Is the Science on Vaccines Really Settled?

Is the Science on Vaccines Really Settled?

Is the Science on Vaccines Really Settled?

Del Bigtree and Polly Tommey, co-producers of VAXXED, discuss how “science” is NOT taking place with vaccine studies, but rather “fraud” is taking place.

Doctors have actually been brainwashed into repeating the “safe and effective” mantra, despite the lack of safety science, and despite the lack of testing.

Thousands of children are being injured by vaccines, and the USA has more infant deaths on the first day of life than all other industrial nations combined, due in large part to the Hepatitis B vaccine.

Erin Elizabeth, our favorite Health Nut, shares from her heart the truth about vaccines and how our docu-series changed the lives of her own family members.

Take a minute to listen to her story and be encouraged that you, too, can make a difference and help wake your loved ones up, too. Together, we are making a difference and saving lives!

Watch Alveda King share her powerful family testimony about vaccines and how she woke up to the TRUTH about vaccines. She is a modern-day hero, much like her father:

Alfred Daniele Williams King Sr. and her uncle: Martin Luther King, Jr. This 9 part docu-series, The Truth About Vaccines 2020, discusses the science and history behind the vaccine industry…

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The 4 companies that make all our vaccines are serial felons and have paid $35 billion in the past decade for falsifying studies relating to pharmaceutical drugs.

Why would we trust them about vaccines? Join us tonight for episode 3 of “The Truth About Vaccines 2020” to learn more from the experts. ➡️

Sayer Ji and Dr. Judy Mikovits discuss the retroviruses that have been found in vaccines that are causing various cancers, due to the “reverse transcriptase” (RT) activity.

In 1994, it was accepted worldwide (by the WHO) that the MMR vaccine contains RT, which has contributed to the explosion of not only cancer but other diseases as well. Since Dr. Mikovits refused to destroy her research, she was fired.

Join Dr. Irvin Sahni and learn how medical professionals are being pressured into being vaccinated and some are losing their jobs if they refuse.

Learn how the flu vaccine is extremely ineffective. Also, did you know that the Cochrane study concluded that the flu vaccine was actually causing influenza in children and was zero percent effective in the elderly? Listen, learn, and share!

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The system of orthodox “mainstream” medicine (drugs and vaccines) is coming to an end. It’s a sinking ship. That’s why censorship is so rampant.

Join us tonight for episode 3 of “The Truth About Vaccines 2020” to learn more from the experts. ➡️

What you will learn in this educational

9-episode series: *THE HISTORY OF VACCINES*

Vaccination programs are given credit for eradicating some of the most devastating illnesses of the past, but they’re no longer immune to controversy of their own. *VACCINE RISKS and SAFETY CONCERNS*

Concerns about vaccine injuries, mercury toxicity, and autism have increased substantially in recent years, and public debate is once again heating up. *FULL LIST of OPTIONS and ALTERNATIVES*

You don’t have to pro- or anti-vaccine anymore. New options are available to guard against serious illness, based on your unique situation and risk factors. *MANDATORY/FORCED VACCINATION LEGISLATION*

Our health freedoms are being silently trampled on. We must not allow Big Pharma to take away our constitutional right to choose. *COVID-19 IMPACT*

Is a Coronavirus vaccine coming? Is it necessary? Can we protect ourselves from it naturally? We will address all of these questions. *…AND SO MUCH MORE*

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