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Mig Guz
1 day agoBaby Q. from the future😜1REPLY

8 Point Buck2 days agoWuhan flu threat is over. It is now no different than the regular flu. L.A. Dr.s Erickson and Massihi have compelling stats for proof. @4REPLY

Trump20202 days agoKatie, I followed you, and watched every vid from the beginning. It appears to me you sold out. AUSTIN STEINBART IS A 29 YR OLD WARD OF HIS MOTHER, according to the letter from the lawyer representing the Amen Clinic, where his MOTHER was responsible for his bills. He is back in jail. If you still believe he is Q, I have some swamp land in Florida for sale. Sad to see you go to the dark side!4REPLYView 10 replies

Let’s Begin3 days agoI miss you too… how can we move forward if our fav reporter is not posting?3REPLY

Texas Lady Juanita3 days agoI miss you. I have been trying to keep up with Austin too. Waiting to compare notes. Will be fun! Texas Lady JuanitaREPLY

joseph schreier4 days agoI figure Austin is or isn’t. Space Force : Comet Atlas: Bunkers. How do you Trap an Animal ? Symbolism is the down fall. Austin speaks in Symbolism . He said he was from future . Space Force Locates Comet Dec29.2019 with asteriod locating Satelite.Alot of Meteor events in past History and reset with planet or civilization. Actually recently two Comets F8 Swann few days agoand Comet Atlas passed yesterday April 23.2020.Was Nasa Under White Hats ? Did Elites go to bunkers ?The Pope tweets his regrets. I heard HRC is on Twitter today I expected go research today’s . Military is in Bunkers . I could be wrong. I could be right Kim was in a bunker or Heart Surgery. The Fatality Rate with Covid 19 in news 4-24-20 is 50-80 less 0.037 % . The Elites like to Hide the Truth to control the people.The Elites Are about . I see alot but a video with Leak Project he had 2016 with Dark Star. It was the final piece that put it all together. i Watch videos .I watch videos 6 -10 hrs. a day since 2016. Remember to research I am only guess based on all my dots on Q boards and Many other independent Channels.Read more2REPLYView reply

yupyup15624 days agoAs far as the AS crap, for me, it wasn’t the ‘testing the guy out’ that was the problem. It was the hard slam against those who didn’t believe it and said so, that was wrong. We should be allowed to think for ourselves and talk about it through civil discourse. Telling us ‘we aren’t part of the team’ and ‘evidence we aren’t ready’ was the straw for me.5REPLY

eq maverickpoet5 days agoWow, you blocked me on twitter over Austin Steinlarp… I followed you from almost the beginning of your channel & twitter. I’ll be removing you from my watch list. Sad it came to this… bye17REPLYView reply

Susan Morris6 days agoSo glad you are back! You are a breath of fresh air, Katy.6REPLYView reply

SAMMI SCHINDLER6 days agoBring it on! We have it all…time for the indictments!2REPLY

Ps 91sealYhwh6 days agoThank you . You were greatly missed.4REPLY

Michael Zwick6 days agoGreat reporting and hard work, thank you Katie.4REPLY

Francesca Ceraldi1 week ago (edited)What is this crap! There is also alot of channels that show Fox news.REPLYView 3 replies

RJ Alexander1 week agoWhat happened to Q signal???2REPLY

Bmore Shay1 week ago (edited)The far left will not believe any of this. Ik a far leftist & to them evidence is not evidence, its fake propaganda. This stuff should be spreaded far & wide. I hope manyplead guilty & admitt to their crimes. Cuz no leftist will believe any of it5REPLY

Bmore Shay1 week agoGlad ur back Katie, missed ur reporting. Glad u took a rest & time off to breath. Welcome back!13REPLY

