Retreat Not Surrender!

Retreat Not Surrender!

Greasy Grass Battle is how Lakota and Suhtai (Sioux and Cheyenne) call Custer’s Last Stand. They were in full retreat. The post-Pearl Harbor, one way, Doolittle Air Raid on mainland Japan, was tactically insignificant but regained US initiative.

I honestly believe President Trump is coming back, he is a true Patriotic Leader, we should keep our faith in God and President Trump!

We won’t surrender and we aren’t going to give up ever.

Trump understands more than most will ever know.

One administration spends 4 years building things and the next administration spends 4 years tearing it down. The two sides can never meet in the middle and find a compromise. So the people suffer. The system is shit, full of lies. But Trump was the best thing to happen to the USA in a long time and look at how badly half the Country treated him. It will only get worse. Great videos. sorry for the rant…HENX – Light Years Beyond Colloidal Silver! Protect Your Family!

Brennan worships Satan. I think they all do or most of them!

IMO Trump saw the Deep State as his enemy. He played the role for the public by fighting Biden. He could not get up on stage and talk about those high on the pyramid. This is the first time I don’t agree with Prather but time may certainly show if he is right.

I know you aren’t knocking him. But, one man, against all odds, against a centuries-old global organization, with only 4 years to do it, my God what a fantastic job he did. I don’t think he’s done. He’s been through the learning curve and more than likely has a contingency plan. The plan is us, by the Grace of God!

Trump accomplished all you document, Jeffrey, and more in just 4 years against tremendous and constant headwinds. What a GIANT of a MAN.

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