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Starting A Business. This is Part 1 of a full series this month, taking you behind-the-scenes of building and creating a business & doing what you love: the ups, the downs, the tears & the real real. Yes, I tell this story every year, because every year there is more to share and tell and show you, especially for those of you who have dreams of your own business or something like it. Our stories are so important to tell, and are so much bigger than most people see or understand from the outside. In all parts of life. And this one, for me, has played a huge part in my life and my own growth. So grab a cup of coffee and get ready for some real talk. 

You know those times when you look back at your life, and you can so clearly see those game-changing, split-second moments that formed exactly who (and where) you are today?

Like lines drawn in the sand, they’re almost little category dividers for you: of  life “before” and then life “after”. Pivotal moments, however big or small, that changed everything that came after it.

And I don’t just mean like the day you decided you could order the second cheapest glass of wine on the menu, or when you finally figured out how easy it was to make salad dressing on your own.

But, I mean, like the BIG LIFE STUFF:

The day you met your now hubby or wife. Or decided to get fully real, open and vulnerable with a relationship of any kind in your life.

The day you decided that you were worth it enough to start eating real-food (instead of whatever was the easiest and the most convenient).

The day you moved into your very first place on your own.

The day you channeled your inner Beyonce and fiercely asked for the raise you knew you deserved.

The day you decided that your past stories don’t own or predict your future.

Or the day that you decided you wanted to travel the world, or start a business, or bring some beautiful babies into this world. And then, you went and did it.

And isn’t it always true that it feels sooo easy to see how all the dots connect, when you look back?

Of the people and places and things that pointed you EXACTLY where you needed to go, and taught you EXACTLY the things you needed to know when you got there?

Like sprinkles of magic dust, little tiny flashing neon arrows, and divine breadcrumbs gently scattered before you. Each one, teasing and coaxing you to take the next step.

On Creating A Business + Living A Inspired Life: The Real Story (PART 1) via @simplyrealhealth

But, let’s be real.

Because when you’re actually IN those moments of transition, it always feels so freaking scary.

So unknown, and so uncertain, and like you’re 100% sure that your world is just about to fall apart and combust into a million tiny pieces.

That just when you’re about to break down, is when you break through.

Welcome to life, right?

Well, at least in the pursuit of a more intentional and satisfying one: a healthy life (in all capacities: mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually) that you’re taking an actual role in designing and creating for yourself. I think it happens even more often then.

But here’s the thing– nobody likes to talk about it.

I’m actually the worst with it. It’s literally a joke in our house between Kyle and I that I block out all bad memories, and forget they ever happened. My brain literally edits it out. I kinda hate admitting it, but it’s so true. I’ve always been like that.

Which, maybe is not a bad trait at all to have personally (aka, let that sh*t go if it’s not serving you!), but as someone who also wants to lead and inspire other people to live their best life, there is such beauty in the WHOLE story. Unedited. Real. And perfectly imperfect. The weird and winding path, instead of a straight line.

There’s just so much juiciness to be savored, instead of just showing or sharing WHAT’S GOOD and WHAT WORKED and how I have everything just SO FIGURED OUT.

Um. False.


Times a million.

On Creating A Business + Living A Inspired Life: The Real Story (PART 1) via @simplyrealhealth

So, these past 4 years, it’s one of my big intentions to do exactly that. To tell those stories, messy and hard and foggy as they came.

With hopes that in doing so, it might encourage, help or hold more space for even one of you reading this right now, in a season of life where you’re wondering what’s next.

To help you embrace and enjoy the process of GROWTH and EXPANSION and of RISING UP a little bit more. And to not be so scared of listening to your intuition and that little tiny voice that always seems to know what’s next, if you’re ready enough to listen.

And, because, I truly believe that behind every person doing big things in the world, there are these tiny and powerful little stories. Small undercurrents. Lessons and challenges. And moments of truth and fear, and of rising up to meet them both, over and over again.

It’s why I’m obsessed with podcasts. And interviews. And learning more about the lives of people that have done BIG AMAZING THINGS with their lives—because behind it all are these little mini journeys of getting quiet, searching their hearts and souls, saying yes even when they don’t know the outcome, and opting in to being lead and guided to along a path that’s so hard to predict.

So, if you’ve been around here for a little while, you know that this time of year makes me a little sentimental, and a little more reflective about these kind of things.

About those game-changing moments. Because lord knows I’ve certainly had my fair share along this path to building this wild business of mine.

So, if you’ve never heard the whole story– you may not know the truth: that my life hasn’t always been in the easy, joyful and soul-fulfilling place that you see nowadays on instagram.

Oh honey. Wanna know the real story?

Pull up a chair, a soft little blanket, get yourself a cozy little bevvie, and settle in. Because this month a few years ago, my life was nothing like it looks now.

Because 8 years ago in February 2012, I had one of those moments. The kind that would change everything that came after it.

8 years ago, I started this little business called Simply Real Health.

And, while it may sound glamorous, and seem like I started out with a million followers, knowing how to do all the things, a waitlist list of clients, someone giving me investment money, here’s the real truth: 8 years ago, my life was in this kind of a season:

I was fresh off a heartbreaking breakup (with a guy I so thought was the one after 4 years together).

The job that I had (in a industry that I loved), suddenly couldn’t pay me anymore.

My first “big girl” apartment lease was up. And my best friend and roommate was moving out and getting married and starting her beautiful life.

I moved back home with my parents, falling asleep to my high school prom pictures on the wall, and waking up in my high school bed, feeling like no time had passed at all.

I had tiny food blog full of terribly lit pictures, but a small group of fiercely loving people that followed it anyways.

So, I did what any sane person would do, given the circumstances:

I walked nervously into the bank, and handed them a check for $2,000 to open a business account.

At age 26, it was not only the most I had ever spent on anything, but was pretty much my entire net worth.

I mean sure, WHY NOT?

All the while, truly and secretly thinking: well, at this point, come on. What’s the worst that can happen? I think I’m already THERE.

It was the beginning of a story that has changed so much in my life.

And even if you have no desire or curiosity about the behind-the-scenes of running or creating a business out of something you love, I can bet that the art of intentionally creating something meaningful (be it a job or a baby or a relationship or a side hobby or art, etc) is somewhere in there, that you can maybe be able to relate and pull some nuggets of wisdom from this story I’m about to tell.

On a little modern take on entrepreneurship and passion and life.

And on creating a life, doing something you love. The insider peek: a series, because well. It’s still unfolding. And every year there is more to tell, more to learn from, and more little nuggets of wisdom that I want to share from the front lines.

So, stay tuned my friend.

 Part 2 of the story, coming on Monday. 

photos by Carina Skrobecki

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