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Inlightofit all

Inlightofit all10 hours ago Assange will be free. President Trump will use him on the Russian issue and Hillary email.21REPLYView 2 replies

Debra Hall

Debra Hall9 hours agoCrooked James Comey should be in jail for a long time…but he’s not.11REPLY

Carolyn Petrey

Carolyn Petrey11 hours agoYou have THE best disposition…always..you seem to be constantly smiling and if you do have a shitty day it never comes through in your voice. It is uplifting to listen to your reports even when the news being reported is horrendous!22

Citizens Investigative Report

REPLYView 2 replies from Citizens Investigative Report and others

rick green

rick green11 hours ago“”Too little too late to save JA””…..Justice delayed, is justice denied””…..Another travesty of Justice??18REPLY

Miss Miami

Miss Miami10 hours agoRemember the Vault 7 saga. Comey mucked up the deal.14

Citizens Investigative Report


Adotsom Adotsom

Adotsom Adotsom10 hours agoJesus loves you as well Katie. You are a beautiful SOUL.14

Citizens Investigative Report


C ridestraight

C ridestraight7 hours agoStill broker than a CV-19 Church Mouse so Prayers for you and all of your family, friends and devoted Patreons!2REPLY

covfeve grins

covfeve grins10 hours ago a lot of damning information about the CIA and its tactics; reading the transcripts is well worth it.10REPLY

William Demmon

William Demmon11 hours agoCheers Patriots 💛 Q sent me!💛💛💛💛🙏🙏🙏8

Citizens Investigative Report


Adriane Kelly

Adriane Kelly11 hours agoThanks, Katie! 👍💕✌️🙏🌎🎶🐸😘🇺🇸11

Citizens Investigative Report

REPLYView reply

Dee Smith

Dee Smith5 hours agoYep. Breaking News: They just announced that Ruth Bader Ginsberg just died.2REPLY

Carol Kingsafer

Carol Kingsafer10 hours agoThanks Katie G👏🇺🇸👍💞 Blessings to You and Your’s ❣️🙏6

Citizens Investigative Report



abunchahooey9 hours agoKatie G!! Great reporting! Shizz is going down! What gets me through all of the waiting and uncertainty is knowing how FREAKED OUT so many of the clowns and criminals must be. I bet they can’t sleep! HA HA HA HA! It makes me giddy! You have a great weekend, give your husband and Skippy 🐶 a pat on the head, 😂 and THANK YOU! Love you, girl!! ❤️ 💋1REPLY

JJ Kohler

JJ Kohler11 hours agoAmazing10

Citizens Investigative Report


Sonya Choate

Sonya Choate1 hour ago Bill Binney, honest to God Patriot.💞🙏💖REPLY


onelen11 hours agoLove you and your work Katie.. Thank you soo much.14

Citizens Investigative Report


Pelican 123

Pelican 1234 hours agoCan not believe he has been locked up this long. This is not right! He should have been protected and kept safe. I just hope this happen like yesterday…1REPLY

Chardi Jensen

Chardi Jensen4 hours agoI knew Assange was not being captured, he was being RESCUED.REPLY

Adotsom Adotsom

Adotsom Adotsom10 hours agoWe love you too Katie!5

Citizens Investigative Report



Gee11 hours ago (edited)Hi 👋 Katie G from Phoenix Arizona…..Oh yea 🥰10REPLY

Linda Pratt

Linda Pratt10 hours agoThank Q! Much appreciated Show Notes!!!!!!!3REPLY

Diane Wright

Diane Wright1 hour ago“Collectively crapping their pants right now”!!! ROFL GOOD 1!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣REPLY

Drought Tolerant

Drought Tolerant9 hours agoThank You Katie, another great update.2REPLY

Jacques Lanoue

Jacques Lanoue9 hours ago Hannity for god sake, let the guy finish his sentence. What’s wrong with you?

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