Pimento Cheese

My favorite Southern-style homemade pimento cheese recipe is super-easy to make in just 10 minutes and tastes delicious as a spread, dip, or however you’d like to serve it!

Raise your hand if you grew up loving pimento cheese! ♡

Oh man, this retro Southern spread brings up some major nostalgia for me.  We always used to look forward to cracking open those little store-bought jars of it for snack time when we were kids, either dolloped on Ritz or Club crackers or spread inside crispy celery sticks.  And even though I was a very picky eater back in the day — oh my goodness — I absolutely loved this stuff!

It wasn’t until years later in college that a friend introduced me to her family’s recipe for homemade pimento cheese that I realized how next-level delicious the scratch version could be.  (Yep, I grew up just thinking it was just a delicious product from Kraft!)  Turns out, homemade pimento cheese is incredibly easy to whip up in just 10 minutes or so.  And when made with a good sharp cheddar, tangy cream cheese and mayo, roasted red peppers, fresh green onions, and a blend of zesty seasonings, this simple spread stands the test of time and still tastes downright irresistible!

Feel free to serve it up with your favorite chips, crackers, or veggie sticks.  Or I’ve included a list below of other fun ways to use pimento cheese too — from spreading it on sandwiches (hello, grilled cheese) to burgers, baked potatoes, deviled eggs, and more.  There’s really no way to go wrong with this recipe.  So round up the ingredients and let’s make a batch together!

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