseFollowFull ProfileCoffeePlease1h

”I never say anything I can’t prove.”

Please God let this be true!4ShareReplyKansasFollowFull ProfileKansasCoffeePlease46m

Lawyers are so afraid of these people they are pulling out. Durham is scared and quit. The propaganda press is 100% in control. This is over.ShareReply

Like it IsFollowFull ProfileLike it Is1h

Who’s ready to cull the commies?3ShareReplyMV=PQFollowFull ProfileMV=PQ1h

I see the “unbiased” media is circling the wagons around Cheating Joe, trying to protect him. They are going to great pains to say there is no evidence of cheating anywhere in spite of the eye witness accounts of cheating. Trump needs very strong evidence to get any of these “dumb and blind” politicians to overturn any votes. They are invested in the “no cheating” narrative themselves. With all this spin going on, there is absolutely no question that massive cheating took place.3ShareReplyTrumpTweetsTruthFollowFull ProfileTrumpTweetsTruth1h

When Sidney Powell is finished getting Trump his win, she should be examining blue State elections. No way the mayors of Portland, Chicago, or Minneapolis were elected legitimately.1ShareReply

Jim MullinFollowFull ProfileJim MullinTrumpTweetsTruth26m

And the citizens of Minneapolis, Portland and Seattle gladly voted back in the losers who helped their cities get torched?ShareReply

drmickFollowFull ProfiledrmickTrumpTweetsTruth44m

A friend who worked in Chicago elections during Reagan’s 1st run said that she came across a voter listing and, noticing that this man had voted in the two previous elections (for Democrats), exclaimed out loud to her supervisor that this was not possible because he had died some years earlier. The supervisor asked how she knew. Her reply? “Because he is my father!” While he was a lifelong D, no way he was legitimately voting! Now, we’ve known for years, at least since JFK was elected, that Chicago elections were corrupt, but I’m sure they have exported successful cheating to other D strongholds.1ShareReplybluesurferFollowFull Profilebluesurfer1h

People, please go to The Gateway Pundit website if you want to learn what is going on.3ShareReply

MrsMannersFollowFull ProfileMrsManners1h

Hey, dear folks: Many times, you get what you say…so I think it is a mistake to say things like, “Nothing will ever come of it;” or, “I’ll believe it when I see it;” etc. That’s exactly what wrongdoers want to hear. We need to stand for truth, integrity, honesty – in a Godly manner, not wavering. If fraud has been committed, something WILL come of it.edited2ShareReplySkiddle DeDeFollowFull ProfileSkiddle DeDeMrsManners1h

Thank you for that reminder.

I have been sooo very traumatized by the past 15 years of politics in our country I have lost faith. I will hang on if you say so. I have been of the opinion that the start of God’s judgement/tribulation has been put into position and no amount of prayer to stay it matters. So I have not known how to pray. “Thy will be done” is still the best.ShareReplypertinaxjakFollowFull Profilepertinaxjak2h

Then the question becomes, what venue will the evidence be presented to? The GOP should be screaming in protest but are sitting fat, dumb, and happy, even though Trump pulled them through on his coattails. They do not realize that if the Deep State wins with such massive fraud in the presidential election, the Deep State and democrats will then turn their guns on the Senate and House. With Roberts in charge of the Supreme Court, I have doubts, whether they will take the evidence and let the case be presented. Trump must present the evidence soon to the American people before the cement being poured by the leftist media (including FOX) activists hardens.edited3ShareReplysonofthunderFollowFull Profilesonofthunder2h

“the Biden dinghy …” that’s funny right there! Good one!2ShareReply

Stuart CarrolFollowFull ProfileStuart Carrol2h

She is very much Margaret Thatcher, only on our side of the Pond.4ShareReplyJackTFollowFull ProfileJackT2h

WHERE is the FBI? These people are the problem. They are NOT PROTECTING AMERICA! FIRE them all. Washington – which IS THE DEMORATIC party – is beyond corrupt, it is a cesspool of self-interested politicians and bureaucrats serving the globalists and Marxists. Overthrowing America is the goal.3ShareReply

RepublicanDonFollowFull ProfileRepublicanDonJackT53m

I imagine they are over at DOJ shredding hard drives and hammering phones.1ShareReplyBillDexterFollowFull ProfileBillDexter2h

I am not a lawyer. I like so many others do not hold much hope here – but – wouldn’t the timeline of Trump’s large lead disappearing to statistically impossible after hours vote counting while republican observers were barred BE the proof that the election did not meet federal law? If it did not meet the law, isn’t a revote, in person, showing ID and using paper ballots the only remedy?3ShareReplybluesurferFollowFull ProfilebluesurferBillDexter1h

You should be reading the articles on The Gateway Pundit and then you would understand.1ShareReplySkiddle DeDeFollowFull ProfileSkiddle DeDebluesurfer1h

I find GP is a up to date source and read it first.2ShareReply

elfconsulFollowFull Profileelfconsul2h

Do not submit.

If we do not fight now we are lost.6ShareReply

MarygoodFollowFull ProfileMarygoodelfconsul2h

Ignore “Reason99”, it is one of our pernicious trolls.1ShareReplyReason99FollowFull ProfileReason99elfconsul2h

There is nothing to fight. trump lost.4ShareReply

MarygoodFollowFull ProfileMarygoodReason992h

Which means since InabilityToReason says “nothing to fight”, that means that we definitely should fight and that the actual reason President Trump “lost” was due to election vote tampering.2ShareReplywalker0416FollowFull Profilewalker04163h

It matters not the amount of evidence. What matters is finding a court willing to ACCEPT the evidence. Sidney Powell had more than ample evidence to have the prosecutors drop Flynn’s case. Yet, it remains alive because the judiciary refuses to let it go away!!!!!!! I am stating here that the judiciary will acknowledge the level of fraud committed. But, they will write some perverse opinion stating it is more important for votes to count (regardless of origin) than throw out illegal votes!!!!! They will then tell the corrupt fraudsters to “go forth and sin no more”!!!2ShareReply

ArchFollowFull ProfileArch3h

We need some new hats. How about “Sic ’em Sidney!”ShareReply

ArchFollowFull ProfileArch3h

We need some new hats! How about “Sick ’em Sidney“?ShareReplycmobergFollowFull ProfilecmobergArch1h

“Release the Kraken!”1ShareReply

RepublicanDonFollowFull ProfileRepublicanDoncmoberg51m

Tonight on Celebrity Claymation Death Match!!
The Kraken versus The Karen!!ShareReplyHJ PatrickFollowFull ProfileHJ Patrick3h

I want to believe it’s all true, in fact I believe it’s true. But—you need warrants from a judge for the evidence, that’s a problem. And these technical cases sometimes take years, you have to be able to break down complicated engineering concepts and reduce them to the point where the jury or the public can understand them. They have a Sisyphean task to perform before Dec. 8th. After Biteme’s installed everything gets buried. I am still having a problem getting my head around the fact that we bought foreign voting machines and software. I think they should have focused on the fake ballots that came in by the truckload—way easier for the public to comprehend.2ShareReplyrightofreaganFollowFull ProfilerightofreaganHJ Patrick2h

I think they will disclose multiple ways there was cheating.ShareReply

jdondetFollowFull Profilejdondet3h

Fine she has proof!

And I say, less talking and a hell of lot more doing! It is now mid-November the clock is ticking!3ShareReply

RepublicanDonFollowFull ProfileRepublicanDonjdondet48m

If ever there was a “Put up or shut up” moment, this is it.1ShareReply

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