Out Of Shadows

Out Of Shadows The Documentary

After she stopped one day I said you are either 100% batshit crazy or you think all this is real in the spirit world and she looked at me and she said Michael I am one of the only pelvic floor therapists in Southern California

at the time and when these satanic people and these evil people do their rituals two little girls and women and boys who do you think puts them back together? I do. It’s completely real and you need to look into it. My awakening it didn’t happen at church the way that some people find God

I just pretty much had given up my faith and I’d given up where I was at and I was just kind of at the point where I was like okay well I’m gonna have the best time I can here and when I die I die that’s it I still wasn’t sure if

I if was a hundred percent crazy or not but I was reading these articles and looking at these things and I was like you know I’ve seen things at parties I’ve seen artwork I’ve seen statues

I’ve seen things in some people’s houses that just seemed to be mimicking cult stuff I’m reading about so I was like maybe there is something to this I’m just gonna say this I didn’t find God because I went to church I found God because I realized that the Luciferian

and the other side the occult world was real and that I had been fooled for all these years and I got really scared because this was the first time in my life that I was having to question my own reality physically I was crushed I wasn’t gonna be who I was and

spiritually I mean if I’m being honest I wasn’t I didn’t know anything about being a Christian I mean really and then professionally everything that I knew about my career I was starting to look at in a different way I was starting to question Mike my career in Hollywood from a different

perspective so I first I got off of social media and I made an anonymous account I started reading blogs looking at articles I read books I started watching videos online I just started searching for the truth and I was finding accounts that we’re searching for the truth

themselves they weren’t mainstream accounts these were accounts online that I felt like were like me they were just looking for what the truth was I didn’t believe I was getting the truth from CNN, MSNBC, Fox, I don’t believe in shape

I just wanted to read it absorb it and Just trust what my gut told me I was reading as they did my research I began to understand there’s a very small group of people that influence all the companies that we watch so they used to call them the big six but Disney just bought Fox and Disney controls Marvel and Disney owns Lucas studios

so look at that giant audience right here say a small group of people who control the narratives and the content that we all see on all the channels it makes you feel like oh I have lots of choices but you don’t whose telling them what to put on those channels

where does that lead tonight the FBI is on the case and they are warning big companies in America to protect their data after a big Hollywood studio got hit by hackers and several blockbuster movies ended up online this is the first time the United States has accused a foreign government of a cyber attack against an American corporation

and this interested me because I worked over at Sony quite a bit during my career and I actually had to get life lock during the Sony hack so I was you know I was curious I was like what was this really about well the narrative put out in the public was Seth Rogen and James Franco made a movie about North Korea

and so they were mad and so they decided to hack Sony to teach them a lesson that was a public narrative that went out and that’s what I was like well that makes sense you know I know Seth and I know James and they’re definitely pushed the envelope of comedy and their sense of humor is definitely their own

and I thought to myself okay that makes sense and now private emails are going public it’s a public relations disaster but what I found really interesting is I examine the wiki Leaks document was it showed that the heads of one of our biggest movie studios in America were in direct communication with very important people

in our government, it didn’t surprise me I was like okay well either their friends or there something more to it so I had never really thought about the government influence in our content or our stories could they be influencing our story and our content like if these were real questions

that I never had asked myself I just did the jobs I went to work I did my job I did whatever was asked and went home never thought about this stuff so I was like I don’t really know anybody could answer these questions and I reached out to this guy who I’d been watching online his name was Kevin ship

and for those of you who don’t know who Kevin Ship is he’s a CIA whistleblower he worked in counterintelligence and he served in many capacities in his tenure at the CIA this is the big picture an official television report to the nation from the United States Army was an OSS memo the precursor the CIA

were they were doing a study of the use of motion pictures in America as a means of psychological warfare so it goes all the way back to pre-1947 when US intelligence was using motion pictures to alter the thinking of Americans in the United States and general entertainment which comes out of a single small package like this one have helped to close that morale the CIA is funneling information into Hollywood Hollywood is putting out

in the movies and the population believes it taxes don’t bury the axis this document right here is an FOIA document anybody in America anybody can request this it’s Freedom of Information Act and in the 40s they were telling you they controlled the radio stations they controlled most of the

mainstream media they’re telling you right here that motion pictures are used as psychological warfare why would they stop doing it and no time as the CIA engaged in any political activity or any intelligence activity it was not approved at the highest level Allen Dulles groomed and recruited Ian

Fleming and Dulles and the CIA actually helped Fleming write his books and paint the CIA in a favorable light and they also Dulles helped produce Thunderball to make the CIA and agents look like honorable you know cool people the sea I actually helped him write the books and write the script

for that movie and then the president of MPAA was actually providing intelligence to the CIA as an operative in that position in Hollywood Mr. Fleming in your books there’s a great amount of detail is this detail based on personal experience do you make it up where does it come from

well, I can say it’s 90 percent from personal experience really, of course, I if I started sticking too close to the astronauts to astronauts worth of today I spin trouble with the Official Secrets Act in England even supposing I had access to information.

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