Resignations Continue! Pray!

Resignations Continue. Many More Exposed.

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Six Capitol police officers suspended, others investigated over Jan. 6 Capitol riot

His Glory – Take 5: And We Know! LT Interview 2/19/21

‘Never before has the leader of the free world been ‘so cognitively compromised’


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Resignations A Look at Some Comments

  • SirJamesDTech, 1 day ago The wife, my young son, and I watched your conversation on His Glory last night. Thanks for being open with stories and giving your heart to all of this.REPLY224 rumbles
      • TAR1776, 8 hours agoABSOLUTE PROOF – The American Report rumbles
    • Kalli, 23 hours ago LT is a man of God, and we are blessed to have him producing these fantastic videos informing us of current events. I listened to his interview on His Glory last night and quite frankly, can’t get enough of LT. I’ve cried daily since Sunday now…last night I cried when LT cried, and today I cried when this video showed the clip of Vera meeting Nicholas (they both cried). I watched that video entirely some time ago. Remember, Jesus cried.REPLY152 rumbles
  • jbankes, 20 hours ago Amen!!! John 11:35 – “Jesus wept”. Shortest verse in the bible but just as poignant as the longest. LT – thanking you for all of your work and productions over the last years. Watch every one of them and know you are keying in on all the stories we all need to know. Keep up your great work! God bless all of his disciples and let’s keep our faith strong for Jesus saves and with God NOTHING is impossible. Thank you Jesus for dying for all of our sins! AmenREPLY81 rumbles

Reading More Comments

  • sammyfozzie, 19 hours ago Amen! Jesus does save and died for our sins! I’m trying to remind myself daily of this. We should not be putting our hope in man but only in God. We need to be careful not to see a mere man (as much as I love DJT) as our saviour. If God uses DJT for His glory then amen. I thank God exclusively. I’ve been convicted in my spirit lately that I watch too many videos on this whole Q+Anon thing and I don’t spend enough time in God’s word and with Him. He is my rock and my salvation… whom should I fear?62 rumbles
        • sammyfozzie, 11 hours ago @chrisfinal – I don’t know where you get your theology from but I will have to disagree with your belief system in regards to Jesus, the son of God, being an ordinary human being. He was anything but. And if he was just an ordinary human being then Him dying on the cross to pay for my sins wouldn’t mean anything or have any power in His death or His resurrection. His pain and weeping came from the realisation that for a time He would be separated from God the Father. That was the most awful part for Jesus. And I’m sure more than the physical death… it was having the weight of the world’s sins sitting on His shoulders. I do not take that lightly or for granted or make it into something less that what in fact it gloriously was.16 rumbles

More Resignations Comments

  • chrisfinal, 11 hours ago @sammyfozzie, what I was trying to say is that when Jesus was on earth, he was born a human being. All his powers came from God, his faith in God. His miracles come from God not himself and he was trying to show us that if we had faith like him, we could move mountains. Intellectually, Jesus is not human but emotionally and physically he was human. That is why he died. You need to understand that I am not making Jesus look as helpless as us. Jesus is the Son of God and right now he is given all the power in heaven and on earth. This is not difficult to understand. It is not a matter of he is human and he is not.8 rumbles

Continue Resignations Comments

  • chrisfinal, 12 hours ago ‘Jesus wept’ showed that Jesus is as emotionally vulnerable as any human being. He was an ordinary man born of flesh and blood just like you and me. He is not superior in any way. Just before he died he cried ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?’. This showed that Jesus is just a man who suffered physical pain like anyone of us. He prayed and hoped God would relief him of the pain. God did not. God is not going to cheapen his death by doing so. Jesus died an immensely painful death over a long period and it was presided over by Satan who had this special chance of tormenting the Son of God. We should be indeed grateful that Jesus was willing to go through such pain and suffering to give us, sinners, eternal lives. Thank you Jesus and thank you God.8 rumbles
        • chrisfinal, 11 hours ago @sammyfozzie, you can imagine all kinds of reasons for why Jesus is having pain and suffering. The reality is that he was savagely beaten before he was crucified. He knew he was going to suffer terrible pain and that was why he asked Peter to pray for him, at the same time his sweat was like blood. If Jesus did not suffer the terrible death, so what if he died for our sins. God might as well let Jesus walk in the park and said Jesus walk in the park for our sins. If God gave Jesus anesthesia when he was beaten or put on the cross, what was that worth that Jesus died on the cross. That experience was bloody painful and Jesus went through it like a human.5 rumbles
      • MaryLM, 6 hours ago Now I’m crying…and I haven’t even turned on the video yet! I like to read about 10 to 20 comments before I listen.

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