The Best Bolognese Sauce

My all-time favorite bolognese sauce recipe is slow-simmered with a rich tomato base, a delicious blend of beef and pork, and the coziest blend of garlicky seasonings.  Serve with pasta, gnocchi, or roasted eggplant, and enjoy! 

Finally!  After sharing my favorite recipes for classic marinara, spicy arrabbiatacreamy carbonara, cheesy cacio e Pepe, and garlicky Aglio e olio, I’m back today to add one more very important recipe to our collection here of classic Italian pasta sauces.

Meet my all-time favorite bolognese recipe. ♡

Over the years, I’ve ordered, cooked, and tasted a wide variety of sauces all considered to be some variation of bolognese.  From having the chance to sample bowls upon bowls of the real-deal authentic ragù alla bolognese during our trip to Bologna last year to cooking up and learning from Marcella, Lidia, and Massimo’s famous bolognese sauce recipes here at home, to playing around with a number of non-traditional shortcuts, seasonings or cooking methods, to even sampling a few of the jarred versions of bolognese that are crazy-popular at nearly every grocery store around — it seems clear that the world has come to love this hearty Italian meat sauce, however traditional or non-traditional various versions of it may be.

And based on the number of requests I’ve received over the years for a bolognese sauce recipe here on Gimme Some Oven, it sounds like many of you certainly love it too!!

Well to be sure, the certified traditional bolognese recipe will always remain the undisputed authentic classic.  But over the years, I’ve come to learn that I personally prefer a more modern take on the original recipe.  One with a rich, slow-simmered, tomato base (versus the traditional version, which many are surprised to learn includes minimal tomato), one made with an extra-flavorful variety of meats (including Italian sausage, in addition to traditional beef and pancetta), one that leans into some of my favorite Italian seasonings (garlic, herbs, plus a hint of anchovies, trust me), and one that takes the time it needs to simmer and develop an unforgettable depth of flavor (the key to good bolognese, a process that simply can’t be rushed).

It’s not a complicated recipe to make at all, but it is one that requires a bit of extra love and time.  And one that — I promise — will be so worth it.  ♡  So gather up your ingredients, turn up some good music in the kitchen, maybe pour yourself a glass of wine, and settle in for a few hours of cooking up the coziest, richly-flavored, most delicious bolognese recipe I know.  You are in for a treat!

Pot of Bolognese Sauce

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