No More Censorship

No More Censorship.

The Josh Bernstein Show is an American conservative talk show host[1] and media personality.[2] He is best known for hosting The Josh Bernstein Show. The weekly program has been named in the Top Talk Radio’s “Top 100 Conservative All-Stars List.”[3] 

As a commentator and analyst, Josh Bernstein has been featured by multiple publications including Forbes,[7] Newsmax,[8] The Dove,[9] The Atlantic,[10] One America News Network, PIJN News,[11] and the USA Today magazine (not related to the USA Today newspaper).[12] In addition, Bernstein has also been a contributor to Breitbart News,,[13] and The Daily Wire.[14]

A Veteran Political Commentator and Professional Speaker, Bernstein is one of the most sought after TV and Radio guests in Conservative Media today. He has appeared on well over 3,000 radio programs and at least 50 TV shows as an expert analyst. 

The Farther a Society drifts away from the truth the more they will hate those that speak it.

Why are we here now instead of on Youtube? Very Simple. Because here we win. Here we beat their system of censorship and oppression. Here we defeat Silicon Valley.

We are also here because WE have had enough.

My show has been de-monetized on Youtube for 4 years, Shadowbanned on Twitter for 3 Years, and just recently Patreon REMOVED my page for something I posted on Youtube! And If that wasn’t bad enough Roku Television removed my entire channel without so much as an email or notification!

You see, along with all of you I am dangerous to those who want to hide the truth. My army of supporters is more resilient, more battle-tested, and more determined than any snowflake from Silicon Valley.

I am fearless, tenacious, and consistent. That’s why you have followed me here.

Hopefully, you all recognize the enormous RISK and SACRIFICE I have made and will continue to make every day to fight to preserve your freedom and your children’s and grandchildren’s freedom.

I give you something of value that is in very short supply, The TRUTH, without a filter, without a governor, and without fear of retaliation. The truth has no agenda and neither do I. Thank you so much for your loyalty, generosity, and continued support!

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