Military Control – 11.3 Verifies As 1st Marker

Military Control, 11.3 Verifies As 1st Marker.

The [CB]/China invisible enemy believes they are in charge of the economic system. They are now pushing their agenda forward, the world is watching. China just imposed sanctions on 28 American nationals. The Patriots are prepared to expose the entire economic system. The [DS]/MSM have now completed the crime, JB was inaugurated he took a private jet to DC. JB is now the illegitimate president of the US. The military has been monitoring the elections they know exactly what has occurred. 11.3 is the first marker, then the entire operation is going to be completed in 30 days.



Donald Trump’s final number of federal judges confirmed: 234. One-third of the Supreme Court. More than 1/4th of the US judiciary. More than any president in the first term since Jimmy Carter. Largely young, conservative, Federalist Society-vetted. They’ll serve for generations.

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