Time to Wake Up Part 4

Time to Wake Up Part 4 of 4

The Truth About Vaccines 2020 9-Episodes

Dr Rashid A Buttar 170K subscribers


For more info, visit https://www.AskDrButtar.com/livestream Dr Buttar discusses the US Constitution, the CDC, The WHO, as well as the evolutionary process we are going through.

This is the most important of the 4 Parts – Time to WAKE UP! How to get organized, mass gatherings, what our children will remember, and a reminder to all US Military and law enforcement, both retired and active duty are discussed.

Remember to look into the IADFW (International Association for a Disease-Free World). Watch this video and pass it on! It’s up to us to make sure the world knows the truth!


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19 hours agoI think those who dropped dead in China were killed by 5G173REPLYView 27 replies

gb Marie19 hours agoPeople need to open their doors go outside and take their life back!177REPLYView 4 replies

Jean Dissmore18 hours agoBill Gaits can take his own vaccination. Not the free people…. I will stand for the truth!!! God Bless You Dr. Buttar!!!125REPLYView 5 replies

Reg Johnson18 hours agoSomeone needs to squash Gates like a fly. Oh and Fauci the midget rat.173REPLYView 6 replies

dyanswill14 hours agoI will not be one of their occult ritual blood sacrifices. They will have to murder me. I DO NOT CONSENT to any vaccine or mark of the beast chip.256REPLYView 34 replies


francis alford16 hours agoThere agenda is wicked as hell.39REPLY

Suzie Q18 hours agoThe Constitution is particularly important during a crisis.103REPLYView 2 replies

Susana Sanchez17 hours agoHumanity needs to stand together to fight for our rights and remove the “five gee.” Together we can do it!92REPLYView 3 replies

Phoenix Rich13 hours agoBill “Gates of Hell” shall not Prevail….21REPLY

Andrew Martin18 hours agoI’m in UK and it is dismaying how passive and acquiescent people are,101REPLYView 18 replies

Sara Lopez18 hours agoThe controllers want to get the people vaccinated38REPLYView 5 replies

Lady Chatelaine8 hours agoThere’s much more to this than meets the eye. The world economic collapse will have a far more serious affect on us all than Covid19. The ‘elite’ want a cashless society so that, unless you follow their orders, you’ll be unable to buy or sell anything. They want a New World Order so watch out for even more curbs on social freedoms. This is just the beginning of sorrows! 😖🙋‍♀️41REPLYView 10 replies

Kevin Keene16 hours ago (edited)To those who dis like this, I almost feel sorry for you. U are the ones forfeiting ur right to real freedom and any chance of escaping the clutches of corruption.62REPLYView 2 replies

Quintin Robinson18 hours agoBless you Dr. Buttar. I knew something was off from the get-go. Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates need to be charged with crimes against humanity.29REPLY

Joe19 hours agoAsk our ancestors, freedom cost blood and lead…51REPLYView 3 replies

dyanswill15 hours agoNews from my friend who just came out of three days in an Arizona hospital… Interesting… I dunno… this is her story, not mine. “I was just in the hospital in Arizona, for three days for extreme dehydration. I waited too long to go in because I was afraid of getting Covid19. But I didn’t catch anything. When I got there I was shocked. While I was there the nurses were talking with me and I was asking them if they’ve had very many Covid19 cases. She said they have had a few but they ALL recovered just fine. They needed rehydrating mostly. But three nurses told me that they have gone from over 250 patients a DAY to less then 30 patients. To employing 55 nurses a day to 5 a day. One nurse for each floor. 🤭 When I was at the hospital they told me that there was only 20 patients total in the whole hospital, a couple of car accidents victims and some heart attack patients and just a few Covid19 patients that were getting ready to go home. And mostly influenza patients which they get every year, for it’s that time of the year for the flu. The nurses are being laid off in giant numbers. The nurses told me that they have gone to neighboring states looking for work in other hospitals and they said the entire state of Arizona hospitals are in bad shape, doctors being laid off and nurses being laid off and radiologist being laid off. Ppl are too afraid to come in. Two of the nurses said they called Spokane looking for work and was told their in the same shape, no patients, that Sacred Heart Hospital is laying off nurses and and radiologist as well too. She said she called around Seattle hospitals and was told the same thing. Their are laying off ppl right and left. The nurses said that the news is lying in Arizona saying ppl are dying everywhere of Covid19 . And the nurses said it’s simple not true. The three nurses said it’s so frustrating to hear news media lying to ppl about how the hospitals are full of ppl with Covid19 exploding, when their is 3/4 of doctors and nurses losing their jobs, over the lies of this Covid19 “ Scare”. The nurses told me that we should be more scared of influenza then Covid19, for influenza killed over 80,000 ppl in America last year in just one winter season. They told me that Covid19 is a real pathogen. But that they have seen more cases of influenza then Covid19. They told me ppl are afraid to come in to the hospital in fear they will get sick with Covid19. They told me that yesterday they had a case of a person who died of a heart attack because they waited to long to go Into the hospital and by the time this person did it was too late. When they could’ve saved their life. It’s time to put away the quarantine now. It’s killing our economy faster then then Covid19. Enough with the news media lies.”Read more92REPLYView 13 replies

Liberty’s Right OnConstitutionalRights14 hours agoIf I ever find out I have terminal cancer I would go out taking out B Gates 💥9REPLY

movies movies19 hours agoWhat when and where that all i need .lets get this going and stop the B S19REPLYView reply

Jack Frost10 hours agoThe media plays a major part in this deception. ..15REPLYView reply

Violet Frankson9 hours ago (edited)I’m w/You a zillion %, We been “SET UP”…. high jacked. ….. The Coronavirus is so fake, it’s pitiful. What a scam. I stand up for my bill of rights. I’m full on…. <<>Thank You☆>>>>9REPLY

SkyPod 1080p17 hours agoIt’s like the wolfs saying we’re going to protect the sheep.4REPLY

Simon Bevan19 hours agoWe do not wrestle with flesh and blood but against power and principalities. Ephesians6 v12 Pray for wisdom she’s more valuable than silver gold even rubies.68REPLYView 5 replies

C.J. Shelby16 hours agoI took care of a 93 yr old that died from this but this happened dec 31 to jan 9. I was with her 15-24 hours a day and I never got sick. During this at least 35 people interacted with her. No one got sick.15REPLY

bigbike19 hours agoWatch your back , be vigilant , you know they dont like educated people speaking to truth ! Preying for you !33REPLY

James Hicks20 hours agoThere’s more of us than them. We gotta FIGHT the power!!!!!!

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