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New evidence that Barack Obama and Joe Biden were intimately involved in the targeting of then-President-elect Trump. The Attorney General’s position that “there’s no evidence of a crime” – is an “odd position to take” Fitton affirms. In fact, “there’s definitely evidence for which both Obama and Biden should be targeted for criminal investigations.” according to Fitton. While AG Barr has “suggested that investigations during election years are inappropriate” –  “that doesn’t mean that candidates for office get a “get out of jail free” card during election years.” “What does that tell Joe Biden?”

While the DOJ seems to be brushing potentially incriminating evidence aside, Fitton questions, “are they even going to ask Barack Obama, Joe Biden, or Susan Rice a question about it?” Despite it “being too late to do anything,” in AG Barr’s words, newly released documents suggest “Obama and Biden were co-conspirators in attempting to take down the incoming President.” 

With RussiaGate as the central narrative in the Obama Administration’s attack on Trump, newly obtained records by Judicial Watch reveal how then-FBI Director James Comey and Obama discussed “denying the incoming POTUS intelligence information related to Russia” –  while accusing Flynn of “sharing classified information with the Russians” despite admitting that his phone transcripts with the Russian Ambassador “did not contain classified information” – “implicitly admitting that he did nothing wrong, that he never lied,” Fitton continues. 

While conspiring to withhold key intelligence information from the Trump White House, “Obama and his FBI Director basically smeared Flynn… talking about potentially seditiously undermining the POTUS by refusing to provide Intel to his top deputy on National Security matters, Gen. Flynn.”  “Here you have Obama at the scene of the crime,” Fitton concludes. 

There were “two issues that popped up” in the January 2017 Oval Office meetings with top Obama Administration officials., #ObamaGate. “There were the Flynn conversations, which they all acknowledged weren’t improper, they had the dossier conversation, again salacious and unverified – they all knew that wasn’t true.” Contrary to the AG’s statement that there’s “nothing to investigate” – “I think this is information that at least something needs to be investigated, don’t you?”

New #ObamaGate Revelations That Implicate Obama, Biden.

“You have a conspiracy, conspiracy to obstruct justice, conspiracy to misuse classified information, misuse of classified information,” 

Tom Fitton states in last week’s Weekly Update on the Obamagate scandal. 

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