Facebook Sued by Australian Privacy Watchdog

Facebook Sued by Australian Privacy Watchdog over Cambridge Analytica scandal The social network allegedly violated the privacy of more than 311,100 Australian users.

An Australian privacy watchdog is suing Facebook after the social network allegedly passed on data from 311,074 Australian users to an app at the center of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The case, which was filed in the federal court on Monday, is another sign that Facebook’s privacy woes are far from over.

The Australian Information Commissioner said that Facebook violated Australia’s privacy law because user data was shared with a quiz app called “This is Your Digital Life” from May 2014 to March 2015 and used in ways that users weren’t anticipating such as political profiling. Information gathered from that app was reportedly shared with Cambridge Analytica, a UK political consulting firm that worked for Donald Trump’s US presidential campaign in 2016.

“We consider the design of the Facebook platform meant that users were unable to exercise reasonable choice and control about how their personal information was disclosed,” Australian Information Commissioner and Privacy Commissioner Angelene Falk said in a statement.”Facebook’s default settings facilitated the disclosure of personal information, including sensitive information, at the expense of privacy.”

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