The Quantum Shift

Dr. Sam Mugzzi, Kent Dunn, and The Quantum Shift.

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Deplorable Lesbian

Deplorable Lesbian10 hours ago Ok, the weather in Texas is because they’re getting the Reptilians? Or is it because they don’t want the redemption centers to go? Which one is it?

Jennie Spooner

Jennie Spooner10 hours ago my daughter was rarely sick i let her have the fever i let her have the cough i let her have the runs …we run to the drug store to stop the symptoms but the body is still sick.. you just stopped the bodies attempt to rid of it ….next day or 2 she was fine.

Jodi Risenmay

Jodi Risenmay10 hours ago I don’t know anyone that’s saying they’re getting the word straight from President Trump. The people I’m listening to (not meaning I BELIEVE everything they’re saying) Have just as much “proof” as you, Sam. I’m hoping you aren’t just blowing smoke. If we’re going by results, we’ve got ZERO. How many more YEARS are we supposed to wait? I’m ready to go to war if things continue on the same path. The evil is winning as far as I can see. The evil has undone the hard fought progress that was made by President Trump…. oh and I’ve lost faith in Kent.

Jennie Spooner

Jennie Spooner9 hours ago no matter what rules and laws were put into effect long ago still dont own me you still dont own the planet ..and when i go into court I am not at sea I am not on a boat …who agrees to this sh*t ???…….all rules and laws serve the elite not WE THE PEOPLE … I do not see a contract signed by both parties saying i agree to their ownership of me …….funny the word ownership has the word ship in it.


JuseBeats7 hours ago Reptiles, snake people and clones? Can someone offer proof? And not “well it kinda look different so yea there it is”.

stardust firefairy

stardust firefairy9 hours ago Stop saying “ya know” I could get sauced up making a drinking game Everytime you say it.

Artie Jane

Artie Jane10 hours ago That’s why Angelina Jolie had her breasts removed to try and get other women to do it and saying get tested and see if you do have cancer cells in the future that you could remove your breast and save your life for the future yep.

Jennie Spooner

Jennie Spooner10 hours ago my doctor friend said he got 45 minutes of a health and nutrition class …one day….see they really dont want to heal us ignorance ..they take the Hippocratic oath and dont even know what Hippocrates said …which is …let thy food be thy medicine and they medicine be thy food.

Barry Franklin

Barry Franklin10 hours ago I would not be surprised if they remove men’s prostates to try to product children for their evil agendas

Love n light

Love n light 15 hours ago Pleeeeee-ay-di-ans not Palladians

Emily Lowrie

Emily Lowrie7 hours ago Sounds like dr. Morse pressing about the lymphatic system. Hes on top of it. He said the skin is like the 3rd kidney.

Sue Roy


Billy AZConcertGuy

Billy AZConcertGuy17 hours ago (edited) I had to pause the show just to get this off my chest. Sam and Kent keep going on and on and on about how every time you do a little or big thing “wrong” you have to then come back and do it again. How the heck would they know what is “wrong” and what isn’t? There is no such thing as “perfect”. What is perfect to one person is not to another so by their rules you have to do everything ‘perfectly’ all the time to not come back here anymore. Which makes no sense to me whatsoever. It’s not even possible for anyone to live a perfect life from start to finish. I swear to God they sound more like organized religion than they do people of intelligence and higher dimensional thinking… What if I had a life where I ate well and watched my diet and intake to a tee and whatnot. And in a more recent life I was focused on other things and didn’t pay as much attention to it, does that mean I really need to come back and failed because I didn’t do it perfectly every single life? S&K’s rules for what gets punished and what doesn’t is ridiculous. They don’t know any more about that than we do. And Kent saying in one of the prior shows about “and if you do one little thing wrong they will destroy your soul energy”. I mean how did more people in here now pick up on how stupid and insane that was for him to say and believe?? If that kind of a judgmental universe actually existed I’d willingly take a header into the soul-destroying machine myself because that is so F’d up I don’t know where to begin…

Ilsa Galvin

Ilsa Galvin16 hours ago Are you telling us that… Those poor people in Texas… Are collateral damage?!? I think that’s so wrong!


GREENMAN APOTHECARY COLLECTIVE 8 hours ago Lincoln was dead in 1871, he wasn’t signing anything.

Dennis Anschau

Dennis Anschau17 hours agoWhoa!!!! Wait a minute Dr Sam!!!! You say you seen them spraying the skies with chemtrail!!!! Some shows back, Remember! Kenny said the chemtrails that are being spayed now are GOOD!!!!! Chemtrails!!!! Kenny said they are all GOOD now! So you explanation please? 🐂💨🔥

Belinda Culbertson

Belinda Culbertson18 hours ago I need help. They found a mass on my uterus pre cancer they want to operate but want to give me a swap test for covid before surgery. what can I take to prevent the poisons…help.

Cheryl C

Cheryl C 18 hours ago I don’t know what is going to happen on the 4th but the hotels are booked and very expensive. …but most of the intel I get says he is not taking back over on the 4th.

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