Hollywood Pedophile Ring

Hollywood Pedophile Ring Is Going Down

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Famous boxer David Rodriguez drops some info

Excuse the language



ESCOEXCLUSIVE17 hours agoClinton’s , Obama’s , bushes , Soro , rothchilds , Rockefeller’s , masons , all the royal families more falling , they will pay257REPLYView 24 replies

Janet Woods17 hours agoThis man is telling the truth. I pray for any child who went through this evil must be stopped by all means. I would give my life for any child. God above we pray for all the children in the world.122REPLYView 3 replies

real1 8316 hours agoThese demons are going down. The Most High says touch NOT my little ones.81REPLYView 2 replies

Natalia20 hours ago (edited)I’m praying for all those children going through all this pain. It is disgusting and an abomination to God. For some reason, God gave me the thought or the Maze Runner. Were the kids escape the maze and they find this other facility were the kids blood is the cure for the virus. The more scared they are the more the cure will work basically. (This was the second movie or third movie). I’m praying these evil people get exposed by the power and light of God. Big things are happening and we all know it. God bless you all and stay close to Jesus our Lord and saviour.Read more284REPLYView 9 replies

Brooklyn Rose14 hours agoMel Gibson spoke about this years ago and that’s why they tried to destroy him.269REPLYView 11 replies

Stephanie De La Cruz19 hours agoRight I cover David Rodriguez and his family with the blood of Jesus I please divine protection over him in Jesus name. No evil can get to him or his family and I cancel every plot to hurt him or his loved ones in Jesus mighty name. For the glory and honor of Jesus Christ amen59REPLYView 4 replies

Zabrina Monday18 hours agoPeople need to start appreciating Trump for what he’s done. I’m not a fan of his but he’s not the enemy.29REPLY

Joe F10 hours agoEpstein didn’t kill himself, Cornell didn’t kill himself, Bennington didn’t kill himself47REPLYView 3 replies

Sweet Raw Healing7 hours agoGod is PURGING the planet of these demonic disgusting “humans”. The Q alliance and the Angels stand right next to God.28REPLYView 3 replies

Christ’s Luv14 hours agoThis is why Jesus Christ is coming. He will make all things new. Read the Bible, evil does not win.63REPLYView reply

Gina D13 hours agoPraise Jesus that he’s exposing this darkness. The awakening is from the one true God. Jesus Christ.24REPLY

Keely Kapsoff10 hours agoWatch “fall cabal”. It’s heart wrenching but wait until the last part of the series! The truth is out! God is putting his warriors in place! God bless!33REPLY

J Roque16 hours agoThey’ve been mocking us for years telling us about this virus this future pandemic you are on the right track let’s pray for that brother so he could understand the other part so he can be saved there is a lot of stuff happening a lot of demonic things that are so sad but none of these people will get away from the wrath of God38REPLY

Savanna Howard16 hours agoYes Sir. You’re spot on. Everything you said. Us Navajo Nation people have been waiting patiently for this day, meaning the paradigm shift. There’s is true ugly out there. To everything there is cause and effect, it must be balanced out, it is one of the Laws of the Universe. Thank you for being brave and sharing. 🙏🏽😇23REPLYView reply

MrHoody7213 hours agoThis pedophilia ring also includes: evangelical church’s, and the Vatican, high-powered athletes (current & former)… we need to pray ya’ll 🙏😔✝️107REPLYView 6 replies

D T19 hours agoI live for the day when Hollyweird implodes.23REPLYView reply

Tana18 hours ago (edited)I think I read somewhere that when Italy was on lock down (initially), the govt arrested many elite for various crimes….perhaps this is another reason why we are quarantined in this country. I believe in my heart there is something happening behind the curtain (perhaps this is part of it)!23REPLYView 2 replies

Sue Sutton5 hours agoGod protect this man for having courage to speak out – hope he is safe15REPLY

Sharron C11 hours agoEverything he is saying is TRUE……GOD REVEALED these things to me many years ago. People refuse to believe even when you PLACE IT IN THEIR FACE ON THEIR LAP. They will & have still support these wicked people. This is WHY only 1-3rd will make it into the KingdomRead more18REPLYView reply

Michelle Chisolm18 hours agoYeah, let’s pray a hedge of protection around him and his family and the they come to Jesus Christ.42REPLYView reply

*Mamma of 3 Angles *19 hours agoThe drinking the blood thing he’s talking about isn’t hard to fathom they tell us they do this shit it was on fear and loathing Johnny depp was taking hits of it on a scene smh these ppl r sick and it’s time for JUSTICE!!!20REPLYView reply

Tearial Frierson19 hours agoHe said Corey Haim coming out with a documentary. He must have meant Corey Feldman. It’s about time those demons get their karma. Keanu Reeves said that Hollywood was eating babies and doing other things etc.69REPLYView 6 replies

AJ14 hours ago“Out of Shadows Official” is the video he mentioned, and it barely scratches the surface. This is all very real. Dark to light.34REPLYView 5 replies

1kitty1way19 hours agoYes anybody dying right now is put under: reason for death is Corona virus18REPLYView 2 replies

Elevate With Gayle12 hours agoIt’s all happening and we are going to be here to heal when it does. This is it!!!!!! New Earth here we come!!!! Stay in the light fam ❤️13REPLYView reply

kckrye3 hours agoDude this Pedo ring is huge and involves a ton of “elites”. Its why they want rid of Trump. God is on the move! Pray pray pray10REPLY

Tara Boyd4 hours agoIt’s a lot of celebrity on house arrest right NOW he is not lying y’all favorite celebrity is finna make y’all stomach turn🥴🤢🤮10REPLY

Gwen Parsons19 hours agoGrieving here nd I remember all milk cartons in grade school had children missing. Hmmmm

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