Elon Musk Destroys CNN

Elon Musk Destroys CNN After Catching Them Spreading Fake News

Tesla CEO Elon Musk caught CNN in the act of spreading fake news about him and promptly set about proving them wrong, further disgracing the troubled network.

Elon Musk was praised by California Gov. Gavin Newsom after the tech entrepreneur pledged in March to deliver life-saving medical equipment to assist the state in dealing with the coronavirus crisis.

The promised 1,000 ventilators, however, never made it to the hospitals — at least according to the infamously unreliable CNN, who cited one of their notorious unnamed sources for the supposed scoop.

“The Administration is communicating every day with hospitals across the state about their ventilator supply and, to date, we have not heard of any hospital system that has received a ventilator directly from Tesla or Musk,” an unnamed spokesperson was cited as saying.

But Musk was quick on the draw and returned fire on CNN, unleashing a barrage of tweets that eviscerated the fake news network and showed them up as the phonies they are.

Stating that he finds it “surprising” that CNN “still exists” despite their dire reputation, Musk called on Gov. Newsom to weigh in and set them straight. Musk then proceeded to post a number of email screenshots from hospitals thanking Telsa after receiving the medical devices from his company.

CNN responded to the criticism by throwing the unnamed spokesperson under the bus. “Seems like your outrage should, uh, be directed at the entity that made the claim, not the one that reported it,” tweeted Matt Dornic, the network’s Vice President of Communications. “U new to this?”

CNN’s relationship with accurate reporting is complicated at best. Just last month the network’s star host Jake Tapper had to admit he didn’t bother fact-checking a factually inaccurate anti-Trump attack by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez before amplifying it.

Gov. Newsom’s office has yet to comment on the CNN story.

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