One Matrix Lesson

The Matrix Scene Video. Hidden parts revealed.


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In this video I take a scene from the movie “The Matrix”. I break it down and reveal the secrets hidden within the scene.


Matrix Comments

Jay Crawford
4 years ago the rabbit hole goes much deeper than this14

Violet Jackson

Violet Jackson4 years agoThat was great. At first I thought it was just another one of those matrix videos but you really made a great point that I have not heard anywhere else yet.7REPLY

Jimi Hendrixx

Jimi Hendrixx4 years agogood insight, whoever controls money, controls the world.7REPLY

Bill Smith

Bill Smith6 years agoThis discussion is painfully basic as far as I can tell…5REPLY


Rain7 years agothe demonic realm HAS TO tell you what they are doing to you, otherwise your ‘acceptance’ of it would not be ‘valid’ spiritually…. and the devil couldn’t accuse you that you knew, that you accepted the mark, that you are to blame… it’s not coz they are prideful, it’s coz they have to say it’s YOU that did it, knowingly7REPLYView reply

Ganja David

Ganja David5 years agothe fiction u is ur “straw man” and religion has a hold of u.. nice video tho..4REPLY


MrSerpent897 years agobasically be yourself not what society tells you to be imbrace your true self u are not your name, you are not a body u are infinite consciousness…5REPLY


RitaLake4 weeks agoThe Act of 1871 allowed this all to happen. That’s why, in 2021 they despise President Trump and stole the election.2




MCFrancie5 years agoWhat the hell are you on about?8REPLY

Jesus Martinez

Jesus Martinez5 years agoThis movie is an exact depiction of our reality22REPLYView 4 replies


ManufacturedReality7 years ago“The Matrix is everywhere, it is all around us. You can feel it when you go to CHURCH.”4REPLYView reply

Prince St.Michael

Prince St.Michael4 years agoThis is powerful brother, Thank you for sharing.2REPLY

Matt Deyarmin

Matt Deyarmin2 years agoFound your channel yesterday, incredible breakdown, I really like the way you take your time, rapidly becoming my favorite. Stay safe.2REPLY

Evelyn Ross

Evelyn Ross9 months ago” Stay in your Father’s Word. ” Amen.



neil williams

neil williams6 years agoi watched this film so much when i was younger that i lucid dream all the time..1REPLY

Ali Fix

Ali Fix6 years agoyou can see how hard is it to let go in all these reactions here, hahaha glad i don’t take my ego seriouslyREPLY

Silvia Torres Teixeira

Silvia Torres Teixeira6 years agoPERFECT!REPLY

Dream State Films

Dream State Films4 years agoGreat video. Makes me rethink Agent Smith!REPLY

Troy Porter

Troy Porter7 years agothis makes me want to watch the matrix again awesome movies one of the few that doesn’t lose it’s luster with it’s sequelsREPLY


ItzgeoMusic7 years agoThis video is badass ! Thank you for making itREPLY

Qas Perr

Qas Perr5 years agoI love The Matrix. Hope they make more of em.REPLY


AiDaNTiFiCaTiON8 years agoso true mate, thankyou for doing this!REPLY

Mister Nomad

Mister Nomad5 years agoAre you that Abe from Breaking Amish? I recognise your voice!REPLY

A.D. Morton

A.D. Morton7 years ago Thank u for articulating this.

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