How To Stop The Parler Deletion

Big tech is the enemy of free speech and The American People. 


These companies think they can tell YOU what to think about, and how to think about it. In a bold move Apple, Google, and Amazon have all removed Parler from their app stores, or cut ties. 

People who already have the app installed on their iPhones are afraid that Apple may ransack the app from their phones through security permissions, but fear not……we have you covered. 

Check it out:  



Why is there a huge purge on social media platforms in the past 3 hours?

Why is there a rush to impeachment?

Because up to 10 laptops were taken out of Congress including the Speaker of the House of Reps.

Who took the laptops?

Think 4D chess!
— John Adams (@adamseconomics) January 9, 2021

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Guiding Tech had more on how to protect apps on IOS 12: 

No matter how big the storage on an iPhone or iPad is, you always reach a point when it runs out of space. Photos, videos, and social media galleries — all combine to exacerbate this problem. While you can attempt to free up space by removing unused apps, iOS often takes it upon itself to do that automatically. Offload Unused Apps sounds like a neat feature to have, but it’s not that convenient in practice.

Although rarely used, finding out that an app has to be re-downloaded when you need it the most won’t bode well with anyone. To make matters worse, combine a sizable download with cellular data, and you have a recipe for disaster. Thankfully, iOS 12 lets you stop apps from getting deleted quite easily, so it’s nothing to be concerned about.

But what about instances where you don’t want anyone else from deleting apps on your device? The iOS 12 has a neat set of restrictions to help you out, so let’s check those out as well while we move along.

I am hearing Parler has been deleted from the App Store. Parler wasn’t even a right wing app, it was just a censorship free platform. It is worrying that the left is so intent on silencing voices. #parler #BigTechCensorship #CancelCulture

— Pissed Off Patriot (@Angry__Patriot) January 10, 2021

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The Red State Observer had this to report on the Parler censorship. 

What has happened this week with Big Tech acting in unison to silence conservative voices on social media is not a shock. We all knew that the day would come when the nation would be handed over to the Democrats, and nasty, degenerate little SJWs that permeate social media companies would feel free to indulge in their fascistic fantasies. We’ve talked about the parabola of behavior that was becoming very obvious even before Donald Trump was elected in 2016. In the past couple of years, their behavior has become more and more egregious. The appearances of the social media CEOs like Dorsey and Zuckerberg on Capitol Hill have created nothing more than an unending string of broken promises and outright lies.

That the social media companies were out to suppress any voices that did not follow the progressive agenda is baked in. It is expected.

Despite all the evidence, a relentless quisling faction on the right reacted to what was happening with a shrug. If you objected to what was happening, they’d mutter some inane comment about “muh private company” and, my favorite, “build your own platform.”

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