Officials Are Not Immune to Lawsuits

Officials Are Not Immune to Lawsuits

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Powered by Restream Cops and Courts usurp our rights every day.

What you need to know to keep yourself safe and secure!

Sheila Johnston
16 hours agoThey all will surely answer on Judgement Day at least…2REPLY

Sparky Spitz

Sparky Spitz16 hours agoGot my MAGA hat the other day 🙂3REPLY


duxburyrealestate16 hours agoMassachusetts has mandatory masks in buildings, however some towns require masks out in public !REPLY

Big Red Budder

Big Red Budder7 hours agoI remember how mean you were towards me…ughREPLY


duxburyrealestate16 hours agoSuit them allREPLY

Girl Git er done ✅

Girl Git er done ✅16 hours agoBan the masks.1REPLY


Randazzo14 hours agoHi April How many cases do you have to site in the Ceased and desist order?REPLYView reply from April LaJune, copyright Holder In Due Course

Restoring Reality

Restoring Reality6 hours agoNo lives matter to any form of government.REPLY

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