Freedom or Slavery

Freedom or Slavery a conversation between X22 report and SGT report


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SUBSCRIBED Get Your Back Up Solar Bank Now and Be Prepared! Click Here! Get 15% OFF W/ Promo Code “SGT15” Dave from X22 Report joins me to discuss “the plan” amidst trillions in printing, a manufactured virus crisis and world that is drastically changing right before our eyes.

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Aidan Liddane

Aidan Liddane1 day agoBill Gates has a vaccine against Christian’s.? I presume he must be satanic.31REPLYView 4 replies

Garland Gibson

Garland Gibson1 day agoThat’s the best conversation I’ve heard in a long time.19REPLY


YorinTV1 day agoAs a French guy who’s been complaining for years that we have self-serving and corrupt politicians in France (and all over the world, for that matter), I know how blessed you are to have a President who truly loves his country & his countrymen. One of the reasons I’ve always thought there was no hope in sight for my country (or for the world) was that you can’t just tackle one issue because EVERYTHING’s entangled. The Deep State runs DEEP, very DEEP. And that’s why I can only trust the plan and wait for it to completely unfold. Dave’s right : we can’t just have arrests, nor can we just get rid of the Fed. EVERYTHING needs to be reset. At the same time and all over the world. That’s why it needs to be biblical.Read more65REPLYView 18 replies

Bonny G

Bonny G1 day agoWhat a great discussion, between 2 very logical level headed courageous people. Bless you and your families. Never give up hope.31



Mike Q

Mike Q1 day agoOur Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven, give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who have sinned against us, and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil one! In Jesus name I pray!52REPLYView 4 replies


CynthiaRoseS1 day ago (edited)The vaccination will be their way of administering the Mark. Look up “ID2020 Alliance.”15REPLYView 2 replies

GoldenratioTLC28 **

GoldenratioTLC28 **1 day agoThe government, should just pay off every one debt & everyone can start over..!!💯5REPLY

Michael Feddeler

Michael Feddeler1 day agoRe: Deep Underground Bases and the Satanic Breakaway State SGT Report14REPLYView reply

AboutMy FathersBusiness

AboutMy FathersBusiness1 day agoP.S. You want to defeat the “Deep State”? Get a programmer to flip Ytube algorithms. Instead of cute kittens, the public would see the truth.4REPLY

Andrew Pattison

Andrew Pattison1 day agoRothchilds need to give the money back to the people9REPLY


J1 day agoDave gives me hope. If he is wrong, I will remember the hope he gave me.46REPLYView 22 replies

Aaron H.

Aaron H.1 day agoAfter the evil is exposed, I think that’s when the “they won’t be able to walk down the street” post happens.11REPLYView 7 replies

aleta hancock

aleta hancock1 day agoThe longer these corrupt and evil entities are able to roam free more children suffer! Let’s hope we’re closing in! Time is of the essence obviously.4REPLY

Lazarus 2020

Lazarus 20201 day ago (edited)They (Tom Hanks ,Ellen Degenerate, Robert DeNiro, Steven Spielberg, Kevin Spacedy) can’t “go for a walk” because they’re on HOUSE ARREST!5REPLY


dlucas901 day agoThese two balance each other out and makes for a interesting conversation, I hope they do it more often.4REPLY


Sarah1 day agoDeep stated still Geoengineering/spraying us like cockroaches here in Houston,Texas!!! When will it stop! Pilots should refuse to fly!3REPLY

Libby Andrews

Libby Andrews1 day agoWe love Dave because he has a positive outlook grounded in reasonable rational analysis!2REPLY


bullsnutsoz1 day agoShoot all the red injuns Bison; burn their tents and corn: ride away dropping parcels of Small pox infected blankets in the snow. History always predicts the future!7REPLYView 2 replies

Diana Stokes-Harmon

Diana Stokes-Harmon1 day agoThe children will come up from the dumbs.7REPLY

Justice Forall

Justice Forall1 day ago“Hope is a dangerous word”. “Get busy living or get busy dying”1REPLYView reply

Hannah Loveanna

Hannah Loveanna1 day agoFaith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.7REPLYView reply

Kansas Gun Nuts

Kansas Gun Nuts1 day agoSounded like a Great Roundtable Talk and things got hashed out between the two of you and loved hearing both sides of the story. Thanks Dave and Sean 😁2REPLY

Chris Hackenberg

Chris Hackenberg22 hours agoReally good discussion. Going into this, I leaned more towards Dave, but I think Sean’s points are undeniable and should cause some concern for all US citizens4REPLY

Hannah Loveanna

Hannah Loveanna1 day ago“They” don’t want to hear about a cure for the C virus even if your trying to post it on a YT live video chat…  (error, error…).2REPLYView reply

Karen s

Karen s1 day agoYou might want to talk about Trump’s buddies from Blackstone profiting from all this .4REPLY

Darrell Row

Darrell Row1 day agoWhen Trump referenced bright light. Could he be referencing the Illuminati?2REPLY

Annabelle Betancourt

Annabelle Betancourt1 day agoI’ve thought of Shawn and Dave as sort of twins who in a way compliment one another in their differences. A hope for liberty.2REPLY

Variant Ways

Variant Ways1 day agoI always imagined “they” would usher in their chaos by using (manufacturing) a catastrophic event…like a REAL Quake or something…But this an absolute TIME EVENT IN HISTORY— GLOBALLY… Godspeed people.6REPLYView reply

Kim Beaney

Kim Beaney1 day agoCheck out Weekend Warrior on YouTube. He is new on the block but his work is stellar exposing evil!5REPLY

Tania Cummings

Tania Cummings1 day agoSpeaking from Australia: my two favourite news channels on YT coming together discussing this precarious period we are all living through together. Great guys!REPLY

Mr Bojangles

Mr Bojangles1 day agoThe checks are temporary relief. Eliminating taxes is permanent stimulus giving people more motivation to work.7REPLYView reply

Nadia Farley

Nadia Farley1 day agoSean, get to know Gene and his decodes on Blessed to Teach.REPLY

Hiram Abiff


P Bar

P Bar1 day agoAwesome interview. Appreciate the good old days when people could debate a topic without ripping each others heads off and remain friends.REPLY

Garland Gibson


Colleen Hope

Colleen Hope1 day agoFeels to me there’s something much bigger going on here, I hope I’m mistaken 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 God Bless EveryoneREPLY

Variant Ways

Variant Ways1 day agoWhen a GLOBAL DICTATE can tell EVERY leader of a SOVEREIGN nation to “shut down” their economy REGARDLESS of the nations with the LEAST amount of coronavirus cases (0-1) —AND they ALL do it…including Trump…That means they got ALL their leaders in place…THIS IS BIG FOLKS…Bigger than we can fathom… “Get your oil lamps ready”… There’s always HOPE in FAITH.17REPLY

dee dee

dee dee1 day agoLook into a new platform called “Voice.”REPLY


Workette1 day agoCheck out YouTube “David Wilcock on the Great Pandemic” for what he thinks will happen these next two weeks. 3 days of darkness and disclosure1REPLY

Chris Walker

Chris Walker1 day agoOne of the things he also needed were good judges. What’s the point of indicting if you have that block ?REPLY

Dennise Hentrich

Dennise Hentrich1 day agoAWESOME… Can we get an Amen up in here!

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