Shi Created the Virus

Shi Created the Virus Dr Shi Zhengli Created It at the Wuhan Facility & Here’s Your Proof

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This is a very comprehensive expose on the TRUE origins of the #WuhanVirus Everything in this video is well sourced and accurate with a big assist from the excellent work of #JoshuaPhillips from the #EpochTimes

His research is impeccable and in this video I simply fill in a few other very important details. Please share this everywhere. BTW, I only used a small portion of his documentary so hopefully it will not be censored.

Facebook & Youtube have been removing truthful news about the origins as of late. Please folks, I have lost A LOT of Patrons due to this crisis. I understand people’s financial situations have changed but if you can please support my efforts at

I depend on your support to do what I do which is to bring you the raw uncensored and unapologetic TRUTH each & every day. God bless you all and please be safe! Also please add “The Josh Bernstein Show” on your ROKU device for free!


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3 hours agoProsecute the American traitors who sold the US to China.72REPLYView 5 replies


Michael Flaherty5 hours agoWake up America China is not our friend they are our enemy the CCP wants to take over the world just like the Nazis were tried and Japan during World War II China is trying it now so wake up128REPLYView 18 replies

Michael Logan5 hours ago“Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder “124REPLYView 9 replies

Michael H5 hours agoUn’s last words: “I have dirt on Hillary.”56REPLY

Randy Libby4 hours agoI say no country should have the rights to make these things that can encompass a world in a matter weeks or even days.79REPLYView 4 replies

Peter Aliferis5 hours ago“Because the science says EFR 0.01% thats why! Stanford report verifies this as well as the recent California Dr’s study EFR 0.01%! OPEN UP THE COUNTRY NOW!” MSM and deepstate continue their vicious spygate plan to take down Pres. Trump! TRUMP 202090REPLYView 4 replies

Robert Miller5 hours agoHey josh how about trump all by himself in 2020 no one running against him because he exposes and crushes all , think about it no voter fraud70REPLYView 5 replies

chronic 3215 hours agoIt doesn’t matter who the nominee is. The dems have everything in place to steal the election.30REPLYView 3 replies

Denise Burroughs4 hours agoShi’s the famous bat lady of Wuhan that I’ve heard about ?? ….. and yes thank you Barry 🖤29REPLYView reply

Nancy McDaniel4 hours ago (edited)Since MSM is not reporting on Joe’s newly exposed crimes, looks like they want him to stay the nominee. Obummer did it on purpose to look like he wasn’t involved. All the evil always comes back to the group of evil creatures.28REPLYView reply

letmetellya4 hours agoThis mad scientist needs to be in front of a firing squad in the US39REPLYView 3 replies

Robin Murray4 hours agoEither they will make her a hero or execute here for being found out.21REPLY

Senora Bugsy4 hours agoThe use of animals such as this monster woman does is not only cruel but sick! She is a Frankenmonster! God has a plan for people like her and very soon! This type of monster has no place on our beautiful earth! These are the types of monsters the globalists should go after! Clean up our world!24REPLY

stiv joz5 hours agoThat’s Right!!! Josh has the intestinal fortitude to make the reports that MSM refuses to expose! This is why I tune in daily… Thank You Josh !!!40REPLY

Scott Picchiottino5 hours agoOur covid problem is an exact match for the 2005 movie CONTAGION47REPLYView 2 replies

Lewrene Lamse4 hours ago (edited)The question , why invent a deathly a virus , only one reason for this virus is to kill people , to kill populations , we need to prosecute and send them all to prison for life , we don’t need these kind of people in the world , they have nothing to give any to Society but evil ,20REPLY

JOSEPH EVANS4 hours agoYou know they have humans in there labs they have snached off of the streets .They are that evil you know they are.27REPLYView 3 replies

Dorothy Thomas4 hours agoWUHAN lab got funding for this research by Fauci and Bill Gates with the WHO.44REPLYView 4 replies

Ganniepeek53 Peek5 hours agoHahaha I see 1 thumbs down must be Hillary34REPLYView 3 replies

Mike Sawyer4 hours agoAnd we know for a fact that Dr. Fouci (one of the presidents heath advosors) was and is financally involved in the creation of this world wide Covid-19 pandemic.20REPLY

Amber Mcclure5 hours agoI’m here Good Morning Josh16REPLY

A Quarius4 hours agoGlobalists want war to hide their frauds.12REPLY

Tisha Jennings5 hours agoShe needs to be arrested NOW16REPLY

Margaret Roman4 hours agoTo think obama new about this virus and he kept quiet .CROOKED.15REPLYView reply

roy myers4 hours agoit is called biological war fair and why has the rest of the world not joind forces and boomed the hell out off china15REPLYView 3 replies

Lisa Christine; God’s Promise5 hours ago (edited)Wuhan University, gates research center and his link to the corona virus origins, followed by his vaccination, to track (spy on) us by our phones, to snitch on each other, if someone is suspected of having the virus…smh. It stinks real bad!

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