Trump Rally News

Trump Rally News on the Fox channel the count was at 232,000 people.

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Michael Arnold
2 hours agoWatching from Ireland, and praying for President Trump every day. If Trump fails, we all have no other champion36REPLYView 10 replies

Peter Powell

Peter Powell3 hours agoMr Martin your potus is fantastic. If he fails so does my England. God bless you and your family. Thankyou from a English patriot.50REPLYView 3 replies

Jayulll Nelson

Jayulll Nelson1 hour agoWhen Obiden fills a bathroom, you DON’T want to go in there.3REPLY

robert McCabe

robert McCabe2 hours ago…….Q…..has told us that BLM has become a Democrat Super Pac.20REPLY

Willie Wonka

Willie Wonka3 hours agoI was watching Trump’s rally on Fox’s channel and the count was at 232K people when it maxed out.21REPLYView 2 replies

Robertmcgraw Mcgraw

Robertmcgraw Mcgraw2 hours ago (edited)The left is in the middle of destroying them selves along with their citys . see ya .10REPLY

Becky Coty

Becky Coty2 hours agoNow that we’ve decided how many didn’t show up in person how many were watching on the internet like myself? Then add in those watching from around the world. And I would say it was quite successful. Trump 20/2010REPLY

Keith Ehredt

Keith Ehredt3 hours agoAntifa trying to take over BLM. There’s no honor in hate groups.15REPLYView 8 replies

Jayulll Nelson

Jayulll Nelson1 hour agoWhy not require US flag manufacturers to make US flags fire resistant.3REPLY

on-board the crazy train

on-board the crazy train2 hours agoI stayed up to watch the rally πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ™πŸ‘ WWG1 WGA16REPLY

Barbara Langley

Barbara Langley3 hours agoThank you Martin, we were watching from Sydney and felt very concerned for President Trump. We think he is marvellous and pray for him daily.25REPLYView 4 replies

Ghosts of Benghazi

Ghosts of Benghazi2 hours agoSlavery has existed since the beginning of time….not just the last thousand years. It’s in the Bible and that was written over 2,000 years ago.13REPLYView 2 replies

Terry Hopkins

Terry Hopkins1 hour agoThroughout history “being a slave” simply meant your side lost the war.3REPLY

Shadow Artist

Shadow Artist2 hours ago (edited)Cant Trump reverse the propaganda executive order? De Blabbio and Sadiq Khan can be bunk mates in Hell.3REPLY

Don Cummings

Don Cummings1 hour agoMartin, alot of proof coming out there was alot of cyber scamming of tickets as well….he needs to address this5REPLY


mbewill2 hours agoDid you read AOC’s Tweet that congratulated the teenagers for ordering a lot of Trump rally tickets from TIK TOK so that they could buy up seats that will create a vision of Trump having many empty seats in the auditorium. AOC endorsed these teens for interfering in the campaign.10REPLYView 2 replies

Denise Wright

Denise Wright1 hour agoThere has been someone killed in Seattle chop why haven’t our Congress and media reporting the illegal activity in chop it needs to be stopped2REPLY

Andy Mak

Andy Mak2 hours agoThe time for Trump rallies is over. Trump left no stone unturned. Seattle is the beacon for radical Left. POTUS made it clear. The 2020 election is for the survival of the nation.3REPLY

Seeing Red

Seeing Red2 hours agoExactly….going back thousands of years….the spoils of war…included all the people, as well as possessions of the losers. They became enslaved. Too bad schools don’t teach anything but garbage.6REPLY


EllenIsBlessed2 hours agoA lady in a FB group I’m in was at the Tulsa rally. She said thousands of people could not get past barricades because they were screening people for CV and did not have enough screeners. I think they should have blown off the screeners. I knew that was going to be a cluster. Can you imagine if they had tried to tell Antifa/BLM rioters to submit to screening??? Wake up, Americans! They are robbing us blind!Read more5REPLY

Life & Life more Abundantly

Life & Life more Abundantly3 hours agoKeep-praying that President Trump enforces Article 4 Section 4 of The U.S. Constitution, Continues breaking The U.S. Military’s ties to Satan’s deep-state, starts imprisoning all evil criminals and then appoints God Fearing Men into U.S. political office..It is good vs. evil not right vs. left (psy-op)… 1 Thessalonians 5: 17 and 2 Corinthians 3: 17 KJV18REPLYView 9 replies

