Exposed During Debate

Exposed During Debate

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Trump to Wallace: “First of all I guess I’m debating you not him”.…

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9 minutes agoChris Wallace treat our GREAT PRESIDENT like a red headed step child despicable behavior from the evil DOERS left40REPLYView 6 replies

Michael Nonya

Michael Nonya6 minutes agoOr is he planning in wearing his COM DEVICE FOR HIS ENTIRE PRESIDENCY .7REPLY

NancySue Smith

NancySue Smith7 minutes agoGod BLESS all the TRUTH Seekers & Our 🌎 PEACEMAKER PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP Thx for SHARING 🙏🙏Read more11REPLY

Airman 66CES

Airman 66CES9 minutes agoHey Joe, your doctor just called. He said you died last night.19REPLY


B C10 minutes agoTrump did amazing considering you cannot reasonably debate with a psychopathic liar.30REPLYView 3 replies

John Hughes

John Hughes5 minutes agoANYONE who still watches FOX News is still sleeping. Chris Wallace is a sleazy weasel.7REPLY

Tim McNamara

Tim McNamara8 minutes agoI watched the debate. Sleepy Joe didn’t answer many of the question and gave incorrect information about everything. Chris was assisting Biden throughout the debate.19REPLY

Minn Star

Minn Star4 minutes agoHe says “I am the Democrat Party” yet when asked why he didn’t condemn Antifa riots says “I’m not in power”2REPLY

John Day

John Day8 minutes agoTrump debating Wallace and some sleepy bloke who kept looking down if reading from an ipad!8REPLY


BlueSpacePictures10 minutes agoJB was on drugs15REPLY

Hive Mentality

Hive Mentality10 minutes ago👈 i am Q 🇺🇸7REPLYView reply

Patriot Lacy FFB

Patriot Lacy FFB9 minutes agoGo go LT 🇺🇲❤🇺🇲 Intro ‘s are off the chain 🥳💯♨️9REPLY

Darlene James

Darlene James5 minutes agoMy dear Lord, bless this nation and protect her from those who want to destroy her and please help us save our children. In Jesus name I Pray 🙏 Amen6REPLY

susie b

susie b7 minutes agoThe truth will out. Just a matter of time.🙏🇺🇸6REPLY

Gerry Stevens

Gerry Stevens6 minutes agoMarine…I was waiting on you Brother. We the People! Stay with me Deplorables. Q+6REPLY

Linda Perez

Linda Perez6 minutes agoThank you James Woods👍🇺🇸 Biden is bewildered5REPLY

Patti Vitacco

Patti Vitacco8 minutes agoI hated watching that last night……😢 a fiascos5REPLY

Zero Bubble

Zero Bubble6 minutes agoGENERAL 5 Star FLYNN imo True Patriot. We love our military over anything especially in times like these when its not up to the DOJ to save the world. Its Up to our Brave Military. DOJ could never be equipped to fix this mess. Would take too long anyways. We leave the government stuff to DOJ. Crimes against Humanity must be MI Ops. We Love You MR. PRESIDENT FOR GUIDING THE SHIP! And all that you are doing for us mere peasants although we are GOD fearing Patriots though. GOD Wins! WWG1WGA 17 CUERead more3REPLY

mike Phillips

mike Phillips5 minutes agoWhy cant we demand drug test they make us for a job3REPLY

Gerry Stevens

Gerry Stevens3 minutes agoDEFINITION OF JOE O’BIDEN: A sorcerer is a person who can perform sorcery—witchcraft or magic. The word sorcerer can be used for any gender, but it typically refers to a man.1REPLY

Stacey ,Pray for the lost people14 minutes agoI wish President Trump would have asked Biden why are you taking money from blm and Antifa?32REPLYView 4 replies

Thomas Pownall

Thomas Pownall17 minutes agoBiden never stopped blinking Biden told himself “Good Luck” He never put down his pen He wouldn’t look at POTUS WALLACE SUCKSRead more28REPLYView 3 replies


I P19 minutes ago (edited)So proud of President Trump for working for us. You are correct about Biden – 47 years of nothingness8REPLYView reply


R V24 minutes agoJoe’s dementia is a lie..a wire is not a magic wand. He has been setting up a defense for when the indictments come26REPLY

clara merchant

clara merchant16 minutes ago Everytime Biden put his head down and closed his eyes he was trying to concentrate what they were saying in his ears

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