State of Emergency in California Unlawful

State of Emergency in California Unlawful. Peggy Hall – covid is Not an Epidemic in California.

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COVID is not an epidemic in California. Why the current state of emergency in California is invalid and unlawful. *** Please SHARE ***

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(NOTE: I meant to say CA has the LARGEST population in the US and is the WORLD’S 5th largest ECONOMY by GDP… emphasizing how dramatically “essential” the CA economy is and how devastating to shut it down for fatalities only 1/3 of the normal seasonal flu)

As a college instructor and health educator for the past 20+ years, I was the wellness contributor for the ABC Radio Network and the on-air wellness expert for the Emmy-nominated TV show, America Now. I love to research and dig deeper and have many published in national media. With a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Master’s in International Policy Studies, the study of civics is my passion, and educating others is my duty.

California Emergency Services Act:…

Public Health and Medical Emergency Powers:…

Here is the data from the CA Dept of Health for causes of death. The flu data is page 24, Table 11.…

Contact your LOCAL representatives, they are closer to the citizens than the Gov or State lawmakers.

Let them know about the unlawful and invalid state of emergency in CA. Alert your local Sheriff or Police Dept, as they are the ones charged with enforcing these invalid orders.







Bill Borden

Bill Borden4 months agoSo the law breaker is clearly the Governor of California.382

The Healthy American Peggy Hall

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Saif Cathum

Saif Cathum3 months agoHighImpactVlogs sent me. This is what people need to hear. You need more recognition, unfortunately YouTube is broken. Lets see if we can change that. Subbed, liked and shared.262REPLYView 25 replies

Peanut 411

Peanut 4113 months agoSubscribed.. HighImpactvlogs directed me here25

The Healthy American Peggy Hall



WhiteLight3 months agoI love this lady! She did her research and elucidates the facts cogently. We need more people like her, citizen journalists who are engaged in her community and understands politics and legal precedents as a layperson. Bravo Peggy! Keep up the good work!208

The Healthy American Peggy Hall

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Susan Kaitukoff

Susan Kaitukoff3 months agoThis is a media driven crisis!!!89

The Healthy American Peggy Hall

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Debbie Garland

Debbie Garland3 months agoI had a feeling that there were some games being played here, no more mask wearing, not healthy, no more social distancing, we should be free, now !!!!!!112

The Healthy American Peggy Hall

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njsmeets3 months agoKeep releasing facts that are available as public record, we need to educate ourselves & others on the rule of law in our counties, our states and America113

The Healthy American Peggy Hall

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Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson3 months agoI’m Canadian and watching highimpactvlogs led me here..67REPLYView reply

Kal Listi

Kal Listi3 months agoCorona-LIE-rus is just being used to grab power. Things aren’t going back to normal without revolution against a bloated, corrupt government.34

The Healthy American Peggy Hall

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Leslie Petrovic

Leslie Petrovic4 months agoYou’re so right! Sadly, the media has brainwashed the public and they can’t open their eyes to what’s really going on. Thank you for your video!87

The Healthy American Peggy Hall

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Galatus3 months agoExcellent information and well presented. Too bad that people in authority can’t do this type of research. You can lay it all out for them but they still can’t understand it or just don’t want to understand it. Therefore they do nothing.74

The Healthy American Peggy Hall

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Dawn Hendricks

Dawn Hendricks4 months agoI’m with you Peggy! This nonsense needs to STOP!34REPLY

Jackson Whitaker

Jackson Whitaker3 months agoHigh impact flix sent me May I say you’re one of the most intellectual individuals I’ve ever heard GOD BLESS YOU13REPLY

Gage Maverik

Gage Maverik4 months agoI agree @peggyhall let’s get these restrictions lifted TODAY57

The Healthy American Peggy Hall


StonebridgeOxford HOA

StonebridgeOxford HOA4 months agoEXCELLENT! Everyone in California needs to see this.47

The Healthy American Peggy Hall

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Maya Lewis

Maya Lewis4 months agoI did not realize how much I needed to know this. Thank you!55REPLYView reply


KathysTube3 months agoA voice of reason is more than welcome! Subbed and shared…27

The Healthy American Peggy Hall

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Janand Liz Hunter

Janand Liz Hunter4 months agoVERY, VERY WELL DONE, WELL RESEARCHED AND WELL DELIVERED!! (shared)98

The Healthy American Peggy Hall



steelersfanhawaii3 months agoAt same time, Newsome’s so called ’emergency’ declaration is arbitrary and capricious35REPLYView 2 replies


cassie927054 months agoNewsome hates Orange County, one of the few remaining bastions of semi-conservatism in California. Remember, this is the guy who was sworn in on Jan 7th, then sued the city of Huntington Beach on Jan 25th for insufficient low-income housing units. Apparently, that was the most pressing issue facing in our state. Also, remember that Aunt Nancy said about Obamacare, “You have to pass it so you can find out what’s in it…” Neither she nor her nephew give a rip about any kind of laws, which are simply roadblocks to be maneuvered around as they force their agenda forward.Read more38

The Healthy American Peggy Hall


elmo watkins

elmo watkins3 months agoEmperor Newsom does not need to follow the rules of peasants. He shall make proclamations and they shall be the rule of the land.

Read More.

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