Stay away from MSM – Good vs Evil

Stay away from MSM – Good vs Evil.

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Lin Wood Fireside Chat 6 | Why VP Mike Pence Didn’t Stand Up for the President

Laptop stolen from Pelosi’s office during storming of U.S. Capitol, says aide

DNI Report Delivered to Congress Right After Certification – It’s Not Over Yet –

Here’s part two of the walk of shame for
! Listen closely

Lt. General Thomas McInerney, speaking at the White House yesterday.

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  • KrazyKathy, 2 days agoHold the line! WWG1WGA🇺🇸🙏REPLY81 rumbles
    • KATYLOX, 2 days agoWHO filmed the black guy , leading the break in by antifa ? It was obviously orchestrated !REPLY37 rumbles
      • EricCoomer, 2 days ago100% ORCHESTRATEDREPLY26 rumbles
        • PatriotMama, 1 day agoCall it what it is by the left….another false flag.7 rumbles
      • clasyldynpa, 1 day agoOMG, you are right, great questionREPLY14 rumbles
        • OBeautiful, 22 hours ago rumble
      • BACONATOR, 1 day agoTrump will serve another term!!! Come see how we know!!! [ POOTUBE STILL SUCKS HOWEVER LOL ]REPLY8 rumbles
    • PaxVobis, 1 day agoI guess Lin Wood wasn’t so crazy after all about Pence…REPLY23 rumbles
      • NanaKnows, 1 day agoAnd years ago when Field MConnell told you all this you said he was a crazy old washed up military man. Guess Field was not so crazy after all.REPLY7 rumbles
        • J12U, 1 day agoGod bless him.3 rumbles
      • PertNear, 1 day agoI liked Pence ~ Xtreme sadness. I thought Lin Wood was nuts.REPLY3 rumbles
      • Ritaki14, 9 hours agoPence-Rayn rumble
    • karensue333, 2 days agoThey got away with NOTHING.REPLY12 rumbles
      • BACONATOR, 7 hours ago Lock -n- LoadREPLY1 rumble
    • BACONATOR, 1 day ago1.7.21: [email protected] BUSTED! He did not CONCEDE! Stay away from MSM! rumbles
      • PatriotMama, 1 day agoCut the cord on our TV three years ago and don’t miss it a bit. I am still on FB just to check on my family. Mostly on Gab, Parler and MeWe. Love that our favorite vloggers are using Rumble! WWG1WGA.REPLY5 rumbles
        • di4338, 22 hours agoparler is under attack right now3 rumbles
      • RealFarRight, 1 day ago“We are about to find out who the summer Soldiers and sunshine patriots are.” >>>> Note: “The #SummerSoldier and the #SunshinePatriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. – Thomas Paine “The American Crisis” rumbles
      • RealFarRight, 1 day ago #PATRIOTFURYREPLY1 rumble
    • RealFarRight, 1 day agoWHY IS PRESIDENT TRUMP GOING TO TEXAS? #PATRIOTFURY – LT COL ALLEN WEST – POSTED ON JANUARY 5, 2021 – “It doesn’t matter what I say. It matters what his constituents, those who voted for him say…as well as the millions who may be in Washington DC tomorrow,” stated West. “We are about to find out who the summer Soldiers and sunshine patriots are.” >>>> Note: “The #SummerSoldier and the #SunshinePatriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. – Thomas Paine “The American Crisis” >>>>>> Note: If you do not know – PLEASE research Lt Col. Allen West #PATRIOTFURY – it will all make sense – in fact – I’ll show you a video in the next comment. rumbles
        • RealFarRight, 14 hours ago#TheSaltMustFlow #SALTYARMY #SALTARMY #SaltTeam6 #SaltTeamSix #WeAreLegion #OathKeeper #Veteran #PATRIOTFURY #WeAreTakingOurCountryBack #TrustThePlan #Q #QANON #ANON #ANONS #WWG1WGA #WeAreTheStorm – THE KRAKEN – HAS NOT BEEN RELEASED YET – THE KRAKEN IS PRESIDENT TRUMP – AND HIS #TRUMPCARD – rumble
    • BarbaraDewey, 7 hours agoTransition is back to the peopleREPLY1 rumble
  • itsazoo, 2 days agoYes we’ll peacefully transition into a new Trump administration with VP Flynn or some other wonderful Patriot at his side. Another deep state rat bites the dust!REPLY56 rumbles
  • KayJay2006, 2 days agoWWG1WGAREPLY50 rumbles
  • jlmiron59, 2 days agoPastor Mark Burns…..well said. What we should all realize that those #Antifa thugs were not acting alone. There were Democrats/RINOs/Republicans & Capitol police complicit/planning this attack. This is treason at its finest. I’m heart sick at our politicians have slipped so low to do this to the American citizens. These folks need to see their day in court.REPLY41 rumbles
    • clasyldynpa, 1 day agoCourt is too good for them, it should be a public square shaming and tomato throwing then hang the treasonous traitors like days of old.REPLY7 rumbles
  • raymb, 2 days agoIt is amazing how We The People get the truth out faster than the corrupt media. Yet, the media pushes their narrative in the most negative view possible. They only destroy themselves by exposing themselvesREPLY39 rumbles
    • PaxVobis, 1 day agoSadly, it had to get to this point for people to start taking a stand though…REPLY5 rumbles
  • BarbiQ, 2 days agoRed Oklahoma and Kansas Senators folded on their constituents and took back their objections. Sad and foolish choice. now they are accomplices to Treason.REPLY32 rumbles
    • Industry4dot0, 1 day agoI’m from Kansas, and I agree. I’d like to know if they and their families were threatened though. If you get a visit from someone who says they are going to take your little daughter or granddaughter and put her in trafficking and do horrific things, and that there’s nothing you can do to keep them from doing it…it would give you pause. I’m not saying that was done. But I am saying these people are that evil and would be willing to do that. I’d just like to know.REPLY7 rumbles
