New Expensive-Looking Winter Outfits

It’s a common misconception that winter clothing needs to be expensive. Granted, coats and boots cost more than their springtime counterparts of sandals and jackets, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find yourself comparative bargains.

While we always advocate saving up for investments—buying less and generally wearing the pieces we do own more—there’s no denying the fact the high street keeps getting stronger and stronger. The designs on offer have become less throwaway, and, in turn, have a longer sartorial lifespan than ever before. This is handy because, as much as we’d like to populate our winter capsule wardrobe with high-end pieces, our budgets just won’t stretch all that far.

This got us thinking—which of our favourite Instagram outfits could we recreate affordably? Turns out, just about all of them. However, we’ve whittled down our top five. From the new way to wear your trusty checked blazer to the most sought-after skirt-and-boot pairing, keep scrolling to see the affordable winter outfits we’ve assembled with your purse strings in mind.

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