David Meller

David Meller2 hours agoTrump gets ~12-14,000 fans at Tulsa rally? “…pretty darned good considering that Biden can’t draw flies”! LOL!5REPLY

heh heh

heh heh3 hours ago (edited)6:28 its part of ndaa omnibus 2012 called Smith mundt modernization act not an executive order but yes Hussein signed it hallelujah!3REPLY


Vivienne2 hours agoGood Morning Martin and Brenda πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ. Thanks for the 2 daily updates..there were 100,000 who signed up, but so much fear of just being shot or accosted bc you support Trump…doesn’t mean we won’t get out and vote..they will try to scare us away from the polls too, but I’m going anyway with my protection. Voting sites will be guarded by national guard.4REPLY

Jim Con

Jim Con3 hours agoWithout a legitimate news media it will be difficult for America to regain first world status.3REPLY

Life & Life more Abundantly

Life & Life more Abundantly2 hours agoBarry was horrible yet really Nafta was both political parties selling The USA down the river -this has to be faced.4REPLYView reply

Keith Holloman

Keith Holloman3 hours agoOk, Martin, same old question……..WHEN?5REPLYView reply


MyNana2 hours agoANTIFA was allowed in the lines harassed Trump Supporters…where were the Police?3REPLY

David Meller

David Meller2 hours agoI LIVE in New York Shitty (Democrat Central) and I fully understand and approve of President Trump’s position on the issue of the chaos of Demon-rat mismanaged communities. As “Q” has said, it is not enough to TELL people about the Deep State, they (we?) must be SHOWN!! That’s MY President!!2REPLY

Maggi Rae

Maggi Rae3 hours agoHappy Father’s Day. Keep up the info work.6REPLYView reply

Chris R Beauvais

Chris R Beauvais49 minutes agoWe know we’ll be arrested and not these lil nazi’sREPLY

Diana Eggen

Diana Eggen1 hour agoSpeaking of slaves who built pyramids I’m done now1REPLY

Chris R Beauvais

Chris R Beauvais56 minutes agoUnemployment I would say was 22% under odumbshitREPLY


josh6561 hour agoComey’s daughter works in the SDNY…hmmmm.1REPLY

Crazy Airedalelady

Crazy Airedalelady2 hours agoHappy Father’s Day. 🧑3REPLY

telegraph me

telegraph me2 hours agoHeard tell some media channels had some very open threats to use violence on rally attendance. It wasn’t any empty threat from what read. Guess the national guard took care of business quickly.3REPLYView reply

robert McCabe

robert McCabe2 hours ago…..Doctor Screw Loose said the Virus would spike up after the RIOTING and LOOTING within two weeks……Minneapolis was May 25………….what happened?3REPLY

Connie Schaffer

Connie Schaffer3 hours agoGood morning! The left may be crazy but I can guarantee they can’t hold a candle to Cherokee TEXAN insane. Should WE THE PEOPLE be unleashed I’ll be giving tutorials to those that wish to expand their insanity. War is nothing new to us. JS.2REPLY

robert McCabe

robert McCabe2 hours ago….Happy Father’s day to our Host and all Fathers who come to this great site,it’s a privilege to be here.4REPLYView 4 replies

Molley A Feichko

Molley A Feichko1 hour agoThe slaves built the pyramids, slavery has been since the rich (kings) could make the people do their will1REPLY

Darrell Barton

Darrell Barton37 minutes agoWE CAMPED 3 DAYS TO SEE OUR PRESIDENT !1REPLY

Denise Wright

Denise Wright1 hour agoObama/Biden sold our manufacturer out to the middle East countries3REPLYView reply

L is me

L is me1 hour agoThank you… I know it’s sad but we the people need to stand together and act against this an ar chy that is going on b4 in our home. WWG1WGA1REPLY

cathryne stone

cathryne stone2 hours agoYT is now buffering you, Martin! Fight it!2REPLY

Molley A Feichko

Molley A Feichko1 hour agoThe poor are inslaved now

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