My Simple + Intentional Morning Routine (and How to Make Your Own)

K friends, it’s a good day because I’m finally (finally!) bringing you my morning routine & rituals. I’m so excited. This has been a LONG time coming —it’s one of the things I get asked about most often and is a total guide for how my day goes.

It’s kind of like my everyday grounding rod. And is the thing that sets the pace for what’s to come and gets me ready to take on the day from a place of intention, and not from reacting.

So you know the deal I’m sure. A morning routine is this little a.m. setup that you do first thing, filled with things that start your day  so you feel like you’re ready, refreshed, and in charge. But let me be real for a hot sec—-I feel like people talk about morning routines in that way where it’s a buzzword, just something that’s sorta trendy right now and something you might just feel like you should set up for yourself.

And maybe you haven’t found one yet because what everyone else is doing just hasn’t worked for you. Or that they’re so intense, or rigid or overwhelming.

So let me give you a little background. For me, a morning routine is all about starting the day based around what’s important to you. YOU. 

They are your life-giving, nourishing, re-balancing activities, and it doesn’t need to look like anyone else’s. It doesn’t need to be exactly the same everyday— mine totally shift depending on the season and my season in life too.

It’s a flexible tool, use only to help and lift you up, rather than one more thing on your TO DO list (that you feel guilty about if you don’t do). Friends, that’s not what this is about.

This is about figuring out what helps ground you, what makes you feel good and steady, and what things  prep you for anything that might comes your way– the good, the bad, the stressful, the crazy, the exciting. All of it. With grace. And calmness.

I heard recently that in this way, it’s better to think of self care (aka a solid morning routine) as something your future self will thank you for. It isn’t just a face mask or a 30 min meditation. It can be those things or include those things, but more than it being something super trendy right now, I think of it like a life-skill.

It’s being intentional in prepping your mind, body, spirit and soul to feel awake and at peace, all at the same time.

It’s something that will make your life easier or lighter or a little less cray later on.

So, what are the things that YOU know are best to take care of yourself– physically, mentally, emotionally, and that will set the stage for the day?

This is your chance to create how YOU want to feel, from the first minute you wake up. To set up how you show up for yourself and for others. To be in the drivers seat rather than just being reactive to things– your phone, to your fam’s needs, to social media, news, email,etc.

So I’m sharing my morning routine today to give you a peek into what makes me feel good and sets me up for the day ahead, but let this be a guide to you instead of an exact verbatim roadmap you need to follow.

What works for me won’t work for everyone and listening to your intuition, your needs, and what’s important first thing each day to YOU is so, so important. I broke my little morning routine down in the video below, and you can see the full list written out below too.

My morning routine to start every day with intention:

+ Wake up. I mean, first things first. You know this if you’ve watched my Nightime & Evening Wind Down Routine.

+ Change into workout clothes. Usually lululemons. Call it my uniform. It’s comfy, it’s practical, and it lets me move (and feed Noah) when I want to.

+ Tongue scrape (I use this one). Oil pull (with coconut oil), brush my teeth. I’ll also either workout at this point or later on depending on the day.

+ Then it’s time for some skincare. A few drops of a beautiful face serum or some kind of moisture for my skin (my favs right now are this one or this cream).Then a  very condensed version of gua sha if I have time (OMG guys, I love this little gadget. I need to do a post on this later). Then a spritz of a soothing spray (my fav is this one or this rosewater one).

+ Water time. Fill it up to the top. Drink at least 10 oz before anything else. Fill up Noah’s water too, while he annihilates my bevvie and tea closet below.

+ Make my matcha! Play with Noah– usually in the kitchen because that’s just where we are most often. For my full on matcha routine and why it’s my go-to morning bevvie, check out my matcha guide and the morning bevvie guide here for even more recipes.

+ Pick one to four of my 5 minute morning ritual practices (we covered this in depth this week in the 6 week Simply Real Eating Workshop– come pop and join for the rest of the weeks if you have your book!) Each day I do what I have time for, and what I feel I need the most (way way more detail and explanation on these in the second book– you can get yours right here if you don’t already have it!): but it’s either a little intention setting review, journal, gratitude list, playlist (this one is on repeat lately), doing a prayer list, a 5 min meditation, or 10 minute walk without my phone, just me and Noah. It’s just about getting present, tuning in with myself, checking in with what I need, and overall raising my vibration for the day.

+ After that, it’s time for the workday to start! And if I didn’t workout earlier, I’ll make a plan right then for when I get my 20-30 minutes in– usually on this, but sometimes it’s a yoga class (at home or testing out using ClassPass because the first month is free (though Jan)–and…… I’ve been fully taking advantage of that this month).

+ What happens from this point forward is a whole other video, ha! LMK if you guys want to see how I start the workday,  and plan my days & weeks, productivity wise.

See you guys? Super simple, but super intentional and the most flexible because, well, hi, I have baby and a business, and because life is full, and there’s always a shifting schedule on the daily. It doesn’t have to be complicated or look like anyone else’s, but it should feel good and it should be for you, to get your full being (mind, body, spirit) ready for the day ahead.

How do you morning routine? Let me know your go-tos in a comment below!

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