Simply Real Eating Is in COSTCO!


*cue the champagne pop* Simply Real Eating Is in COSTCO!. So this week, one of my biggest dreams (and a goal I’ve had and manifested for over 3 years now) came true. Costco bought my book!!! The real Costco. As in, The Simply Real Eating Cookbook is now available in a lot of Costco stores!!!

Do you think we can make them sell out across the country?! As a small town girl with a mission to stop the crazy food stuff and just eat SIMPLE + REAL food, this is sorta everything to me. My heart/head/tear ducts can hardly handle it.

Truthfully, as someone who self-published, created, sold and marketed my first book basically entirely by myself, this means more to me than most people probably will ever know. It’s so purely evident that this labor of love was worth every second– every long day, hours of recipe testing, shooting and reshooting, and the days spent writing the stories, words, rituals and recipes that fill the pages. It’s all worth it.

This moment, while it may look shiny and so happy… it’s because behind the scenes, this moment has been over 5+ years in the works.

5 YEARS of hustling books, figuring it out, sweating and hauling books everywhere, selling out the back of my car, not taking no for an answer, so many late nights, weekends, a lot of rejection, a lot of doubt, a lot of time, a lot of resistance, so many moments of ups and downs, and so much freaking hard work. But most of all, NOT EVER, EVER letting people tell me what was possible or not possible.

Especially as a small business owner. As a woman. As someone who didn’t have a set path carved out in front of me, or crazy connections or investors at the start.

And as a human who so fiercely believes in my mission on this earth— to help as many people as possible simplify their food, so they can simplify their lives– this kind of access means something big. To be able to help people live better, healthier and more intentional lives, all across the board.

So if you see it there, I hope you grab a copy or two as gifts. I would be so freaking THANKFUL. And to tell your friends and family. And send me pics!

And above all, when you see it, I hope you are reminded about your own dreams— whatever they may be. That the road to get to some of the big ones may not always feel easy. But the journey is the point sometimes. We only get this one life to live, and trying and GOING for it won’t ever be something you regret.

I love you, and thank you for being here and a huge part of this journey. You guys are the reason this dream was possible!

Love this post? You’d love the cookbook then too. My second book, Simply Real Eating also just came out in November, so make sure you grab your copy here. And be sure to check out the seasonal meal plans (or the new Easiest DINNER ONLY Plan)! It’s what we literally eat for dinner every week.

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