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Dr. Mikovits Exposes Fauci & CDC Part 1 Steve Motley Interviews Former Federal Prosecutor Sidney Powell – 11/12/2018… Part 2

Former Federal Prosecutor & Best Selling Author Sidney Powell – 11/12/2018… Join The Hemp Revolution!

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Marie Fremlin
10 hours agoYou are very correct. The DNC is full blown NWO. Even Democrats are starting to figure out the Democrat party are run by psychos that don’t care about them either.21REPLY

2 A

2 A10 hours agoThe stimulus asteroid just missed earth10REPLY

rebecca hamman

rebecca hamman10 hours agoWe been sold out that’s why.why are we killing u.s. meats & buying it from Africa & Chyna? Same reasons13REPLYView 2 replies

Marie Fremlin

Marie Fremlin10 hours agoYa know, I was like you. I knew these people were evil but I was skeptical about all the Satan worship stuff until about a year or two ago. Now I have no doubt all that is actually true. Especially after watching them change over time and talk to empty chairs etc…10REPLY

Connie Roberts

Connie Roberts7 hours agoNewsom is in bed with the Chinese and has been for a long time. He’s their puppet.6REPLY

Servicing IQ

Servicing IQ10 hours agoNo Doubt but one thing remains, as the Demons ……. The 4 Horseman of the “Whatever” You know, Gallop Texas, Hwy 66 and Hwy 666, Creepy Bill, and the Combining Yup, you just cannot make this stuff up. End of LineRead more13REPLYView 3 replies

Darryl Goben

Darryl Goben10 hours agoHey swamp Trump’s got some words for you you’re fired8REPLY

[bctt tweet=”Hey swamp Trump’s got some words for you you’re fired”]

Bill McCabe

Bill McCabe5 hours agoWe need to invite Putin here and show him a great time. Maybe have a parade in Putins honor.5REPLY


RockyAndTasha10 hours agoNewsome is a commee9REPLY

Bill Boardman

Bill Boardman6 hours agoIt’s not widely known….since the fall of the Soviet Union, US and Russian submariners have been in close contact…reunions and what not. These guys, who tracked each other in silence for 40+ years… realized that they knew a LOT more about their enemies than their friends. Russia is NOT our enemy.8REPLY

[bctt tweet=”Russia is NOT our enemy.”]

Denny Diante

Denny Diante5 hours agonow you’re channeling David Icke who’s been talking about “demon (reptilian) possession for 30 years!3REPLY

Deplorable Aussie

Deplorable Aussie7 hours agoHey Steve! We sure are in that eye of the Storm!6REPLY


GladysKravitzJr10 hours ago (edited)Hi Steve, I am having an episode of insomnia and glad to see you posted so I have something to watch! I took a Benadryl so hoping it will kick in soon 😁 been catching up on all the infighting, shills and infiltrators in the Patriot movement. How gullible can some people be? Reminds me of what we were warned of in the Scriptures…. people running here and there with itching ears… the blind leading the blind into the ditch.Read more6REPLYView reply

Carmen Glancy Realtor, Real Estate Agent

Carmen Glancy Realtor, Real Estate Agent6 hours agoLittle is on the China “friendly “ list that Pompao exposed a couple of months ago at the governors dinner.REPLY



Leland Johnson

Leland Johnson8 hours agoSaw the movie and sent it on to about 20 of my friends. Powerful!3REPLY

Leonard Russo

Leonard Russo9 hours ago It’s Good vs Evil ! Wake Up people before it’s too Late! 4REPLY

[bctt tweet=”It’s Good vs Evil ! Wake Up people before it’s too Late!”]

End Game

End Game10 hours agoThat’s so good Steve Motley that you’re mentioning the LORD in your recent videos. I wasnt sure if u believed in him or not. Since you only said you believe in a higher power and not mention specifically before. Unless you have and I’m just new.6REPLY

Robin Galey

Robin Galey5 hours agoI don’t understand why a president here would push for China to lead..1REPLY

Cynthia Nixon

Cynthia Nixon9 hours agoTime to put those guillotines that Obummer ordered to work! All for the public to see.6REPLY

Sheila C

Sheila C7 hours agoThey’re throwing that Control Rope Wide across as many things as they can That’s Bull CRAP about not letting ones who’ve had the virus to join the military Just another scheme of the Deep State1REPLY

Vova Chammonet

Vova Chammonet5 hours ago1. By order of proclamation of the “17” crew i formally tag the enemy as: ” The Demon Crack Party” That is all!1REPLY


RockyAndTasha10 hours agoThanks Major! Another good podcast. I use your YT cast to red pill friends and family.6REPLY

