Jennifer Rubin Says Trump Fans To Be Removed From “Polite Society”

Jennifer Rubin Says Trump Fans To Be Removed From “Polite Society”.


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Pinned by Styxhexenhammer666Alexandra11 hours agoThe communists are revealing themselves.2.3KREPLYView 139 replies


JSENNER8311 hours agoAOC is egging her followers to “archive” Trump supporters. History repeats itself.1.2KREPLYView 88 replies

The Drizzle 404

The Drizzle 40410 hours ago“Polite society” is code for “Compliant society.” A slave society in all but name.219REPLYView 8 replies

youtube me

youtube me10 hours agoThe people demanding Unity under biden are threatening gulags. Yeah, that’s how it works.167REPLYView 2 replies


108johnny7 hours ago“Cancel culture is a dress rehearsal for mass murder.” ~ Stefan Molyneux159REPLY

Abe Lincoln

Abe Lincoln8 hours agoWhy does everyone think Biden has won? Trump will be reelected after they investigate the massive voter fraud.193REPLYView 50 replies

Samantha Allan Ramirez

Samantha Allan Ramirez10 hours agoSee now that they think they’ve won this thing, they believe that they can begin to start their “cleansing” procedures. Just like they always wanted to do.56REPLYView 2 replies


Bjorn8 hours agoOh no guys, the weird kids said we can’t sit at their table during lunch.130REPLYView 8 replies


Giggitygoo6 hours agoRemember the trump meme that said “They’re not after me, they’re after you”? Well, it was right.81REPLYView 3 replies

Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon3 hours ago“Polite society,” wow, the Democrats are sounding more and more like Evangelical church ladies every day.23REPLYView reply

God On a chair

God On a chair11 hours agoI’ve taken dumps that are more attractive than Jennifer Rubin.1.2K


REPLYView 39 replies

surrounded by fools

surrounded by fools10 hours agoAfter a little investigation: I remember Jennifer when she was part of PJ Media, here on youtube. She became very disliked and was seemingly excommunicated, due to her unpopular beliefs among we Tubers. GOOD CALL. She’s a phony.28REPLYView 2 replies

TAFKA Daytwaqua

TAFKA Daytwaqua7 hours agoPolite society no longer exists, and hasn’t for many many years.21REPLYView reply


Casperian9 hours agoSo let me get this straight, they had to mail out tens of millions of ballots because people would literally die from voting in socially distanced lines waiting to vote one day out of the year for perhaps an hour at the most yet now these same people have flocked to the streets in droves, no longer social distancing, and having the time of their lives as if COVID magically vanished at the exact moment the media called the election.Read more28REPLY


danutmh8 hours agoWell ,you know what they say. “An armed society, is a polite society”101REPLYView reply

Smash Fanatic

Smash Fanatic11 hours agoThey want to put us on a list, but WE’RE the nazis. Got it.1KREPLYView 45 replies

Some Canine

Some Canine10 hours agoI’m old enough to have thought about politics and the reasons behinds everyone’s words for long enough and I can tell you that this Jennifer Rubin is not a conservative. She is a communist.20REPLYView reply

Toxic Male

Toxic Male1 hour agoSociety hasn’t been “polite” in quite some time.7REPLY


scp2407 hours agoThey are going full Gulag now. Social exclusion is just the first step. It is a process that ends in totalitarianism and collapse.17REPLYView reply

Rabbi LampshadeBerg

Rabbi LampshadeBerg8 hours ago (edited)Oh, she’s a “Rubin”’ talking about de-kulakization? No shocker. Her tribe invented communism and try to prop it up across the world, like with the Bolsheviks, and even Mao had them in top key positions early on.75REPLYView 2 replies


raychar751 hour agoThey’re literally not irregularities if 100% of them favor Biden. That’s statistically impossible.7REPLY


P B12 hours agoI have no interest in being a part of their “polite society”. The fact so many of the progs are stripping Cubans of their cultural heritage because they didn’t vote the way they were expected to, is more than enough reason for me to tell Progressives to kiss both cheeks of my hairy Hispanic backside.Read more408REPLYView 17 replies

Nicholas Ong

Nicholas Ong9 hours ago“Polite Society” ? That sounds boring!8REPLYView reply

Crackle Pop

Crackle Pop11 hours ago (edited)“Hey AOC put me on your list!” Make that shirt and I’ll buy it I live in nyc And I’ll wear itRead more42REPLYView 2 replies

b d

b d10 hours ago (edited)Remember when dyeing your hair and getting tattoos was a sign of rebellion? Now all you have to do to be a rebel is speak out against the left.20REPLY

j jjnout

j jjnout11 hours agoSomeone called Rubin calling for lists…this is not strange at all9REPLY

John Ski

John Ski10 hours ago (edited)“How does it feel to kill other humans?” “I wouldnt know, i’ve only killed communists”. — some soldier….33REPLYView 5 replies

Rex Tucker

Rex Tucker7 hours agoI’ve seen the polite society of the left in a few major Northwestern cities, and I’m thinking these gallant Antifa lefties may not be as well bred as advertised.13REPLY

MaX Triumph

MaX Triumph11 hours agoI don’t understand how we went from an Election day, to an Election week and yet for some reason, that doesn’t register as odd to anyone. Styx is right, some people are just NPCs, who need to be told what to think rather than using their own critical thinking capabilities, that they most likely lack.53REPLYView reply


r3ptile11 hours agoSouth Africa also had lists of innocent White people…325REPLYView 18 replies

Mr H

Mr H7 hours agoyou underestimate what she means by “polite society”, “society, period” would have sufficed.8REPLY

Jean Paul LeBlanc

Jean Paul LeBlanc6 hours ago“Trump won! Let’s riot” “Trump lost! Let’s riot”14REPLYView 3 replies

Dan Traverse

Dan Traverse9 hours ago“If you think it ends here, think again…” – Tim Pool17REPLYView reply

Cosmic Singularity

Cosmic Singularity7 hours agoThe Party of Systemic Corruption continues to turn over new ugly leaf after new ugly leaf. The rest of the world is getting real tired of these people.7REPLY


Xenaisthebusiness12 hours agoThe main reason I voted for the first time was to be sure to be on the Dem’s communist hit list.810


REPLYView 23 replies

John M.

John M.11 hours agoJohn Lydon is a saint. He’s married to a woman with Alzheimer’s and refuses to put her in a home.5REPLY

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