Becky Cocke1 week agoWe missed you! Great to have you back!11REPLYView reply

Jerry Dover1 week agoWhat happened to the tards at the q signal2REPLY

Steven Fontes1 week agoI’m becoming skeptical of Austin.10REPLYView 14 replies


Lady of Neener1 week agoIn case anyone missed Barr’s interview it’s been a talking point for the past 13 days ….. lol … finally. Now if we can get indictments and convictions! Let’s 🙏so!! Join in agreement.6REPLY

Jules InMD1 week ago (edited)Love your reporting Katie G! Xx…9REPLY

Tonja Via1 week agoI’m not getting notifications for you and I used to get every one.3REPLY

Nolom Ebal1 week agoI want more than an indictment. I want some JUSTICE!  I want the guilty held accountable and punished.  I want them to admit their guilt and apologize and I want heavy fines imposed.7REPLY

rbvogel551 week agoGlad you’re back!5REPLY

Lope over1 week agoExcellent reporting. I didn’t thoroughly comprehend the significance of the FISA developments or Barr’s interview amid the COVID19 pandemic.3REPLY

Jeffry Gubala1 week agoDid I miss your coverage of AS being arrested and having only a public defender?? Not covering it now? You reported on him before so you owe your followers to follow through on him now.20REPLYView 8 replies

josh carrera1 week agoThe entire game is fake including the all the pieces used to play it this whole shell game is just that a game they make up who ever they want to be the influence to give the influenced there views then spread the cancer to real people to spread the mindset net wide the people who think they’re following real people do u ever actually meet the people behind the pages or channels u support and the views they get u to push they want u to be a npc they want us to believe that we have no power or choice or opinions they give u what to believe in and make sure they tell u who’s needs or lives u cannot not be allowed to think about or to trust in or try to be preserving: yourself and your family’s and neighbors and friends we don’t matterRead moreREPLY

Adam Wright1 week ago (edited)Hammers coming down!!! And also did you hear Trump’s bombshell during his presser a couple of days ago saying that we would have been all out war with North Korea if he was not president… and I believe him. I hope more comes out on that and so many other things even all the way down to the massive fluoride in our water. Little known fact is that we absorb 60 to 300 times recommended limit of fluoride with every warm bath!!Read more5REPLY

Gervasoni Olivier1 week agoahahahah go trump!!2REPLY

Moonlite Girl1 week agoKatie G I think you got less views because we didn’t get notification I happen to be scrolling through my YouTube feed I’m probably 30 or 35 in it’s when I saw your upload I’ll send it out on my Twitter feed hope it helps 🙂5REPLY

Gee1 week ago❤️ need I say any more ❤️4REPLY

PatriotMama1 week ago (edited)John Solomon’s new web site is great! Recommend it to everyone. We are the news now, so we have been passing all we find along on social media. So good to see you on again. Praying for everyone to be able to “get out of jail” soon! I miss me family and grands so bad. I hope and pray all these “players” that made this happen just to get rid of a sitting President are prosecuted for sedition. The plan to sink the entire world’s economy to do it is incorrigible.Read more7REPLYView reply

Elisa Lenz1 week agoTrust Wray?3REPLYView reply

Morgan Hunt1 week agoWow trumps enemies go down while the world is taken over by the technocrats. Bfd5REPLY

Kathleen Robbins1 week agoPlease describe the Seth Rich material you said you would explain but didn’t get to in this video. Thank you. I’d love for you to bring us up to date from beginning to end.6REPLY

Gary M1 week agoASs-hat is definitely a larp . Glad he found his place in this jail.11REPLYView reply

OddYellow Fatty1 week agoMiss you too Katie! 🌻 looking forward to your Austin S info. Thank you!6REPLY

Danielle Cadiou1 week agoReally looking forward to the info you’ll be sharing on Austin Steinbart!!!!! I don’t know who he works for or if he’s really Q but that guy knows a whole hell of a lot and he definitely wants the left supporters to be educated on what’s going on. So looking forward to what youve researched and looking forward to hearing your opinion!!!!7REPLYView 4 replies

Mimi Tinsley1 week agoMisssssssed yyyoooouiuuuuu

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