Mel K and Dr. Charlie Ward

Cannot Stop the Truth

Even Attacks by Means of Negative Reviews Cannot Stop the Truth to Be Exposed


Mel K and Charlie’s weekly catch up after a week of information warfare on steroids. We the People must stand our ground, hold the line, and keep spreading information to those not yet sure what they are seeing. Trust your eyes, turn off the MSM traitors, trust YOURSELF, and Trust GOD!

This is the time, now more than ever, to renew your faith, invest in doing your own research, and stand strong in the face of the psychological and emotional assault on the masses by those who wish to enslave and demoralize us with their diabolical Great Reset. Do not Consent. The war between God and Satin.

#PowertothePeople #UnitedWeStand #GodBlessAmerica #GreatAwakeningWorldwide

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