Sheila C

Sheila C7 hours agoGood Morning Y’all 🌄🏞️🇺🇸 Got a haircut yesterday, got a video this morning from a friend telling folks to stay home while she’s out and about, so I’m trying to tell her, Don’t buy into the Fear, get out and about 😎🇺🇸3REPLY

Jack Watt

Jack Watt9 hours agoReality is, all too many in our beloved country would prefer to ignore everything to do with deep state. Some use the name of Christ for their reason. Stand up for what is right and Christ will be with you. Take care Marine.2REPLY

Mark Priestley

Mark Priestley7 hours agoGot bad feeling Stevie something big is going down ☠💣1REPLY

Carol Hucklebridge

Carol Hucklebridge8 hours agoWhere have you been Steve? I was worried since we didn’t hear from you on the day the General’s case was dismissed. I thought, well he went and did it! Yep, thought you’d gotten that haircut and re-upped, lol. Glad to see you’re still here amongst the lively! Thanks for being there and being you. Love ya sir! 🇺🇸❤️🇨🇱✝️😊Read more2REPLY

Belinda Graham

Belinda Graham6 hours agoSteve, have you posted a book list of all the books you have recommended? I miss writing down some of your books you suggest, and it would be wonderful if you had a list somewhere. I am in the middle of The Power of Myth. So awesome!1REPLY

Tina Marie

Tina Marie4 hours agoWhy aren’t we being told about everything going on. I know the MSM won’t tell us, but our President should. We have the right to know the state of everything. We have the right to know how bad things are. We have the right to know so that we can get things in order….REPLY

Laureen Sanders

Laureen Sanders9 hours agoHello Steve, From Georgia, USA!!! I saw that video and it is very eye opening!!! God Bless You, Sir!!!!3REPLY

V Lilly

V Lilly8 hours agoCan someone tell me, PLEASE Why in 3 years we were not able to impeach all these traitors for not following the constitution in their duties, that they swore on?5REPLYView 2 replies

Sheila C

Sheila C7 hours agoHAPPY MOTHER’S DAY 💕💖😄 TO ALL THE MOMS❣️🙋2REPLYView reply

John Reagan

John Reagan6 hours ago This was an outstanding delivery of a very important red pill. Wake up America sir. This deserves to be Q’d. Throw this on Twitter, ect. , and get this way out there for all.1 REPLY

[bctt tweet=”This was an outstanding delivery of a very important red pill. “]

Belinda Graham

Belinda Graham6 hours agoI have ordered her book the Plague of Corruption.1REPLY

The Remnant

The Remnant7 hours ago (edited)Alabama is opening up! YAY! I’m so happy! I’m praying for all yall! You know what, if Taiwan can beat Covid-19 with keeping their economy running and just using basic common sense like social distancing when out and washing your hands then what is our problem? They only had 47 cases total.2REPLY

The Remnant

The Remnant7 hours agoIt is time for these asswipes to Pay The Piper! YES! ALL OF THE TRAITORS!2REPLYView reply


fawn99940 minutes agoI believe u Steve because I have eyes to see and ears to hear!!! I’ve been following all this for 4 years now everyday!!!! and I know what’s been going on and still is what really pisses me off is different sites u go on these so called Patriots swing both ways .. they will follow what someone else says because they can’t think for themselfes!!! and these Trump haters ..although they are all being kept safe and enjoying their lives they don’t hesitate to throw out hateful commints about our president!!!! Jesus says those who follow the father of lies. BE wise!!!!!! u put the truth out there and if people can’t see what’s going on around them leave it !!!!! there’s nothing u can do for them!!!!! thank u Steve and stay safe!!!!!! GB!!!!Read moreREPLY


sparticale19548 hours agoI think their attitude or disposition is more down the utterances of Mrs. Clinton ‘ If you do not sort this out we will all hang’ that’s as close to hell as I can remember.2REPLY

Paul Laymon

Paul Laymon1 hour ago The liberals have turned on Russia because for the last decade Russia has had a revival back to the Christian Orthodox faith. The Russian Orthodox Church is influencing Russia’s policies in a powerful and positive way. REPLY

[bctt tweet=”The liberals have turned on Russia because for the last decade Russia has had a revival back to the Christian Orthodox faith.”]

Sir Law

Sir Law5 hours ago (edited) China bought seaport and shipping area in Athens Greece too. They own most of Greece. REPLY

[bctt tweet=”China bought seaport and shipping area in Athens Greece too. They own most of Greece.”]

James Keller

James Keller3 hours agowar, we got to get those insiders, and china or else.


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