    • PaxVobis, 1 day ago~~~~Don’t forget Ben Sasse and Don Bacon of Nebraska…~~~~ >>>> Thank you Adrian Smith for standing up for Nebraska Values and a fair election for all residents regardless of party affiliation!<<<< ***Don Bacon is ran on being a patriotic Air Force veteran*** __________”I’d be honored if you joined Team Bacon to help me fight for conservative principles based on Nebraska values and common sense. This election is about you – your job, your family, your future. It is an honor to bring your values to Congress.”__________ ********* 1/7/2021 ********* Here’s the Full List of Members of Congress Who Objected to the Electoral College Vote ********* ((((( )))))REPLY1 rumble
  • rennysue, 2 days agoAll the Traitors are exposed!! They have completely completed their act of Treason!!REPLY28 rumbles
    • cleanse, 1 day agoSo, whatREPLY0 rumbles
  • Inhiswill777, 2 days agoCheck out prophecy of the late Kim Clement in 2007 and 2014….. 2007: Trump would be President… feb 2014: saw vision of a betrayal by someone sitting with the president at a table in the Whitehouse …. also said President Trump would serve 2 terms…. i didn’t follow Kim then but these statements are eye-opening for this very situation…REPLY28 rumbles
    • Quilter82, 2 days agoGod bless Kim. He prophesied Trump’s election way before it was a possibility. I have watched many of his videos and he is amazing in his service to the Lord. Gone too soon.REPLY15 rumbles
    • WildGoose, 2 days agoI was reflecting on the same thing this morning. Kim also mentioned I believe that Trump would not begin in the power of the Lord. President Trump has surrounded himself with men of God and given God honor, but He seems like a man on the outside looking in. Perhaps this betrayal will bring Donald the man to seek God more fervently till he truly knows God and finds that place where “In Him, he lives, and moves, and has his being”.REPLY13 rumbles
      • Inhiswill777, 2 days agoIt looks to me like that has already happened…. of course it’s a process for all of us… mine 46 years now… but the lord has a way of opening eyes and imparting revelation… eg…Saul on the Damascus road… the is a praying President by his own statements and who he has surrounded himself with in the oval office… even president Trump cannot explain why he had such victories amid such opposition… I’m praying he stays strong and increases in his faith… he certainly has the opportunity now..REPLY12 rumbles
        • WildGoose, 2 days agoYes, I believe you are correct. I just re-watched Clements prophecy. It will be interesting to see what transpires. My hope is that like Israel and the red sea, God has brought this nation and President Trump to a precipice from which aside from His intervention there is no hope. I would love to see God confound and receive all the glory due Him. May he be the “fourth man” in Trumps political furnace.10 rumbles
        • Buckeye_Rob, 1 day agoThis is happening so that GOD gets the glory it will be his had that delivers us. Put our faith in HIM. Yet though he slay me I will trust in the Lord4 rumbles
      • BeFaithful, 1 day agoBecause Trump has been so pro-life & has protected religious freedoms, etc. he is apparently very pro-Christianity. Because he has been under constant human & demonic attack for 4 long years & because he has been open to Christian counsel & prayers, he, hopefully has become a true Christian. However, if that is true, he may be in the early, immature stages. I say this because he still has rough edges, such as using bad words that Christians should avoid (Eph. 5:3,4; etc.) his verbal attacks on enemies could be said in a more loving way (Eph. 4:15; etc.) & his frequent boastful talk. Regarding the latter, yes, he does have to toot his own horn, because most of the media & his detractors will not, but he does it to a great degree. All these negatives have caused some people to reject him & his message, because they’re turned off by the delivery. I will continue to pray greatly for him & for God to somehow do a miracle & give him to us again as our President.REPLY1 rumble
    • 4263, 2 days agoThank you for sharing this information about Kim Clement, it was inspiring to watch and listen. The Trump Prophecy is beyond words, thank you!REPLY5 rumbles
    • Ypurcaro, 20 hours agoInhiswill777, Yes, I had chill when I was watching some of Kim’s video. I watched almost all of his video especially those about Trump. I was so upset on Jan 6 after Pence betrayed Trump. I went to Kim’s channel and yelled at him. I feel so bad now. I told him Trump didn’t get his 2nd term and Trump is in danger now. I prayed that he could help Trump spiritually.REPLY1 rumble
  • Cuebie1962, 2 days agoThey need better actors than that black guy grabbing the baton and runningREPLY26 rumbles
    • rennysue, 2 days agoIt was obvious that this actor was leading antifa through the capitol and where to go. Eyes opened!REPLY22 rumbles
  • Ronnie82, 2 days agoThat was uplifting LT ,Thankyou We know the truth and the truth will be told GOD BLESS DONALD J TRUMP GOD BLESS AMERICA ENGLANDREPLY25 rumbles
  • PatriotsEdge, 2 days agoStay steady Patriots. Faith and Prayer is more important now than ever. Hang in there. No matter the outcome, God’s will wins.REPLY24 rumbles
  • Twocatscac, 2 days agomsm allbtelling lies!REPLY24 rumbles
  • BACONATOR, 2 days agoWWG1WGA !!REPLY22 rumbles
  • MayhemMediums, 2 days agoHang Pence!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Treson! Judas!REPLY21 rumbles
  • raymb, 2 days agoI heard Trump had to make a declaration for crowds to dismiss in order to start the resurrection act. That is what he did at the end of the day yesterday. I guess we will see.

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