12 Things Americans Buy More Of

12 Things Americans Are Suddenly Buying More Of.

Here’s a quiz for you…

Take a look at the 12 things American’s buy below and tell me what you notice.

1. Bowls 

2. Adult diapers 

3. Legal marijuana 

4. High-Deductible Health Care Plans 

5. Things from Canada 

6. Fast Food Hot Dogs 

7. Car leases 

8. E-cigarettes 

9. A beer named Michelob Ultra 

10. Stuff via Mobile Devices 

11. Guns 

12. Streaming Service Subscriptions 

So what did you notice? 

Other than number 4, none of the above can be considered an investment. Spending your hard-earned money on the absolutely necessary is one thing… But, things like e-cigarettes and marijuana making it to the top of the list cause me a bit of concern.

Not because they’re necessarily bad…
But this list focuses on luxuries RATHER than investing.  Of course, treat yourself every once in a while to something nice. 
You work hard and you deserve it. 
Go kayaking, take a vacation, grab sushi for dinner…
But don’t let luxuries cause you to miss the big picture. What’s the big picture? You’re an investor first, then a spender. 

When you invest your hard-earned money first, it multiplies down the road. Later, all you have to do is reap what you sow and enjoy the seeds of your efforts.

It’s that simple. Are you not sure what consists of an investment? 

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Robert Scott Singleton,


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