#Obamagate Dr. Sam Mugzzi, Kent Dunn, and The Quantum Shift

Rebecca Gray
11 hours agoMy favorite part of this week- Trumps response to the reporter “why don’t you ask…..CHINA!!!!”38REPLYView reply

G herbie9 hours agoYpur wrong its not christ like Its Jesus Christ of Nazareth6REPLYView reply

QueAnjel 178 hours agoObama cant sell anything that doesnt belong to him. And it is Null and Void because Obama was never a valid President. Everything he has ever done will be wiped out except for his treasonous crimes again humanity. This is what his so called fake legacy will be. He’s nothing but a criminal THUG.29REPLYView 3 replies

annelotte Iverson10 hours agoI was single working Mom and then full time single Mom and taught my son to wash, sew and he learned to cook. My Mom’s Mom died at 30 & Mom was 8. She complained every minutes of food, eating, cooking, sewing, etc and it was called: run outside with my 2 brothers. Old school parents do the next best they can. Figure it out was what they did, and expected the same. It was a way to be. They did what they couldRead more13REPLYView 2 replies

QueAnjel 178 hours agoKent… Not signing a NDA… Not ever signing an NDA. DONT DO IT. I have a very very bad feeling about this. It’s a lie…. I am sorry Kent but NOPE.9REPLY

Lynne McHarry9 hours agoKent, I wish you well, but I gotta tell you CHEM TRAILS ARE STILL BIG, lots of spraying, electronic devices/microwave all over earth. TORNADO season planned for all year. Next two weeks starting from west coast [lots of wind covering over to Arkansas, the center area again, the Dekotas and over to TN, up into KY. Destroying crops, homes, lives. We are praying and watching, heavy electrical storms expected to reach our area TN by the 24th. It’s wickedness in the skys, weather warfare almost complete manipulation, continuous destruction by tornado, winds, lots of water/flooding, large hail See Mike Morales, Weather Warfare, Youtube God bless.Read more9REPLYView 3 replies

Sheree Timmons10 hours agoCan’t blame china for buying something that’s up for sales…its the ones that sold it is the enemy.12REPLY

annelotte Iverson10 hours agoTrump is also running Canada. They have no one, Trudeau has an ankle bracelet on. Many people have these on.17REPLYView 7 replies

Vincent Unique11 hours ago❤🕯 🇺🇸 LOVE AND LIGHT ❤🕯🇺🇸16REPLYView reply

Barbara Yates2 hours agoThey were still chem-trailing in southern Oregon yesterday.3REPLY

allen barbato8 hours agotrump is the new fed too , what a sneaky move out potus did to the deep state, im so enjoying my enlightenment process9REPLY


Jennie Spooner2 hours agostay 6 feet from the person in front of you and he is 6 feet from the person front of them and 6 and 6 and 6 …so much 6’s and we are participating like a ritual8REPLY

Lola Tweed7 hours agoLehman catalog has everything old school for homesteading.4REPLYView reply

Denise Sherman4 hours agoSam every time you interject something positive Kent injects something negative pandemic etc…. It’s hard to listen to Kent..5REPLY

Abundantly Full10 hours agoThe hospital gave my newborn baby Hep B vaccine at birth. I did not know until we were being discharged and I was angry! That one shot gave him systemic eczema. He is 15 and still suffers!!! I don’t vaccinate my children! My sister vaccinated my daughter with a flu shot 3 years ago against my wishes and tried to conceal it. GRRRRRRR8REPLYView 2 replies

tropical6 hours agoWrong again Kent. My nursing home had everyone who works there and all residents swabbed for Covid. NONE came back positive.4REPLYView reply

Remington Allison11 hours agoJust what I needed!! I just thought about it and there was the notification. Sending love to everyone listening!!10REPLYView reply

Elisa Finch10 hours agoBack in time”what is that explain, we will not have good medicine, no bathroom with water, not stove, transportation on horses, dark age???explain..we need use long dresses those French dress not security…more crime ,3REPLYView reply

frik fractal9 hours agoI had to have been tearing them talk about RVs for like a year now. Can someone please explain what this is. Cuz they have some funding for some projects would be wonderful. I’ve been saying for a long time if I had $1,000 and a month to myself IQ developed electrogravitics free energy and much more but I basically lived as a slave I get in trouble if I do projects I have to hide them. But knowing my luck I won’t get any money cuz it sounds like you’re supposed to have something already got to have money to make money I guess I’m not interested in making money just making the world better placeRead more3REPLYView 2 replies

Lilian Dahlin4 hours agoAbsotely not the animals are 4d .3REPLY

Lola Tweed7 hours agoLaura Eisenhower has a petition sign up for the 6666 bill. She need 100k to sign. Already almost 65k has signed.5REPLY

Sandra Densley10 hours agoGreat show! I’m new here and I’m here to stay. I wish my family would wake up tho. Love & Light to all. 💖💫🌠✨💕8REPLYView reply

Clarice Son10 hours agoDr. Sam Mugzzi & Kent Dunn I Love Your Radio Show. Love Light Blessings Namaste 🙏🏻🇺🇸❤️7REPLY

J T6 hours agoWhen are we going to have the replicators???6REPLYView 5 replies

Julia Starr2 hours agoI think you meant carbon dioxide not monoxide from wearing a mask.3REPLY

pat piche10 hours agoI don’t wear the Mask.14REPLYView 3 replies

GLAZZ SHERLOCK9 hours agoYou talk rv….. WHEN. WHEN WHEN WHEN WHEN WHEN. EXACTLY. NEVER. im waiting. I dont mind being wrong . Big deal..2REPLY

Paul Elm6 hours agoDo u ppl take these cures they want us to take them ask them do u take them2REPLY

GLAZZ SHERLOCK10 hours ago (edited)Ive done my research. Crickets on the rv. No evidence. I want to see it.2REPLY

Mark Keegan11 hours agoDoc says june will usher in paradise. Kent says chaos will befall us before this years election and 2021 will be a worse depression than 1929.5REPLYView 5 replies

Angel Wallace10 hours agoI’m still confused on RV8REPLYView 3 replies

mark shriver1 hour agoAnu, Enki, Enlili are the archetype. Brahma, Shiva ,Vishnu, the 3 spheres at the top of the tree, Father, Holy Ghost, Son Enki firsborn, but by concubine (like Ishmael_). Enlil second son (think Easau and Jacob_) by the queen and true inheritor. Good/bad-think white eye in the yin, black eye in the yang.Read more2REPLYView reply

w h11 hours agoAwesome show! ThanQ

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