General Flynn Persecution

Part 1

Programming Note: This is a two-part video series. Part 2 can be found here: In this edition of the Operation Freedom Briefing, Dr. Dave discusses some important details surrounding the General Flynn case and how it pertains to all Americans. For additional great content and to join our freedom fighter family,

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robert retka

robert retka1 hour agoThat’s just great, an Obama voting commercial on mail in voting democracy.4REPLY

William Demmon

William Demmon1 hour agoCheers Patriots πŸ’› Q sent me!4REPLY


saintcruzin1 hour agoJudge Sullivan is compromised and totally under The Cabal’s thumb. I think It’s time for President Trump to give the General a pardon..We’ve all seen quite enough…4REPLY

stan kenosky

stan kenosky58 minutes agoProbably the most important news article you ever made…2REPLY

Watch Man

Watch Man1 hour agoπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘4REPLY

Jeremy Hicks

Jeremy Hicks47 minutes agoGod bless you Dave πŸ™ ThanQ2REPLY

Steven Lynch

Steven Lynch1 hour agoGod Bless!3332REPLY

Denise Carroll

Denise Carroll1 hour ago (edited)I remember when Barack Obama said that Aliens were controlling the Government. I was done when he said that. πŸ‘πŸ€”πŸ€«πŸ€­πŸ™€πŸ€£3REPLYView 2 replies

Debi B

Debi B9 minutes agoHi Dr. Dave. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈREPLY

Anthony Cardone

Anthony Cardone51 minutes agoI am calling for some one or agency to impeach judge Sullivan, judge Jackson and the other DC judges who are playing games with innocent peoples lives. Some one must have the power to go after these judges. We the people cannot let these demons get away with murder. !!!!!2REPLY

Tony Sylvester

Tony Sylvester1 hour agoThank you Dave for all your videos dedication President Trump2REPLY

Radically Centerist

Radically Centerist1 hour agoThe rule of persecution has been on going for at least 15 years. I was tortured by the United States Government for simply wanting to speak in my defense against slanderous lies. Jefferson County Colorado has thrown away the law, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights of the United States. It is run by traitorous terrorists and they are using the Unpatriotic act with the CIA torture programs to torture innocent Americans. They call it job justification for themselves. These US Government entities are pure evil.Read more2REPLYView 3 replies

robert retka

robert retka1 hour agoBarr was a failure at ensuring Epstein’s survival to see trial and a failure to ensure the survival of Mueller Team phone records/messages. In two weeks, October shows. Officially count Barr and Durham as traitors too.1REPLY

stan kenosky

stan kenosky42 minutes agoIt was no accident that President Obama sent a message through the lame stream media that GENERAL FLYNN WAS TARGETED BY OBAMA , where Obama said he should be prosecuted for perjury…1REPLY

Vincent Paretti

Vincent Paretti1 hour agoDr. Janda, give us an update on your eye. Bubble still there? How’s the vision? And like that! Who loves ya baby? You should know who that line comes from, huh?REPLY

Christopher Pearson

Christopher Pearson31 minutes agoQuid Pro ‘lying’ Quo Joe is obviously a psycho-political decoy – a ‘placeholder’ for ‘someone’ lurking in the [DS] shadows. I wonder who it could be?!? There’s another demonic-rat play in-progress behind the scenes. Joe is clearly cognitively disabled and unfit to even tie his own shoes. He’s Biden’ time until what?1REPLY

irving wells

irving wells2 minutes agoPelosi is Right Trump is the Enemy of the State, She left out the word Deep, He’s the enemy of the Deep State !REPLY

The great Douchebag

The great Douchebag1 hour agoJoe Biden rinses water in the sink1REPLY

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